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CYMA Contractor AK Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ Lipo Ready Gearbox (Package: Gun Only)

11 Customer Reviews

by Christopher B. on 04/16/2017
"This gun is fantastic, I received it a while ago in the Perfect Gift II Mystery Box, and my god is it better than I expected. I bought a $180 M4 recently and this gun, worth way less, shoots far better. I like M4's more because of the mod-ability but a recent change of heart has made me fall back in love with this gun.

Shoots VERY well
Full Metal (May be a con)
Great Look
Sling Mounts are A1
It's an AK

Banana Mags Suck (In General)
Very Little Rail Space, and it's in the front so a sight won't really work

Other than those 2 cons, this gun is by far worth the money and is a great starter/medium tier gun.
by Jonathan C. on 03/27/2017
"I bought this gun years ago, and wound up parting it out after the gear box stripped out due to me using it like an idiot and maintaing the extraordinarily high rate of fire for far too long at once, let me tell you something about the front hand guard, they are the real deal, i have a wasr 10, real steel ak, i put the furniture off of this exact gun on it and i have shot enough rounds quickly enough to burn off the anodized finish on the barrel and these things are still solid, no melting, they dont even heat up, this gun did an excellent job for me for a surprising amount of time, considering how much i abused it, great buy.
by Elijah N. on 02/07/2016
"This gun is a trooper. I bought this gun about 2 1/2 years ago and it is just now needing repairs. I've dropped, smacked, and hit this gun in every way and it still performed like I just bought it new. There are many pros to this gun and very little cons.

PROS: Has a nice heavy weight ( could be a con), a surprising high rate of fire (especially with smart charged battery), nice iron sights, 4 front rails that are very sturdy/strong, 2 sling mounts (front and rear), most parts full metal and if not metal, very strong polymer, comes with a vertical folding grip that is really nice, has a battery compartment under the dust cover that fits most if not all stick-type batteries, well working hop-up system located behind charging handle, Insane accuracy with .20g or better bb's, awesome fps at 400+, amazing low price for such a well performing gun.

CONS: Does not have a rear rail system which can be a problem for scope/sight users, gun wobbles but not enough to be noticeable while playing, cord and plug for battery are located in an annoying spot but you'll get the hang of it after a while, a bit difficult to disassemble compared to an m4 but it's doable.

Overall this gun is a great buy for any airsoft player and I highly reccomend it. If you are like me and would love to have the rear rail system, CYMA has made an upgraded version of this gun for about $30 more here: (foldable stock) (Retractable m4 stock)
by Trevor P. on 05/29/2015
"Update on previous review, Charging handle was an easy fix, just slide the guide rod with the spring on it through the hole in the charging handle and you're back in business.
by Trevor P. on 01/24/2015
"This gun is tough! I bought this thing 2 years ago for under $100 and it shoots great! Some things to be aware of, my AK rear sight is broken, I fixed that by putting an m4 carry handle sight on the rail. The battery cover latch broke off, nothing duct tape can't fix. The charging handle fell off, not sure how to remedy that yet. All in all, this gun is great and you should definitely buy it, it'll last you quite a while. One last thing, this gun can be a little heavy for a first time, getting started person, but after a couple games with this gun, you won't really notice the weight.
by James R. on 11/11/2014
"This riffle is amazing!!. I bought this weapon 2 years ago and it is still operating like a dream. My AK has been through hell and back and its still running the way it was when I opened the box . I take this Rifle everywhere I go . CYMA has really proven themselves with this rifle. It's full metal frame gives it a very realistic feel. The accuracy is spot on . I get lucky shots all the time at events. The gun is fairly heavy itll strengthen you up for any other full metal guns you might get in the future. Just like all other AEG's the gun works better with .20 bbs or higher.
by dylan k. on 07/09/2014
by patrick b. on 01/30/2014
"This for anyone who is thinking of buying this gun is worth it it feels great and sturdy the grip is very nice and the stock can help anyone the gun is mainly metal it's top recipe dr is metal trigar sling mounts and the entire barrel the only plastic is nice high quality plastic the grip stock lower receiver and the ris hand rail it's awesome

Great fps
Comes with a grip
Lots of metal

Bad battery space
Battery can get slow

For anyone thinking if they should buy it buy it it's a great gin and you won't regret it
by Aedan M. on 10/05/2015
"I have mixed feelings for this gun. While I do love it for how durable it is, it has its faults. The dust cover, buffer tube, gas block, gas tube, outer barrel, are all metal. The receiver, grip, ris, stock, are all durable plastic that can take the same hits as the metal on the gun. The main problem I have with the gun is the stock. No matter what stock you put on it, it will always wobble with a lot of noise.
by Jaycob K. on 04/07/2014
"I bought this gun a few weeks ago and I love it. I am a huge AK47 fan and this is a very good gun for a very good price. For example. I played at my local Airsoft course where I live and One course I played on was about a full acre. This gun shot clear across the field and was pretty spot on. (I used .25 bbs though) I had one issue with it when I ordered it the first time. It had a bent barrel but sent it back got a new one no hassle. Hmmmm well one other issue I have is the top rail is slightly askew but not a huge amount. The rail space is small but good enough. I have a M203 grenade launcher on the under rail and it fits snugly Other than that this is a excellent gun for a steal. I recommend you buy it if your starting out or been doing airsoft for years like I have.

- Great fps and range (I use .25 remember that)
- Sturdy good build
- decent amount of rail space.

- Askew top rail (probably a manufacture defect not a big deal.)
- Battery space is very limited. can only use a stick type battery. (unless you use a PEQ box like I do but you will have to do alittle modding.)
- Rail space is a con as well because there is not a lot.
by Charlize N. on 04/09/2012
"This gun is an AWESOME weapon! The finish on it is very nice, the metal makes me feel like I know I won't break it when I drop it, the performance is VERY GOOD! My Li-Po I ordered from a different site hasn't gotten to me from Switzerland, so for now I have to use the included 8.4V battery.

-Full Metal
-Crane Stock
-Surprisingly fast ROF with the included 8.4V
-Surprisingly accurate, even with the hopup off! I can hit a short Soda can from 75 feet!
-Decent FPS, enough to go through 2-3 layers of styrofoam

The Pros far outweigh the Cons. I'm taking this beast to CQBcity once my battery gets here!