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CYMA Sport Full Metal MK12 SPR MOD.1 Airsoft AEG (Color: Flat Dark Earth)

12 Customer Reviews

by Andrew M. on 03/10/2021
"This gun is amazing. This is the only good quality full metal leg you can get for this price! I turned into Marcus Luttrell's mk12 form the movie Lone Survivor. The ROF is very fast using an 11.1. Thank you Evike!
by Josh S. on 12/20/2020
"This gun is a great gun and built solid and shoots pretty dang well with .30 gram bbs. I was able to shoot 80 to 85 yards with it. has a 509mm barrel just incase someone needs to know bc the thing says 450mm lol but its 509mm

solid gun.
shoots great with .30 gram bbs shot a 6 inch grouping at 100 feet using the iron sights and the target was kinda hard to see with it but easily doable.
shot up to 80 to 85 yards by aiming up a little bit at a man sized target but on the field i was actually able to reach closer to 90 but that was also after i Rhopped it.
i would highly recommend to beginners and people who have been playing awhile or want to have a good DMR platform but no matter what its a great gun.
has a slight blue tint to the handguard which i like but not too much cant really see it.

the handguard is actually twisted believe it or not so the front sight is ever so slightly leaning over to the right but its still solid and you cant notice it that much but it doesnt bother me the gun works jst as good just after you notice it you cant help but look lol and i might just have gottena weird one.

thats basically it though in nutshell you will be happy with it. i would recommend Rhopping it or at least flat hopping it and use heavy bbs like .30 or .36. love this gun if you are thinking about getting it and want range and accuracy without spending a whole lot of money GET IT!!!
by Franky C. on 12/01/2020
"So far a very good gun! I love it its a far shooter, it's a heavy gun but if you are built you should be ok . I just need a sling and it would be a baby to me :)
by Franky C. on 12/01/2020
"So far a very good gun! I love it its a far shooter, it's a heavy gun but if you are built you should be ok . I just need a sling and it would be a baby to me :)
by Jackson B. on 11/05/2019
Great gun although there is confusion.
This takes a CYMA Sr25 has block suppressor. It is NOT threaded but will take this suppressor.
The battery compartment area is extremely tight and kind a pain o get the battery in and out.
Overall gun has no issues, but I hope this clears up the confusion for most of you. Have a great day.
by Alexander M. on 03/28/2019
"I have had this for almost a year. It is durable and makes a fantastic DMR platform, although it is a little heavy until you get used to it, 2 or 3 games.

Hop up is a dial style, inner barrel is 509mm, I haven't touched the gearbox or motor. Mine shot 400 consistently out of the box.

Stock doesn't have a lot of space for a battery because it is adjustable in length. To remove press the button on the right side and pull the butt plate out. If the plate is slightly adjusted out, you can wire the battery to a pouch on the side.

Bolt catch can fall out as the pin holding it in place falls out easily, dab in a little glue or something. The bolt is functional and holds back the mock bolt that covers the hop up.

Barrel end is NOT threaded for muzzles.

All and all, good buy with a little work cut out for you.
by Evan R. on 12/27/2018
"First things first, I love it, I love it, I love it. Amazing feel as well as weight. All around well built for crappy weather, go ahead, throw it at that stupid camper, IT WONT BREAK!!! Only problem is the darn battery, I have to take the whole back end of the stock off to get it out. Other than that who can complain about real steel?
by sean m. on 04/06/2018
"First things first this gun works great.... I've had it for about a month and a half and played every weekend with it since I bought it and this thing shoots really well.... The only issue I ha EA is the ROF is a little lacking but that's just preference.... Shoots 410 fps at 10.7 rpm on .20g bbs. Does have an issue when in semi if you pull trigger too fast it'll lock up but all you do is switch to full auto and Bam fixed doesn't happen often maybe once a match.

Sturdy very well built gun
Light(can be an issue for some but it still feels real to me)
Accurate up to 70 yards on .28g

Occasional trigger jam like stated but not really that big of a deal
You don't have one
by travis f. on 02/16/2018
"So I just got this gun in the mail today and all I have to say, is that this gun definitely lives up to it's expectations. It feels amazing, and real. This MK12 definitely has the accuracy and range that I expected. It shoots 453 fps with a 7.4v lipo and I did krono it myself. All my mags fit well and snug with no wobble. This gun is definitely worth buying and I highly recommend it if you love DMR rifles like I do. This is a fantastic rifle, so please, if you're on the hunt for a good rifle, grab this one while you can, because it's more than worth it.
by PHILLIP P. on 04/18/2021
"very good dmr platform.
great fps and range
durable steel rails, handguard, and upper/lower receivers
all kinds of mags work and fit fine EXCEPT flash mags
lots of space inside full stock. however how the butplate is mounted makes it hard to get batteries in and out withou unscrewing the mounts. i have to use butterfly 9.6v

one minor issue is that the full auto someimes sticks and keeps doing 20 round burst firing after i let the trigger go.
fixes by setting it to safe and back again
when the full auto sticks, semi doesnt work

personal preference item: ambidextrous mag release is much larger paddle style than a standard m4/16 type release. so od depends if u like that or not
by Peter V. on 04/09/2020
"Had this gun for about a year, taken it on plenty of walk on and Milsim games to give a fair review. I have since heavily upgraded the internals, and am even happier with the performance of the rifle.

Hard stock looks amazing, feels very solid.
Plenty of space for attachments, scopes, etc.
Parts all feel well made and put together, nothing has broken or felt weak.
Shoots very well out of the box, after tuning the hop up you'll be set.

No threading, but will accept the CYMA Sr25 suppressor.
Inner barrel isn't the best quality, significant improvement in switching to a tight bore.
"Bolt" dust cover can easily be knocked of its rails, causing the bolt catch to stop working.

All in all the problems I had with this rifle are either minor or easily fixed / worked around, and I highly suggest this as a first or second rifle, especially to someone looking to work on internals and make a rifle truly their own.
by Brandon R. on 05/15/2018
"Gun is great however the barrel is not threaded so there for its not 14Mm ccw also the inner barrel is not 450Mm other than that gun is good overall build for the price its a steal .