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Black Friday SALE Live! 11/26-11/29. USE CODE: BLK2021 (Exclusions apply) Tactical Compact Pocket Tool

9 Customer Reviews

by Ryan W. on 08/17/2016
"This is a really good mini pocket tool for how much it costs! great knife, scissors, file, toothpick, and tweezers. My tweezers broke but its all good because it wasn't expensive at all.
by Joseph C. on 12/03/2012
"Pretty much the same as the other good reviews. It's $3 and small, it's not going to do the bigger jobs, but the scissors can cut cardboard and clothing, which is good. The knife isn't too sharp but you can probably cut something like tape if you need too. The file is just average I guess. The tweezers... it's just 2 thin pieces of metal stuck together on one side, but I guess it can work for small splinters. The toothpick, I'm not sure if the other people can't find it or if it's actually not there but its on the other side where the tweezers are. If you look at the first picture at the top of one side you can see a metal piece , pull that out, that's the tweezers. Same on the other side of the tool, except its plastic and its a toothpick.
by Jimmi T. on 07/17/2012
"AWESOME pocket knife.

Its only $3 so obviously this is intended for light jobs.

The knife is a little dull, but a knife sharpener will do the trick, the scissors are small so its perfect for cutting loose threads on your clothes.

As always mine did not come with the tooth pick.


(Evike lanyard is $3)
by Peter T. on 11/17/2011
"Got one in my super box of ausomeness it's a handy little tool that is really helpful when un-jamming speed loaders and pistols
by Daniel J. on 05/06/2013
"it's pretty small but overall good quality and sharpness


it will help in opening boxes from evike and if needed to cut clothing

like i said it's pretty small :/
by Albert H. on 09/15/2012
"I'll be honest with you. This thing is a Victorinox knock off. It's small at 3" overall size? yes. But this thing gets the job done for opening Evike packages. Put this on your keychain or on your dogtag chain(where I keep my Victorinox of equal size) and be ready to do some small task work at all times where a larger knife isn't practical.

Quality isn't something to really brag about, but this thing is $5; equal to a cup of coffee at Starbucks. You really do get your money's worth.
by Joe S. on 11/17/2011
"Got this with my box of awesomeness too.As he said it's handy.Pulled it out of the box and knew it was not "Swiss Army" as stated on the box I purchased it from.Cheapy little knife.Mine was also missing the toothpick..
by Wyatt H. on 04/23/2012
"I got this tool today in the mail and it isn't bad for the price. However, the picture makes it look really big. This tool is REALLY small. Normally a pocket knife is the length of your middle finger, this is about half of that. Mine also didn't come with a toothpick. It only came with a knife, a nail file, and small scissors. Overall not that impressive, but if your looking just to get something extra on your order get this.
by Noel M. on 02/16/2012
"This pocket tool is way smaller than the picture illustrates. When I got the tool I was'nt expecting much especially since it was 2$. My first reaction was that it was very very small. The black part of the tool is your typical chinese made plastic. The shiny parts are steel, but it is weak. The tweezers it comes with are also steel. The toothpick is some kind of plastic. I'm not sure what kind of plastic. The tool is very weak and brittle, so dont use it for medium to heavy jobs and even some light jobs. Overall the tool is not that great, but if you have some spare cash or trying to get that free shipping(100$ or more), I say go for it!