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Matrix Match Grade 6mm Airsoft BBs (Weight: .20g / 2000 Rounds / White)

299 Customer Reviews

by Korey J. on 09/19/2013
"Just got a new bag of these and damn these are accurate. They lose a nice grouping after about 120ft, but it isn't bad. Still pretty darn accurate. Fine tune your hop-up and you're set. Well my shots might be more accurate than others. I've got a 510mm G3 barrel. But get these! Or better yet some Bio degrades. Now just gotta get myself some black BB's to mix
by darion w. on 05/02/2013
"What am i supposed to say? Great rounds, cycles through my guns well and there appears to be nothing wrong with them: i.e. no abrasions, no visible seems or anything. Some commenters noted that these rounds broke there guns, but this is what im running in the caa m4s1 i just got but of course its stock. Money well spent overall though :)
by john n. on 03/26/2013
"I can't find a better bang for my buck! These .30 shoot perfectly fine.
by vivian r. on 03/24/2013
"These are the best bb's ever and i'v got to say one thing ... WOW!
by chris a. on 03/20/2013
"just received these a few days ago and I must say that I am very impressed with the quality of these bbs. the price is great and the quality is better than the g&g bbs. they work well in my tight bore and have never jammed in my gun that has a very high rate of fire. overall great and is a must buy.
by ryan q. on 02/01/2013
"These bbs are surprisingly up there with bbs like kwa and elite force. I've used javelin bbs before buying a bag of these and these are an upgrade. When you shoot these bbs, they will not shatter as often as javelin bbs will. If you were to take a pair of pliers and squeeze these bbs as much as you could, they will just keep getting more and more compact. Javelin bbs will shatter into a few pieces if you did the same to them.
by james k. on 11/18/2012
"These BB's are very good quality. Its good with my sniper....480 fps (it works just fine no curve or anything)....(probably 530fps with .2's). i only trust this brand although i dont rlly review BB's that much. If you are looking for ammo do get these. They are the best brand for me! :D
by Eric C. on 11/04/2012
"Two words: Best bbs

Credential: I have fired almost a quarter million rounds of these thru my tight bore barrels.
by Eric C. on 11/04/2012
"Two words: Best bbs

Credential: I have fired almost a quarter million rounds of these thru my tight bore barrels.
by Blynn B. on 09/24/2012
"These BBs are one of the best out there

-Less hop, my gun is powerful and hop up is hard to adjust(can be a con)
-fair price
nice and shiny BBs

by Jason V. on 09/22/2012
"These are the best bbs i have ever used. The perfect combination of light weight speed and heaviness for some distance. My guns have never jammed using these bbs. Each shot is perfect.
by Frank Z. on 09/01/2012
"ive found that these are perfect for sniper rifles because when using a sniper most people use .25 grams it helps with accuracy but i decreaces the range, when you use the .23 grams it it helps with accuracy a little bit but it also keeps its range so this bb is a best buy!
by James D. on 09/01/2012
"These bbs are accurate and gets me the "HIT" I want from enemies. Works great with my Angel custom tight bore barrel. Have fired over 50,000 rounds with no problem. 0.23g works great with most of my in and outdoor FPS guns range from 350 to 400 fps.
by Saline J. on 09/01/2012
"These are some of the best BBs I have ever used. 5/5

I reccomend these to anyone looking for reliability in their ammo.

I have been usinging Matrix BBs for a year now and have experianced no problems with them.
by Saline J. on 09/01/2012
"Great buy, perfect for my Y&P MK23. The BB's are the right weight for it but It can be a bit hard to tell where I'm hitting so I'll be ordering 3 bags of White .25's to mix with my black bbs. I know it's much to ask for tracer effect, but hey, it's Airsoft