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Prometheus Air Seal Chamber Hop-Up Bucking For Airsoft AEGs (Model: 50 Degrees)

40 Customer Reviews

by Lawrence M. on 08/30/2023
"Have run this for about 40 hours worth of game time and love it. I even flat hopped it and it and it still gives me good shot consistency.
by Ian L. on 06/19/2023
"As others have said, the purple is the way to go for most guns. If you're running an LMG and only use full auto the red is the better option as it will last much longer. I have used the purple bucking on various Prometheus 6.03 inner barrels as well as ORGA MAGNUS inner barrels and have never had an issue. These buckings work with Maxx ME pro hopups, prowin hopups and G&G rotary hopups from my personal experience. Your experiences may vary.
by Aj C. on 05/26/2023
"Best bucking on the market !

Increased fps
Best bucking for rhop


by Madison M. on 04/02/2022
"Purple works well in numerous chambers. Have one in my ICS L85 and works great. Great at maintaining compression, provides good hop, and have no feeding issues.
by Harrison S. on 09/24/2021
"Works perfectly with my madbull 6.03 barrel. Now my HPA'd P90 shoots dimes at 200+. Highly recommend and easy to install
by Jerry S. on 07/29/2021
"I use the reds on my m249 featherweight and other guns that go through a ton of rounds. Not as accurate as the purples but last alot longer. Purple or red you cant go wrong.
by Tom N. on 04/27/2021
"Best bucking on the market.
by Connor M. on 01/05/2021
"I have bought 2 9f these and put them in 2 of my best guns. They make a big difference, I added around 5-10 feet of extra range and made my effective range tighter, around 10 feet of effective range increase. Has a tighter shot spead and is super consistent. 10/10
by hunter w. on 08/08/2020
"Put this into my GG ARP9 and it shoots phenomenally well now. Super accurate and consistent with each shot. Definitely recommend.
by Nearby R. on 08/03/2020
"Best. Bucking. Ever. After flat hopping this thing let’s my guns shoot straight and would never go back to the pre flat hopped blue, definitely recommend
by Aaron A. on 07/30/2020
"The bucking can really make a difference! I got this for my cyma ar47 to replace the generic stock one, and WOW what a difference! I got a significant boost in accuracy and tighter groupings. I later paired this with an angel custom 6.03mm barrel and got even better results. No problems with fitment at all so 5 stars! Excellent upgrade!
by Karl S. on 06/12/2020
"I bought this bucking for my custom prowin flat hop build and used a firefly nub. This made my G&G arp9 which has the shortest inner barrel that I have ever seen. (only a couple of inches)This made it more constant and accurate at a further range.
I would recommend this buking to anyone, I very happy with this purchase
by Mathew S. on 02/29/2020
"Pretty nice bucking, certainly worth the money. I bought it to replace a broken one on my A&K m249, and the hard rubber version works great. Holds solid in a tight hop-up and feeds extremely well. No complaints so far.
by Isaac S. on 01/07/2020
"Best bucking I've tried, I play indoor and the field I play at has a 400fps limit on aeg' but can't run heavier than a .25 so I got a Promy Purple and I run it stock with the stock nub and it's perfect. I get straight shots Everytime with .25's and my gun chronos at 375-378fps with it and with the bucking that came in my gun it shot 372-380fps. Made my gun alot more consistent.
by Sebastian J. on 12/26/2019
"Best bucking on the market imo. Use it with a flat hop setup and I have no issues at all, it pairs well with the Firefly Namazu nub to make a reliable flat hop setup to increase range in low FPS builds.