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FREE SHIPPING for orders over $99! New deals released hourly and daily. See Deals Here! BAMF GEN2 Polymer 190rd Mid-Cap Magazine for M4 / M16 Series Airsoft AEG Rifles (Model: Black / 5 Pack)

30 Customer Reviews

by fred w. on 10/08/2020
"Mag catch slot is 0.5mm too low to lock in the 6mmProShop MK18 (id 84833) out of the package.
Shave off the 0.5mm from the top of the mage catch slot and remove the side ribs that show through the slot and they fit snug, but are loose enough to drop when mag release is pressed.
Feeds well, but follower design will always leave 1 bb in the mag.
Like the rubber bottom pad. As another person said, they can slide about 1/2 way forward with little effort.
All in all, they will work for me until the G&G Drop-Free mags are back in stock.
by NICK D. on 10/07/2020
"these so far have fed great. they fit a tad snug in all my guns but that's been ok so far. they look and function great. my only gripe is the bottom of the mag. the grip which slides off of the bottom is real loose. it doesn't 'lock" in place and they slide frequently. now they don't come all the way off as there is a stopper, but its a pain nonetheless. I just taped them to keep them from sliding. so I took a star off due to that! not a deal breaker though!
by NICK D. on 09/28/2020
"great mags,feed great,look great...only gripe is the bottom slides off real easy. no biggie that wasn't solved by some tape. just thught i'd put that out there. mags wprk great though!!
by Peter B. on 09/25/2020
"The mag is good. It can hold up, and do very well. It is a good overall mag, but the mag capacity is not even 130rds. This is without the spring. With the spring i can only put in about 120 rds.
by Jordan C. on 09/02/2020
"Mag feeds well in a Krytac CRB Mk1. I have to insert the mag very firmly to get it to stay in the gun. The only complaint is all my mags are the Krytac midcaps and when I switch to this mag I have to change my hopup settings as the bb trajectory is completely different.
by Seth Y. on 08/16/2020
"Good mid-caps for the price. Tight fit in a CYMA model AEG-6MM-901-TN, but better that than loose. Would buy again.
by wil l. on 08/07/2020
"I tested these with my older hk416 and my new Cyma platinum. I will say that these do fit and feed in both. However it won’t fit in the Cyma platinum if it has a Maxx hop up installed so I switched the hop up to the vfc 416 rotary hop up and fits perfectly fine and feeds great. I had been looking for Pts epms for the longest time and could never get them because they were out of stock. But these do work just as good and with a higher capacity. I would recommend the Gen2 mags but I wouldn’t recommend the Gen1 mags.
Vfc Hk416 âś… older model
Cyma platinum âś…
by Quinn C. on 05/11/2021

These mags are a looser fit than their predecessor and DO HAVE issues with G&G style .556 magwells. Even in testing, these mags do not consistently feed past 1000rpm.
(10 Magazines tested at 800, 1000, 12000, and 1800 rpms while locked in place via clamp in G&G ARP556, multiple Combat machines, Kriss and Trident.)
The Gen. 1 does feed consistently in these models, but must also be modified slightly to align with the hip-up receiver tube.
by James R. on 01/26/2021
"These mags feed and look great. The reason I am giving 3 stars is because the baseplate slides off but that can be fixed with some tape. The main reason is the cheap plastic housing. BB's will punch straight through the mag and leave holes. I never had this problem with the BAMF gen 1 mags. I would buy more but these mags are not durable especially for cqb.
by Nick S. on 01/09/2021
"These don’t fit my G and G cm16 raider m4 so they won’t fit others, I assume. It will feed, but it doesn’t fit properly in the mag well. When the description said m4/m16, I said, “Yay! This is just what I need,” but no. Just a heads up.
by Blic M. on 09/28/2020
"I love these mid caps. Great capacity and it looks cool. The only gripe about this is the cheap plastic housing. It got hit with a bb and it punched a hole in the front of it.
by Zaul C. on 09/07/2020
"Used on a G&G arp 556, description says it will fit on G&G but that’s not the case, to fit you have to use hard force so that’s not a good thing, to fix it I got a grinding tool to grind where the mag locks. Just a little grinding will do the trick and they fit perfect. They feed good and look nice.
by Rylan Z. on 08/04/2020
"They look really nice but don’t fit well and don’t feed in my rifle-
Helios Knight's Armament Licensed SR-16E Mod2 MLOK Airsoft AEG Rifle. The gen 1 bamf fit in my rifle so I was expecting these would as well. Will update depending how returning goes.
by Spencer B. on 03/25/2021
"Great looking mags. I got a pack of 5 for my b-day, here's how the following few months went:
They have a very unreliable feeding problem where just bellow the lip it's too wide and the bbs get stuck too far apart and will not feed until you take it apart. Also, the cool-looking grip at the bottom of the mag has a tendency to slip off when pulling it out of my mag pouches. Other than that they work when they work. Fully loading it with a speed loader I got 195 rounds, and so far no trouble with high rps feeding.

Hey, overall good mags for testing at home but not great in the field.
by Amy H. on 03/09/2021
"The build quality is okay on these mags for starters.

But personally the compatability of these mags with certain receivers is wayyyy too limited. I've got 5 M4's and these fit (not easily) into only one.

Second issue is that the little lip on the bottom is incredibly annoying. Constantly sliding out and everything. It won't come off but it gets in the way of trying to reload.

And my last issue is that I bought a five pack and I've had nothing but feeding issues. And it's not my hopup or mag seating. It's literally the mag.
The follower and the spring at too weak/ get stuck so often that they won't feed the BBs.

I'm mid game, have to take the mag out, smack it a bunch to get the follower to actually feed the BBs. Only for it to shoot one before the follower is stuck again. All five mags are like this