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JG Polymer Single Shot Airsoft Spring Gun Armory Series (Model: 716 Mini Pistol w/ Blue Flashlight)

9 Customer Reviews

by Benedict G. on 12/08/2018
"great gun for the price; the silencer does actually sillence the gun. it has a small problem that if u load up the gun all the way, sometimes the mag spring katchythingy
catches on the indent thingy, so then the mag dosent go up and load the gun and it dry fires. that is suposed happen to make it easier to load but it also happens in this incedent. overall very realistic and comfertable; acurate with .2g bbs, accept 1 out of 4 shots goes whizzing off to the left or right.
by Hunter D. on 05/26/2018
"For 5$ its a nice looking pistol. Great for a prop or cosplay!

As for performance, not so much. there is no range to speak of, it didn't feed and the one time it did the bb got stuck and when the "bolt" hit it it split the gun in half.

If your looking for a prop this is great, just don't expect to get and back yard skirmishes out of it.
by Markus G. on 05/20/2018
"The other review for this gun is a joke. Hereís a serious review, to compensate.

Note: This gun showed up in an unlabeled plastic bag. It had no manual and its fake-o optic was just randomly lying around inside the box. Not sure if this was unique, or standard procedure.

As an overview, I would legitimately refer to this gun as the first ďspring smgĒ Iíve ever seen. While that name is confusing, given the single shot nature of the gun, every property it has is halfway between a spring pistol and a spring rifle.

This is a blessing, because I highly advise not investing in a full-size spring rifle, unless itís a high-powered spring sniper. Spring rifles are only of use in plinking. This gun, however, has some potential in key situations.

Quirk: Sometimes double feeds, but without major repercussions, aside from a drop in velocity. You can also cock the gun repeatedly, however, and manually increase how many shots it fires. Give it 2 or 3, MAYBE 4 pumps, and it turns into an easy to use spring shotgun, with an actual pellet spread. Good for CQB room clearing.

For 9$, this is a better spring shotgun than an actual spring shotgun I bought years ago. Would highly consider bringing to CQB for use as a shotgun. Gunís a ton of fun, too!

-Easy to cock, given its power rating. Mock suppressor gives you good mechanical advantage.
-Magazine resevoir holds a good dose of spare BBís, without making the mag a winding-based high cap.
-Fast loading magazine, given its wide feed area. Also has a pronounced follower tab, a follower nook, and a loading tab for dropping BBís in.
-Not exceptionally inaccurate. Not particularly accurate.
-Solid ballistics, in terms of power and velocity. Use it with 0.12ís only.
-Surprisingly comfortable in the hand.

-Very lightweight plastic, some of the flimsiest Iíve ever held. Donít slam this against anything and youíll probably be fine, however.
-No hop up. Limited to, at most, medium range.
-Sights are absolute trash. Incredibly hard to work with.
-Fake-o optic is utter trash, as expected.
-Top rail is actually real, surprisingly. However, the irons make it less accessible, and itís still a flinsy, plastic rail.
-Mag release is WAY too sensitive. It is extremely easy to bump this while cocking the gun. Keep your fingers miles away from the mag release when cocking this gun.
-Only loads 14 bbís in the active section of the magazine.
by Mathias R. on 04/19/2018
"Meh gun

-Leaves 1-inch holes in bare skin
-130 round capacity
-700 rpm
-Very light
-1200 fps (Con for most)

-Feels fake
-No cup-holders
-Small(Could be a pro)
-Very weak
-Small mag cap

Over for 9 bucks this thing is all right. It does not shoot hard enough and the mag cap is very small for a pistol this large. 7/10 would buy again.

Hope this helped!
by Charles K. on 02/20/2018
"It's a decent little pistol. I really like the mock silencer on it
by Ethan K. on 02/11/2018
"Adding to my other review, I love the looks of it. I also got eight of them. If anyone knows if I just didn't get the lasers or if they didn't come with the gun, please tell me where I could get the laser attachment in another review.
by Ethan K. on 02/09/2018
"So far, the gun has been pretty good. I got it in a little plastic bag (not that bad) and I realized that it didn't actually have a laser pointer. I was kind of dissapointed. Accuracy isn't bad but the power is weak.
by Noah M. on 01/02/2019
"Decent pistol but I have a few complaints........

1 - Didn't come with laser pointer like OBVIOUSLY marketed
2 - The disassembly is REALLLLLLY weird I took it apart and it took about an hour to put it back together....., but that could just be me....
3 - Finally the springs in the gun are SUPER bad.....

This is only a 4 DOLLAR GUN so if your looking for fun its great but it doesn't come with a laser pointer :(

Would be 5 stars if not for false advertising....,
by Wesley W. on 04/07/2019
"1 star per dollar. 2 dollar gun only gets you a 2 dollar gun. it does everything what a 2 dollar gun does.