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Matrix Field Ops Series M14 SOCOM Airsoft AEG Package by CYMA (Color: Tan)

11 Customer Reviews

by Mark B. on 04/20/2017
"This gun is great.

Good rof
Nice rail space
Has a great weight
Really like the Harris bipod

by Tyler G. on 07/16/2016
"I don't even know where to begin. I love this gun! I know people who have bought $200-$300 guns such as M4's and this rifle can out perform them easily on many occasions, especially if you are a experienced airsoft player. Sure I may have had 1 or 2 MINOR problems at some point, but in all honesty, those problems fixed them selves in like 2 seconds, so that's not even a problem/con.

Great ROF
Great Range (Even with .20 bb's!)
You can make it work in CQB
Great FPS
Great Battery Life
Decent battery compartment
VERY realistic
Durable and Reliable
Good mag capacity

Not the best for CQB but I have made it work in CQB combat MANY times, so not that big of a con really.
None really, just buy a decent battery and smart charger to go with because the original battery and charger are not very good.

Overall this gun is probably one of, if not the best gun for its price out there. It has performed well for me and I have no complaints about it at all. Like I said earlier, this gun can easily out perform a $200-$300 gun, especially with the right person behind the trigger. The way I see it this gun has all the things you could ask for in a gun, and I would recommend it to anyone from a beginner to a veteran airsoft player
by Andrew C. on 03/07/2016
"This was my first AEG, and the first gun I've actually used on the field. I can't complain, it's an excellent rifle, especially for the price.
It's not without a few faults, but is reliable and capable. I'd recommend this to beginners and veterans alike.

Hop-up is easily accessed and adjusted, even in combat
Charging handle is fun to mess with
Solid construction, the receiver, barrel, trigger assembly, and sling mounts are metal, plus the ABS on the stock is tough
It's not power hungry in the slightest. with a 9.6v I can get several hours out of it
Stock mag feeds well, although I do prefer midcaps
The sling it comes with is surprisingly pretty good
Sight adjustment is fantastic
Integrated scope rail, it's metal too

FPS is pretty inconsistent, usually chronoing around the lower end of the advertised range, think 360 or so
Battery compartment is a pain, I once had to unscrew the stock just to get out my 9.6 (The wires should ideally be facing you when putting it in, you'll thank me later)
The replacement flash hider it comes with doesn't even fit the gun, although this could just be a fluke

Overall it's an affordable and reliable rifle, this is a good choice for beginners who don't want just another M4 or AK
by Andrew F. on 03/13/2012
"I got this rifle right after Christmas. Make sure you get a good 9.6 with this, the stock battery is terrible. Very accurate. ROF is awsome with a good battery.

Charging handle sounds awesome

Stock battery
by Laura F. on 10/23/2011
"this gun is beast!!!

good range
good rof
charging handle
battery (came with ni cd)

mag doesnt last long

works great with .23g bbs
by Christy T. on 06/02/2011
"So far I love this gun!

Weight(8pounds) I weighed it!
build construction
Holy Cow deal!!!!! the mags work GREAT!
charging handle when pulled back sounds amazing!

I just wasted a few seconds of my life by writing cons!!
by Melissa F. on 10/23/2010
"5 stars no doubt. This is by far the best gun iv used. I looked at the price and thought iwas to good to be true. A good and durable airsoft gun for 130 dollars. Thats crazy. Iordered it and it has great range great rate of fire just everything u could ever want. You will not be dissapointed
by Scott W. on 09/17/2010
"This gun was in stock and not pre order before setember 11 right because i just bought it on sunday september 12 and though there was no wait [pre order]
by Jayme F. on 06/29/2016
"Gun came almost ready- motor adjustment set screw was loose in the stock, so the motor made a hellish grinding noise until I installed and set it. Otherwise, very good gun. Definitely the short barreled socom version, not full length. Plastic stock if definitely plastic, but is assembled very well.

This is better than most $150 guns I've held.

Very realistic, from bolt hold open to disassembly-even a real m14 sling fits. Also, it has a slot for stripper clips. Not used, but very cool.

I would buy this again. If I paid $200 I wouldn't even bat an eye.

Would love to have a squad where everyone has one.

4 *s because it came with the screw backed ALL the way out. But it's a 5* gun.

If you're on the fence, hop off and buy this now!
by Zach M. on 04/03/2010
"I just recently bought this gun and i have got to say, it is a really good gun. It has great accuracy and a very good fps. Ireally like how it brings in the realness of the original m14 rifles. Overall im saying to buy this gun its a really good one.
by Jayme F. on 08/05/2016
"Lesson Learned- Do not write a review until I've put gun through paces-

Upon disassembly, found a screw which should never have been installed. It is clearly sub-par, oval head with offset drive. I was lucky to get it out without stripping. Located on the selector lever.

Next, discovered that the CYMA gearbox has a weird slant on the front RHS. Does not appear to have a function other than weakening the gearbox there due to lack of material.

After I split the halves, noticed that there were metal shavings around the spring guide. Discovered why- the spur gear is oval! Did not catch this until after I disassembled everything and cleaned the box. The gears have perfect mesh- 50% of the time. Then they bind up, Due to the spur being out of round.

Checked the stock shimming- worthless. Bevel had 0.3 mm of play, spur had 0.4 mm of play, and sector had 0.6 mm of play!

Air seal of the piston head is non-existent. LHS cylinder head nub strangely oversize. Tappet plate is super flexible. Hop-up bucking is ridiculously difficult to get to. Stock bushings are crap- several gearbox holes too big, allowing the bushings to rotate.

3* b/c for a $110 gun, it at least lasted 5000 rds with an 11.1 1300 MaH 25C.

Stock ROF 16 RPS, after low resistance wire and deans - 18.1 RPS.

Cannot find an option for a micro switch to replace trigger contacts.

In summary- if you want to rock a stock gun that shoots ~ 370 w/ 0.20s, and don't intend on ever upgrading, this is the gun for you!

However, for us mechanics, this gun can be a nightmare. It takes as much work to get to the gearbox as it does to properly rebuild the gearbox.