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Echo 1 Scattergun Gas Powered Pump Action Airsoft Shotgun (Model: SPX2 / Tan)

5 Customer Reviews

by joey m. on 02/07/2021
"I love the reaper model It’s It’s compact enough so it’s not hindrance to Carry. barrel length is just right to make some good ranged kills with the right angle adjustment you can easily hit someone in an excess of 110 feet gas storage is also very nice I can go through all three shell Before re gassing I definitely recommend
by Marcus K. on 01/09/2021
"I absolutely love this gun not only does it work with both propane(with silicone oil) and green gas but I also can get 5shells (on the 3 round selection) worth of shots on one gas fill. I plan on taking it to a field this weekend to put it through its pace

*full metal
*gas efficiency
* mlock handgaurd

by Aidan J. on 06/07/2020
"good gun i hpa tapped mine but if you buy one get .30 bbs
by Koalby O. on 11/25/2018
"If anyone has the SPX2 one can u tell me how well the gas holds
by Curtis A. on 11/24/2019
"I was pretty excited about this, as I'd been using a spring shotgun for a while and wanted to upgrade. I got the SPX2 version, and when I received it, I took it to a field and tried it out for the first time. I was...Not impressed, to say the least.

The hop up was anemic, the muzzle velocity was inconsistent and nearly impossible to chrono properly, and it was just generally bad. Using 3 shot mode, every shell would have at least one pump that inexplicably didn't feed bbs. Using 6 shot, it would feed anywhere from 0 to 7 bbs. It weighted towards 6, but 5 seemed most common.

I thought maybe it was green gas given it was getting a little cold out. (60 degrees down to 40 or so? Naive, but I had hope. I paid $260 for the thing after all.)

I HPA tapped it using the CQB russian tap, and found that with a consistent airflow, I have one barrel that's just dumb. 2/4 (depending on 3 shot or 6 shot) will do alright (though still not nearly as well as my springer), while 1/2 will just...Barely come out of the barrel. This is brand new. I haven't put more than 10 or 15 shells through it. I'm going to end up taking it apart to see if maybe something obvious is wrong, otherwise I wasted the money for the shotgun and the HPA equipment, though at least I'll get use out of the HPA equipment eventually most likely. It's worth noting it still has feeding issues. 6 shot mode is pointless, and 3 shot mode gets at least one pump per shell that just decides not to feed at all, and one pump per shell will see all 3 bbs just barely leave the barrel.

The only really good thing I can say about it is it feels nice, the metal is either good quality or a reasonable imitation, and the pump sounds amazing.