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EMG NOVESKE Gen 4 w/ eSilverEdge SDU2.0 Gearbox Airsoft AEG Training Rifle (Model: Shorty / Flat Dark Earth 350 FPS / Go Airsoft Package)

21 Customer Reviews

by Chris M. on 10/03/2020
"Incredibly well built, externally and internally, no clanging of any sort between receivers. Lots of customizability options between all 7 sides of the store bought handguard. My only complaint is the inability to actually change out the handguard, i'm not sure what they've done to build this model but it seems as if something were heated to expand and then fit on because this original guard doesn't seem to come off.
by Cameron C. on 03/12/2020
"First, off this gun feels amazing build quality is outstanding and the finish is incredible. My only complaint with the build is that the stock can get loose and wobble. For performance, it has been very reliable. No feeding issues or anything like that. The trigger response is okay. My ARP9 by far shoots faster. The range is alright. At around a 100 feet there is a bout a 12 inch spread with .20s. The hopup is a wheel style. Also, I ordered the 350 FPS version and it shoots 365. Overall if you're looking for a gun that feels great and looks very real, I'd highly recommend it. But for, price to performance, this is not your gun.
by Robert T. on 12/23/2019
"Got mine in, its a great sub $300 gun. It comes wired to deans and accepted my 11.1v lipo perfectly. Put about 900 rounds through it and it has some decent accuracy and nice range out if the box with .30g bbs. Build construction feels great and the motor grip is very comfortable. The motor itself isn’t very good and I swapped mine out after the first few mags,* it still is a great gun with the stock motor*. The stock is also a little wobbly and the fire selector sometimes gets caught and wont fire. Other than my attempts at nit picking the rifle, its a solid, completely ambidextrous, beautiful sounding AEG. I just gotta find mag that like it,* K120 do not feed*
by Eli W. on 07/27/2020
"I purchased the Shorty in Black.

Very decent sub $300 gun, but a few things to note.

- Full metal
- Deans and 11.1 LiPo ready
- Enlarged magwell (best feature)
- Reliable gearbox with programmable fire modes
- M-Lok

- Stock wobble is a bit much
- Pistol grip leaves much to be desired, is not very grippy
- OEM'ed by APS
- Non-standard trigger
- Top 20mm rail is not quite to spec, most sights and optics I tried were very tight
- Does not come with iron sights

- Enlarged trigger guard is ridiculously large, and makes it uncomfortable to use the mag release (worst feature)
- Pistol grip design is terrible, and broke on the second fielding due to stress from the motor
- The coating is very easy to scratch
by Andy H. on 11/17/2020
"The hop up failed after the second day and a small bearing and spring failed on the safety lever. Evike was cool about fixing it if i sent it into them, but i wanted to upgrade the hop up anyway. Its a cool platform, but i am a little disappointed with the EMG/Noveske quality control. I do not recommend this gun because of the quality. Especially for the price, its gotta hold together longer than a few days.
By the way, the fire selector is a cool feature, but I became bored with it after a few rounds and stopped using it...dont let this influence your reason to buy it. Its not all that useful.
by Destin W. on 09/15/2020
"I won the shorty 9.5 version in a Box of Awesomeness. It comes with a deans plug which is nice, and it is very easy to swap from different firing modes with its integrated mosfet system. It's literally just a button inside the magwell that you press, so props for ease of access. The grip is very grippy and solid. The hi-cap magazine works well and the gun fed everytime. Battery space is very tight but not imposible to work with. At 35-40 feet the accuracy was kinda poor, and I was using .28bbs. Adjusting the hop-up helped a bit but not by much. The externals were nice and solid but the mock bolt and lever assembly is very wobbly, disturbingly so, and the return spring is very weak and easily bent out of shape. This is probably why they sell these specific parts in a pack here on evike. There are a lot of great guns out there, both cheaper and more expensive.. My 150 dollar full metal ak74u that came with a 7.4 lipo, completely destroyed my Noveske in terms of accuracy and trigger response. It also doesn't have any parts that wiggle around. Despite all the fancy tech inside, it somehow preformed worse than one of the most affordable aeg's in airsoft. Unless you're a Noveske fanatic, or don't mind spending extra on a project/backup gun, I would suggest you look elsewhere.