Reviews: Matrix PEQ-15 Type Laser & Flashlight Combo w Remote Pressure Switch (Green Laser / Black)

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Model: PEQ15-CG-B
Location: U3-129 WO14-M14 U7-M08

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by Spencer F. on 2015-08-27 06:48:50
"Okay so I recieved mine in the mail yesterday and put it on the Amoeba CCR I had also recieved. Now unless mine was broke or this is falsely advertised, the PEQ-15 box had NO adjustment to it. My laser was stuck pointed down at a....hmm..not quite 45 degree; we'll say 35 degree angle. on the right side of the gun, it was pointed too far up, and on the latter, too far down.

Matrix is always a can of worms and its mainly a luck of the draw with it, you may get lucky or you may pull the short straw.

Also as a sidenote, I tried adjusting the laser bulb with a screwdriver by gently pushing it to where it would be straight. DONT do this, as It scratched the LED and now it screwed up the beam effect. I did that last night and then had to charge it so I dont know how bad the damage is for the green beam. Suffice to say, it is no longer a dot but well...shows the led scratches. Hard to explain.

The flashlight is as mentioned, a illuminator, and if you hook it up to press the pad and both come on, I'm sure you could disorient someone in cqc with the lights off.

For the quality of the laser and flashlight, I would definitely say to pick it up, get know what you're paying for.
by Christopher D. on 2014-08-08 13:27:11
"Really great working PEQ box

Really bright green laser, brightest laser I've ever owned
Long pressure switch that works perfectly
cool sticker customization
built-in LiPo, and comes with charger
Laser and Light work better if you take off the rubber protective lens
Light weight
Looks realistic

Weak flashlight, only best if want to use as tracer.
by kyle b. on 2014-06-08 20:03:52
"it looks the part and technically functions.

flashlight is brighter than other china made replicas ive used (wouldnt use it as a primary lighting system though)

laser goes very far, green lasers do this by design

rechargeable batteries, can keep my cr123a's for my actual lights but if the batt dies (from having it constantly on during a night game say) then you cant change it.

the laser is adjustable, or at least is supposed to be. i can adjust elevation and thats it, like another review says the left/right does not work. mine is maxed out to the left, at a hundred feet its about 8 feet from my point of aim.

as a plus, the WORKING adjustment is labeled as it functions, many china made optics and lasers adjust the opposite of how you turn them (turn left it moves right) this one actually adjusts as labeled
by Renay F. on 2013-09-10 21:24:19
"I got this about a week ago and it was great. The light was a lot better than nothing, but it isn't the best. The laser is really bright, and the beam is very visible at night. Sadly when I got this the right and left adjustment screw was broken, so I sent it back to Evike. They said that they will try to repair it.

Bright laser
Laser beam Is very visible at night
Light Is ok

Adjustment screw is broken
by Joe S. on 2013-09-09 17:35:32
"Wow..surprised there's no reviews for something so popular.
So anyway..I snagged this before it went out of stock again. It's just about what people said in the comments

-Multiple settings
-Pressure switch included
-Stickers included
-Has rechargeable battery w/ a smart charger!! No expensive CR123A batteties!
-Looks very real
-Plastic polymer (just like the real thing... not sure why people are complaining that it's plastic...)
-Laser is bright

-Laser takes a half second to get to full power
-"Meh" flashlight
-No battery storage

If you can find it, get it!!!

Displaying 1 to 5 (of 5 reviews)