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Pre-Order ETA July 2021 Matrix 3-9x50 Illuminated Reticle Sniper Scope (Color: Black)

8 Customer Reviews

by Zack N. on 04/04/2018
"Came with my m40a3 and I absolutely love this scope! It is amazing with the magnification. I highly recommend this optics to anyone with a sniper model.
by matt l. on 07/22/2016
"This scope overall is a good scope. It features adjustable focus and 3-9x zoom and includes some other useful things like lens caps (removing mine took of some paint) scope mounts, a cloth, ext. I bought this for use of the G28 LE 58mm scope mounts and later found out I'm an idiot, but it can be misleading. The TUBE diameter is listed as 1" (24.5mm) and the OBJECTIVE diameter is 50mm (Sizes go from the smallest, this scope, to largest, real G28 scope) 24.5mm, 30mm, 58mm. I have a 30mm Tube and 40mm Objective lens real steel scope I compared it to, and overall its actually pretty nice. The crosshairs are mil-dot, so I was very pleased about that. It doesn't have any adjustment usable by just hands, so you will need a flat head to adjust it unfortunately. A great scope overall for airsoft and I would give it a 5*.
by Nathan R. on 01/09/2016
"Bought this to use with the Lancer Tactical spring-powered M82. It is a really good scope, and suits the M82's size. It zeroes pretty easily, and I like that the dots have some distance between them so you have more options for precise targeting.
by Tasheem S. on 09/18/2015
"Came with my Snowwolf Barrett and this is a very nice scope for the money!
by Tasheem S. on 09/18/2015
"Came with my Snowwolf Barrett and this is a very nice scope for the money!
by David O. on 02/04/2020
"Overall this is a good scope for the price. It is not without a few flaws. The illumination is very bright. The adjustments are pretty intuitive if you've ever zeroed a scope. The bad parts of the scope are that the lens on the front was loose, and I've experienced some trouble keeping the image in focus at different magnification settings. IE when I'm on 3X the image is clear, but if I go to 5X at the same distance, the image becomes blurry. For the price, it's hard to beat this one.
by wyatt b. on 04/24/2015
"For an airsoft rifle scope this is honestly a pretty good buy.

Like the reviewer before me I'd like to say the scope mounts are...
Let's say sub-par.

Mine came loose constantly before I added some lock-tight to the threads on all parts.

I might suggest buying new ones.

Clarity is fairly decent and I don't have any problems with it.

I have some hazing with it but for airsoft it's not a big deal.
And for the price it's even less of a problem for me.
Keep in mind this isn't a supper Awesome U.S. optics scope.

The illumination is pretty nice but there's really no point in using it in any power lower than 6.

Pretty easy to adjust, I use my thumb nail most times but you can use a coin or anything really.

Not the most accurate click count I've encountered but that's mostly because I'm used to shooting with U.S. Optics and in real steel applications.

The paint isn't the greatest but it's not too bad. I haven't had a lot of chipping or scratches yet but it's not gonna be a big deal if you do mess the paint up.

Heck I don't event care if my real steel scope has scratches on the paint.

Personally it adds to the camo by breaking up the color.

All in all it's a decent scope for it's intended application.

I suggest putting some lock tight on the threads or replacing the scope mounts though.
by Morgan E. on 02/24/2014
"Let's start off with the facts:
The scope is decent quality. The included scope rings are not. The scope itself feels a bit cheap in your hands, but functions well enough. The illumination is fairly crisp, but it does cause the "haze" effect through the scope as most cheaper illuminated optics do at night, obscuring your target behind a red glare.

As far as the optical clarity in the day time, it's great. The Mils on the crosshair are very visible and perfectly spaced, and compliment the range finding reticle well. The unit overall is lightweight and while again, not super high quality, is still solid. The paint is another point I'd like to mention, as it is rather sloppily applied and prone to scratching in places.

Overall, the scope is a good performer. It's not the prettiest and definitely not the highest quality, but for an airsoft gun it does what it's intended to do. I'm a real steel shooter as well so these things stand out to me a lot more than your average airsoft player who doesn't see real steel rated products often. I'm fairly happy with my purchase, even with having to buy a cantilever scope mount to replace the crappy rings this one comes with.