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IWI Licensed TAVOR TAR-21 Airsoft AEG Rifle by Umarex w/ Metal Gearbox (Black / Competition Series)

27 Customer Reviews

by Aaron H. on 06/16/2017
"I have had the awesome joy of owning one of these rifles (bought at AMS) and it has been one of the best non-M4 or AK rifles that is in my collection. I am a serious airsofter and can tell you that this gun is very decent for the price! The fact that it uses standard m4-style magazines is great, along with the ergonomic and good feel of the gun. I must say that a good red dot sight is preferred for this gun, but that is much up to you! I might also add that this is NOT the same gun from the popular Halo franchise which it states in the description. it may retain similarities, but the design is VERY different. I would recommend that whoever put that in the description that they take it out to avoid confusion. if you type "Halo MA5D Assault Rifle" into a search engine, you will realize that these two guns are very different.
anyway, what a great rifle; would recommend to anyone but the very top tier players!
by Matt T. on 08/24/2016
"Ok I recieved this gun about 3 weeks ago, and I've thrown around 5000 bbs through the gun, and it functions phenomenally, not to say it has its drawbacks
the back heavy part is something to get used to and it's loud when you fire the gun
Ok the part that that I'm not to happy with is the pins, they slide out, the back ones the most.
The trigger pin falls out when pushed from the side, and when shooting during a game that happen a lot
overall it's am good gun with a good ROF, and range.
It feels nice
by Gerry H. on 08/19/2016
"Overall, a very reliable gun. I love the look of it and it feels very ergonomic in my hands. Out of the box, it was around 330 fps, so not too bad for a cqb gun. the iron sights are made of plastic, so they are not the sturdiest ones on the market, but they get the job done. Overall, I would recommend this gun to anyone looking for a reliable cqb gun or for players on the beginner side of things.

- battery space is very good and easily accessible
- accurate to about 75-100 ft
- good for close quarters engagements
- Extremely quiet. you can shoot people from a fairly short distance away and they will not even hear your shots.
- It is a short gun, which helps when turning corners.

- my charging handle broke off
- mags are loose, i recommend getting thicker mags
- plastic iron sights
- barrel threads are 14mm positive, so make sure you buy the right suppressor.

Other than that, a very good gun!
by Jason P. on 06/05/2016
"I've had this gun for a little over a year now, and for $175 it's not a bad gun. I've used it both outdoors and indoors, several thousand rounds, and no maintenance/cleaning/anything and it still works like new. Overall it performs quite well but the design of it just doesn't suit my fancy.

-Takes M4 mags, so if you already have an M4 you can recycle the mags
-Battery compartment fits a 9.6v (8 cell) battery
-Hop up easily accessed by charging handle (also feels great to charge/release the "bolt")
-Very accurate, I've hit people at least 40-50 yards with a couple shots
-Good fps, mine shoots between 350 and 390
-Plastic outer body keeps weight down
-Short, bullpup configuration makes cornering in CQB a breeze
-Looks totally cool

-Crappy sights. The rear sight is a peephole you could barely fit a toothpick through. Luckily they flip down and you can mount an optic
-Limited rail space, only the optic rail and it's barely enough space to fit my NcStar reflex. Also, the rear sight is high and it'll get in your way if you try to put anything big on there.
-Low ROF. On auto the gun cycles pretty fast, maybe 500-600 rpm, but on semi it feels a little slow. The low semi-ROF combined with the relatively long trigger pull may have you feeling disappointed if you play a lot on semi like I do
-VERY back-heavy. Yes, yes, I know it's a bullpup, but if you're buying this keep it in mind. Personally I would rather have an M4 for this reason alone
-Mag release. Because the gun is so back heavy, the people at IWI designed that nice little space between the grip and the receiver to carry the gun. The problem is that the mag release is *right there* - I actually dropped my magazine in the field while carrying the gun. (note- this is not a problem with the airsoft gun specifically, it's a problem with the design of the TAR and something to keep in mind)
-FPS was almost too high for the indoor arena I bought it for (they limit 350). If you want to play indoors with this gun, be prepared to downgrade the internals.

All in all, this gun is a great gun - if it's what you're looking for. It performs fine, feels great, shoots awesome, but the design of the TAR itself makes me wish for an M4.
by Niles D. on 03/27/2016
"Owned the gun for around a year and for $175 you're getting a solid machine. This is not a day one review, I've put a few thousand rounds through it and played at multiple fields.

Pros: Nails the big ones
-Easy access to hop up
-Spring decompression system on bolt release switch
-solid range
-good accuracy
-flip up sights
-takes M4 mags and not mag picky

Cons: Bothers me on some little things
-Location of mag release has caused some issues on the field
-Rear pins got kinda loose, never became an issue but bothered me a bit
-somewhat of an awkward gun to hold and use, definitely not the smoothest weapon platform
-stock fire rate could leave some more to be desired
-tight battery space

All in all I would certainly recommend this gun. Had no issues at all with it working and i played in some dusty areas.
by A.J. A. on 12/29/2015
"Had this for a few months now and it still serves its purpose well, just wish I could find more replacement parts. Can't complain with the power, shoots about 350-380 fps after messing around with different weights of ammo. (use .20g for range/ .25g for impact) After some weather wear from dust, there might be a slight issue with the magazine feed, but with semi-maintenance its not too big an issue. Uses JG m4 mags in case you need to find spares. Great battery efficiency with a 9.6v, (take your pick on whatever brand) lasts a whole day of action. Rail isn't much to work with but I don't prefer a lot of attachments on a bullpup rifle, basic red dot is fine enough. Not much else to consider about this gun other than the lack of replacement pieces. For tinkers this gun is interesting to experiment with so long as you aren't using anything too strong.

P.S. - Really would like to find other external pieces to replace on this gun like iron sights and charging handles.
by Patrick C. on 12/20/2013
"I have owned this model Tavor for close to a month now. The performance is pretty good, but does not have the same range as my Ares G36. The battery compartment is a tad small, but more than enough to fit my MadBull LiPo. The gun is indeed difficult to take apart, highly recommend that this be done by a pro if you are not very proficient. The Ares quick change spring feature lets you change the FPS of the rifle in as little as two minutes, allowing for incredible game flexibility.

I have decided to upgrade the internals, as the piston is not very sturdy and a want to juice as much performance as I can from this little big gun.

* rock solid externals
* awesome performance out of the box
* Ares quick change spring feature
* Unique looks on the field

* difficult to take apart
* small battery compartment
* gearbox and hop-up are one unit
* known for some problems with weak piston and air seal

One of my favorite rifles. I recommend it to anyone who has the skill to use it and the patience to tweak it right.
by keith n. on 07/01/2013
"Update, I did wrong last time


Stock gun 365fps (8.4v 15 round per second)
Qucik charge spring
(short M130=400) (short M140=500)
Metal gear box


The gun very no Balacne all the weight in the rear

I put the red dot scope & sclincer in my gun still not Balance. I think need to put some fishing lead in this gun make this gun Balance.
by keith n. on 06/28/2013
"Stock gun (metal gear box ver.) have 365 fps. very good Rof when I use 8.4V ,

con :
stock gun have 365 fps
very fast Rate of fire
Quick change spring


this gun no balance all the weight to rear
I put on the Red dot scope & Silencer already still not enough.

4/5 star
by Logan G. on 06/23/2013
"This is a very good gun. Don't believe what these other guys are saying when they say its bad. The only thing wrong with this gun is there is a little to much plastic. Other than that the gun is a CQB beast as well as a field beast. I would indeed recommend this gun to all who are looking into airsoft.

M4 Mags!
Hop up is easy to get to.
Metal Gearbox unlike the old ones.
Its at the fps limit for CQB at my field.
Cheap price for performance.
Its bullpup my favorite.

Plastic Flip up sights. Suggest buying some kind of Red Dot
Its not that heavy. I prefer a heavy weapon. You may not thats just my opinon.
by Luis B. on 01/05/2013
"Ok... This one has the METAL GEAR BOX... as soon as I opened the package I was like "darn... toy-ish plastic"... but I had it anyway, so I picked it up, shouldered it, and hmmm... "this actually feels nice!!!" Very snug, tight fit!! I shot it at my home "range" at 50 feet... HOLY SMOKES!!! Accurate!! Didnt even need to zero the weapon!! this is due to the long inner barrel, Bullpup config. Then I went to Full Auto and the rate of fire was NICE!! I do have to say that a certain smell of hot electronics, or frictioned plastic emerged from the But-Stock at the height of the motor. But, it didnt affect the gun at all.... so I tried to see how much it could handle... I squeezed the trigger on Auto for about 30 secs.... the smell got a little stronger, but the gun kept going!! Eventually, the smell went away. I found myself REALLY liking this BEAST!!

Took it to the arena, and heads turned... "Whoa! Is that the TAVOR?" People had the same reaction as I did... ended up really liking the weapon after shouldering it, and the firing is reliable and pretty rapid! The game began, and my MIRK SESSION commensed!! The gun was VERY reliable, perfect for CQB, and found myself shooting one handed at times!! I LOVE THIS GUN!!! I wish there were more upgrades for it!!! Like a replacement body or something!!

- reliable fire
- Good fire rate on auto
- Good trigger response time
- Snug fit and feel (makes you WANT to fire)
- Quick Change Spring!! (sweet!)
- M4 MAGZZ!!
- Able to shoot one handed
- Easy Battery fit
- Light weight, very maneuverable.
- perfect for CQB
- Very good METAL internals!! (which is what REALLY counts!)
- ITS DIFFERENT!! Which is what I wanted! I did NOT want an M4... EVERYONE has one!! grrrr!

- Toy-ish plastic body, I took the shine off with a light astringent.
- limited external upgrades
- very little rail space

OVERALL, Great gun!!! for the money??! At the end of the day, whats a Nice looking gun with crappy internals?? This gun is deceiving at first, but once you shoulder and fire it, your feelings will change.
GET THIS GUN!! Happy Shootin!!
by Jefferson R. on 09/08/2015
"I finally got the gun to work so now I feel I can write a review. This gun is awful! It worked for a solid hour and a half then stopped working all together. Hoping it was a small issue I opened the gearbox up to find the problem. The motor was missing teeth, there were spring missing, the gears didn't line up or sit right, and the air seal was awful. I have spent about a month working on this to try to get it to function again, and now that it shoots again I get about 7 feet out of it. I am very disappointed with the gun, and would recommend you steer clear of this one.

1. Lightweight
2. Nice iron sights
3. Compact
4. Amazing battery space
5. Easy to access Hop-up

1. Very difficult to take apart first time
2. Broken Motor
3. very low FPS
4. Wrong gears in box
5. Missing springs (Can't find replacements)
6. Terrible air seal