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A&K 300rd ACR Type Hi-Cap Magazine for M4/M16 Series Airsoft AEG Rifles (Color: Black)

27 Customer Reviews

by Garrett H. on 01/01/2021
"Great mag so far with a nice feel. Only issue I ran into was that with my G&G CM18 Mod 1, I had to cut a little sliver off of the catch off on the top edge to make the mag release lock into it.
by Miles O. on 07/06/2020
"You might have to slap the magazine into the receiver a little bit to make it feed properly, but for cheap, these work great. I run them in my M4 every time I go, and they run well, while looking pretty sweet too. Worth the money.
by Eric C. on 01/28/2017
"These mags look a feel amazing, last forever, and never have issues.
by pete s. on 05/05/2016
"I got one of these with my a&k acr spr and it feeds very well but the durability is nothing spectacular, the base plate is weakly attached but I ran my p* at 43 rps and it fed perfectly
by Jack G. on 01/31/2016
"I have to really slam the mag into the magwell to get it to lock in my cm16 mod0 but it feeds well and its solid
by shane h. on 08/22/2015
"I bought this mag for my ICS CXP TransforM4 and it feeds pretty well doesn't wobble and it has a window for your bbs. The only thing I have a problem with this gun is the scrolling wheel is only sticking out a little bit so it takes a little work scrolling it. other than that great mag for the price!
by shane h. on 08/13/2015
"I used this on the field for the first time on the field in the last couple weeks, feeds well, its pretty solid and fits well. I have nothing bad to say about it
by Dan N. on 07/08/2015
"Great for my M4, fit perfectly and also feeds very well! will get many more!
by benjamin r. on 02/22/2015
"Some of the greatest mags I've ever bought! I bought 2 of them about 4 months ago and I've had next to no problems with either of them. The only problem I had was with just 1 of the mags not feeding as well as the other but the problem was easily fixed. Both barely fit in my M4 and barely fed but they shoot incredibly well in my ACR. All in all great mags and I HIGHLH recommend them!!
by Shawn H. on 03/09/2013
"This mag is great. I was having issues with my wife's gun (evike Stubby Killer) shooting 270fps when it was supposed to shoot 330. I could not figure it out until I put in this mag. Believe it or not, the fps went up to 332 just by putting in this mag. I didn't realize the seal of the magazine on the hopup would actually improve fps. I tried this on 3 guns and I saw an fps increase in all 3! Fantastic mag, in fact I think Im going to go buy 3 more after Im done with this review!

-Looks sweet
-Tough plastic, sturdy
-GREAT seal, much better than regular mags. ZERO wobble unlike normal mags
-Actually increased fps in every gun I tried it on

-Evike doesn't sell them in other colors, only dark earth =(
by cheryl a. on 09/22/2012
"These are indestructible ive thrown them in the air from two storys up and all that happened is the lil plate on the bottom has a micro crack and still feeds like brandnew (or the same) ive had one mag act up
by Joe r. on 08/16/2012
"these mags feed wonderfully in my kwa and have never missed a beat even after I have dropped mine many times and even had it completely covered in dirt and it still fed brilliantly I would recomend this mag to anyone who wants a more durable mid cap.
by Sara C. on 01/03/2012
"Amazing and durable, you cannot break these if you try. I have the 75rd mags, the springs have yet to wear out over three years of use.

Be careful, these will not work in all guns, they will have feed issues with some hopups and also may be too tight for some magwells. I know they will not work in A&K bodies, or any L85 models.
by Daniel A. on 12/27/2011
"Excellent feed and ROF matching, these things really get the job done. These are M-types, complete with dustcover for the elements and long-term storage, and have a follower lock located on the bottom. Pair these off with PMAG ranger plates for maximum utilitarian sexiness.

by Jessica R. on 06/06/2011
"Great mags. Fits my magpul Masada perfect never had a single feeding issue. I have 6 of these.