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CYMA Sport M14 Airsoft AEG Rifle (Color: OD Green / Add 3-9x40 Scope + Bipod + Mount)

150 Customer Reviews

by Ethan B. on 03/14/2022
"I only got 345 fps out of the gun with an 11.1 lipo
by Alain Y. on 01/19/2022
"The replica itself is great, however do not use the sling provided in the box. In the first day of use, the sling broke and the replica was dropped on the floor, breaking the rear sight. With some DIY tinkering it was fixed for the most part, but again DO NOT USE the provided sling.
by Will M. on 10/25/2021
"great gun, recomend to any new airsoft player.
by Holly M. on 10/10/2021
"I’ve only had this gun a few months but so far it is a beast. Mine has been very accurate and will spit bbs a good distance away. The plastic is a lot cheaper than I thought it would be but I quickly got over that because of how well mine preforms. Other than the stock I believe the rest is metal and is quite sturdy. I’m hoping I can replace the spring so I can really reach out there and get some sniper kills but right out of the box this thing shoots further than my CYMA AK and any of my other guns. I have a fantastic time shooting my girlfriend’s brother with this from far away when he can’t hit me back with his shotgun.
by bailey c. on 09/26/2021
"Great gun got the imitation wood package it came with a matrix 1600 mah 9.6 v battery. Shoots .20bbs around 335 to 350 out of box. Bibod attatchment required a specific nut to atach they dont include in the bipod set so that was a bit annoying.

A wee heavy and not gonna do ya any favors on corners or close range, but if ur using it for that your a silly willy.
Burn thru ammo semi quick would recommend a backup mag to quick fill bag.

Great range killing it at 100 to 150 ft. Can throw up to 200 alright.
Shoots absolute lazers with .25 or .30 bbs. Great starter dmr or mid/long range
by David P. on 08/10/2021
"Got this gun about 4 years ago and it still works perfectly and in great condition. I had no problems with it whatsoever. Since I have a whole arsenal of Airsoft guns, I use this weapon as a spare for anyone who decides to play with us.
by Christian W. on 04/29/2021
"Very accurate once hop up is adjusted easy hop up adjustability great fire rate great range and very cool classic m14 style im in love 😍
by John S. on 09/09/2020
"Very nice rifle for the money. I like the rate of fire. Has a good weight and feel as well. I'm 6'3, so it fits nicely to my profile. The magazine is a tad annoying, having to wind the spring wheel to keep the feed of BBs, but once you've been in combat with this M14, it almost becomes second nature to wind after shooting a few rounds. The power is good, and relatively accurate out of the box. I've only played one match with it at the time of this review, but I'm confident the M14 is gonna be my go-to AEG. As a military weapons enthusiast, I appreciate the realistic operating rod and rotating bolt which actually work, albeit simply for the asthetic of the rifle. Be careful when operating the bolt. You might pull the op rod out of its track on the receiver if you pull up and away rather than straight back. Not a problem if you do. Simply line up the bolt lug into the space on the inside of the op rod and re-seat the op rod back onto the receiver. Included are 2 280rd magazines, which are nice to have on hand. I've used .20g BBs with good results. I upgraded the sling to a WWII/M1 Garand style version. I also bought a 9.6V butterfly battery as recommended, but the battery included worked tremendously well for the match. As long as you keep your fire reduced (not simply spraying until the magazine is empty), the battery should last 4 or 5 hours at least in-game. Overall, a great rifle. This M14 is a fine piece of equipment. If all works out, I may look into refitting a walnut USGI stock on it. The plastic stock is very good however. Don't bang it around too much and you should be fine. The buttplate also folds up as a shoulder support, but I find it impractical for an infantryman who is constantly holding up and bringing down his weapon between engagements. The adjustable iron sights are very familiar for those who have experience with WWII era firearms, especially being that the M14 takes many features from the Garand. The sights are no exception. Great M14, very pleased.
by Spencer A. on 07/14/2020
"I bought this Cyma m14 (imitation wood) around 6 months back from now and I have used it quite a bit. I just gotta say that I am highly impressed with the product I received for the money. This might be the best airsoft gun you can buy in this price range, here's why:

BUILD QUALITY: This rifle has great build quality for the price. The lower receiver and stock are all made out of thick polymer thats feels high end and durable. And the imitation wood finish looks realistic and isn't just painted on, it goes all the way through the plastic so if you scratch it like i did it still looks good. Almost the rest of the gun is metal. Including the trigger guard and mag well area. The upper receiver, iron sights, and bolt. And the outer barrel and flash hider. This gives the gun a nice realistic weight.

PERFORMANCE: The range of this rifle is quite impressive. It at least out ranges all my friends m4s and aks that they bought for a more expensive price. I was most impressed with the trigger response, semi auto on this gun feels very fast and responsive. And the full auto speed is not bad either. For the price you can't find another gun with this accuracy and range.

CONCLUSION: You can not go wrong with this rifle for around $160 it is amazing for the price. It works great out of the box. And it is unique looking compared to the sea of m4s and aks and other guns you see everywhere. I can highly recommend this rifle to anyone.
by Calvin R. on 05/16/2020
"Very nice rifle for the price point!
by Mark M. on 04/06/2020
"So I was able to use it at a smaller field, after upgrading the inner barrel. It shot at a solid 380 FPS and was quite accurate out to 200 feet. granted I did put a G&G green bucking and an angel custom inner barrel and H nub. The gun is solid and quite reliable. I also use the small mid cap magazines to aid with mobility as it is a bit on the heavy side.
by Jens G. on 01/13/2019
"This gun was my first like, real airsoft gun it shoots pretty gosh darn okay for $125. The hi and midcaps are very sturdy and reliable. It is a bit heavy but you will probably only use it outside. Overall very good gun 10/10 would recommend.
by Andrew R. on 06/21/2018
"Love this gun. It's a little heavy, but it's worth it. Parts are a little hard to find because of the version 7 gear box, and it's a bit of a pain to work on. Great stock parts, great price, and shoots pretty good out of the box. Got this to build into a DMR and I can't say anything bad about it. I get a lot of compliments on it.
by Andrew R. on 05/15/2018
"This $125 gun is better than my $200 m4. The fake wood looks real, it shoots great, no complaints. I get compliments on it all the time. Only down sides are that it is a little heavy, and rate of fire. The weight doesn't bother me a lot because I'd rather have metal parts. The rate of fire can be fixed my upgrading the power supply, but for the price it can't be beat. 6 stars.
by Sean G. on 04/04/2018
"Very high quality and accurate. Weight is also realistic which is a plus for me. Would definitely recommend.