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Matrix PEQ-15 Type Laser / Flashlight Combo w/ Remote Pressure Switch - Dark Earth

6 Customer Reviews

by Jonathan N. on 09/03/2012
"Love it. i got the green laser version. The green laser is extremely bright so it is very visible using this during the day, and it is very efficient on battery usage. the light however is pretty crappy and is no way 270 lumens, but i didnt get this for the light thankfully. i did have a problem when i first got this, the problem was that it wouldn't always activate when i pressed the pressure pad. but it turned out that it just needed to be broken in. it works perfectly now. no problems. i love this thing. if you are thinking about buying one it, do it.
by Matthew D. on 06/17/2012
"Heres the deal, for 60$ this is a great buy! Yes the laser may be wimpy during the day, but to be honest I don't use it during the day, only the night. The light is wimpy for day and not strong during the night, HOWEVER it does work and if you are an opponent it will disorient you and not allow for a clear shot. If you use a coupon code it will be even cheaper, I say buy it because it looks good too!

Light AND laser combo
It Works

by Nathan B. on 05/03/2016
"Everything is great besides the screws to adjust the laser don't work, I'll turn them and won't adjust the lasers at all but all in all great laser/light combo.
by BradLee W. on 11/08/2011
"This is freaking awesome, looks great on my G&G M4! Pros: looks awesome, fits on any standard ris rail system, feels durable. Cons: if you use iron sights and you put this on the top rail, the peq-15 blocks the front sight post.
by joe k. on 02/09/2017
"I got this peq box in a very nice protective hard shell case with foam on the inside. but the peq box did not come with any stickers, manual, or battery. also the light is not super bright so I reccomend that u go with another version.
by Ross B. on 11/16/2011
"This thing looks pretty cool, I have the tan version and it looks great on my VFC tan scar.

Cool factor
Pressure switch
Light/lazer combo
Light is bright enough for cqb

Lazer is wimpy. dont hope to use it during the day
It seems bright enough for night/evening use, but still, i was expecting more.
Pressure pad broke after the first click. Going to see if i can fix it myself, not worth returning

All in all, i got this for the cool factor, but im sure there is a better lazer out there for 60$. My 15$ flashlight is brighter than this peq boxes light