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Angel Custom 5mm Replacement Lens Protectors for QD Scope Defender - Set of 3

12 Customer Reviews

by Corey S. on 08/05/2020
"Absolutely love these, I have had others shot out within minutes of the first game at my local CQB field but these have withstood multiple days of play so far with light marks from point blank shots
by Julian B. on 03/07/2020
"I originally had some thinner 3mm protectors that cracked by a single BB. it wasn't a sniper as this was a CQB arena with strictly .20g BBs and a max of 330fps.

I haven't experienced any cracking, chipping, fractures, or marks left by the BBs; maybe I haven't gotten hit yet?

Get these, they're better than the 3mm or thinner.
by Hunter X. on 01/27/2020
"Very thick
These are very thick and also comes with 2 pairs of extended screws. Make sure to peel the plastic film off first.
by anthony s. on 08/19/2018
"These are very thick slabs. Makes me very confident using my new 1-4x scope on the field. The existing mount I got off amazon did indeed have screws that were too small to accommodate these new lens protectors. However the lens protectors came with larger screws so everything was gucci. If you need extra lens protectors just get them. Clear, thick and come with long screws.
by ISSA A. on 04/27/2017
"These are awesome! And as far as the previous reviews, if you took off the protective plastic film on the lenses, they are clear as day!!!
by HUGH O. on 05/01/2016
"Amazing quality and clarity, far superior than regular lens protection. Very surprised at such a low price. Highly recommended.
by nate r. on 04/27/2020
"I've been using these for a few years in different variations. Last time i purchased the screws did not match the thread pit of the mount I had and the factory screws just barely held them in.
Besides that minor issue these have been fantastic. I've never had one crack from BB impact in various game play locations (most with 400 fps limits and no MED). The lexan is roughly 1/4 of an inch thick. I've even kept the plastic covers on, and then marked and dremeled to shape for Eotech replicas. For optic protection, or a homemade optic protection option, you can not go wrong with these.
by Haaris H. on 07/13/2016
"They are very good protectors for the price where i play at if they are hit they shatter and 1 have to replace them. The field fps limit where i play at is 400 fps.
by Beau G. on 04/18/2017
"The lenses are clear for me, just remember to peel of the protective stickers. I just got different screws to make them fit my mount and they worked. These protectors have been sturdy enough for me. Would be nice if these protectors came with longer screws to mount on the flip up sight shield protector.
by Logan V. on 12/18/2016
"Bought these with the high intentions of replacing the somewhat shattered current lens on my Flip-up QD Scope Lens. Note only were the shields thicker, which I guess is good, they were just thick enough that I cannot use the original mounting hardware in order to fit them on. New Mounting hardware for whatever reason has larger diameter hex screws than original and therefore rendering the entire purchase useless. Maybe it was just a mix up? Doubt it.

Lens is thicker! If it'd mount, it'd be great!

Doesn't Mount, entire purchase of the whole product
by Sean M. on 12/14/2016
"These are terrible. They are impossible to see out of because the lens are too foggy. Do not buy these.
by Sean M. on 12/13/2016
"These are absolutely terrible. The lenses are so dense that you can't see out of them. It's all just a foggy haze. Do not get these.