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Magpul MOE AK Hand Guard (Color: OD Green)

4 Customer Reviews

by conner a. on 09/02/2019
"Installed on my KWA AK74su GBBR
Obviously this isn’t intended to be put on a 74su type AK , but that being said it works great. It did require quite a bit of work with a dremmel, angle grinder and JB Weld. Both to the gun and the handguard. It was a pain but well worth it
by Mike S. on 06/10/2017
"I bought this part at Cabelas on impulse and I gotta say... pretty nice kit for an AK.
This fits on my Cyma standard length rifle (I.E. Anything other than an AK105 or AKS74u) But I made the mistake of buying the one that does not support a sling loop. IF YOUR AK HAS A FRONT SLING LOOP, BUY THE AKM HANDGUARD INSTEAD. I had to dremel off my sling loop, but I bought a Magpul sling loop to replace it. Definitely worth buying because on top of not seeing many AKs out in the field, you certainly don't see many with Magpul kit on it. That is all.
by Todd P. on 01/14/2021
"This product is nice high quality guard for the AK. It wont fit the CYMA CM.048 without modification however.

Mods that will need to be made include filing down the thickness of the upper guard where it connects. ALSO creating a notch in the lower guard where it connects forward. Youll also need to removed the sling attachment or cut down the guard to accommodate it. Tools youll need for this are a metal file, a hacksaw and a small pry-bar.

Other wise I can say this item creates a great grip and fits nice and snug so it doesnt wiggle.
by Kennedy V. on 08/05/2020
"As one other reviewer said if you have a front sling loop THIS WILL NOT FIT (unless you dremel the loop or the hand guard), grab the AKM hand guard.

This may fit your AEG but most likely you will need to modify the hand guard for it to fit your AK/AK74 for me I had the CYMA CM047C, and I had to modify the hand guard to fit properly. So you will want to keep your hand saws, dremels, and cutting disks on standby.