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Echo1 TROY MRF-MX 10" RIS M4 Airsoft AEG Rifle

8 Customer Reviews

by Cameron C. on 09/06/2014
"This gun was definitely what I needed. The Plastic body is made of some darn good material.
Pros: Pretty good Fps (mine stays around the 360 to 370 fps mark), Durable, cool M16 look, and can handle a LiPo.
Cons: Doesn't do well with KWA midcaps cause the magwell is to small, and...I think that's it. Overall, great gun!!! ( get LADR rail covers)
by Darrin S. on 03/19/2014
"This gun is fantastic, out of the box it's shooting 400 FPS at 16-18 RPS. I ordered a Matrix 11.1 V Lipo, which is making it shoot about 20-21 RPS. It's pretty accurate up to about 100 feet, and is very durable, I've dropped mine from 3 feet, and fell on it a few times. The rail space is absolutely fantastic, boasting more than 40 totals inches of rail space, so you can put what ever you want in terms of accessories.

Light weight (5.5 lbs)
Great fire rate (16-18 out of the box)
Great FPS (about 390-410)
Looks beast

Mine came with a fuse, and it blew on me a few times. I didn't know what was wrong so I took it apart, if it stops working replace the fuse first, save yourself some time. The few is next to the battery connector.
by Stacy W. on 06/03/2013
"This airsoft gun is AWESOME!!!!!!!!! got it today charged the battery and blah blah bla and i shot this gun and i couldnt see the bbs when they were in the air! It kicks kindov hard but not like a real gun. the rails are a little bit sharp but not to cut your skin. the abs plastic reciever does take a little weight off the gun. The gun shoots around 390 fps which i do not like because i like cqb fields so i would prefer something else if you like cqb. overall a great gun. the only thing i dont like is that it does not come with a mannual.
by jaciel n. on 05/28/2013
"this gun is amazing, the feel and quality of it, and straight out of the box it shot a little over 400fps, and the range is amazing, i easily shoot people at 150+ feet, they try shooting me with there guns and it drops right in front of me and i shoot them and it easily get them, the hop up is easy to adjust, its very durable, the rail is really cool, there hasn't been any cons on this gun for me, Ive had it for a while and no jams or any other problems, i recommend this to everyone looking for a gun
by Logan H. on 04/25/2012
"This is the best airsoft gun I have ever owned!!!!! Out of box accuracy is above average, I can hit a player easily at 150 feet. The only thing I dont like about the gun is the plastic body. The rails are all metal, the inners are metal as well. Overall this is the best gun I have ever used.
by conner a. on 01/11/2014
"mine jammed about 5 times in a row the 1st time I used it (with included hi cap and kwa bbs)
the fps was below the listed one in the description( 400) mine chrono-ed at 370
watch the bolt catch lever when reassembling the body cuz it could get stuck in the upper receiver & cause a lot of flex in the body. the crane stock tabs are way to stiff & one broke off within the first month of use.

full metal troy ris & sights
good rof
no wobble at all including the magazine
hi cap mag comes with a winding tool
metal mag
crisp selector switch

included battery is a nicad
abs body
only sling point is on the stock (qd mount)
fps is lower than expected
no maual
by Jesus O. on 05/10/2013
Great accuracy at 50 ft and below
Rail system
Great Iron sights!
Looks great
Evikes great customer service

Hop-up at "zero" is way too high; No "sweet spot" on the hop-up for accuracy (the BBs go erratic)
Evike needs a longer range on-site to test hop-up and range on guns please
Accuracy falls greatly after 75 ft
No "bullet drop" at all doesn't allow for adjustment of the hop-up

Might as well go for the shorter barrel length models instead of the 10" barrel model if the accuracy is where it is. This would be a great for CQB with the shorter barrel and high accuracy at these ranges. Don't buy for accuracy at longer ranges.

(this may be just this particular gun I bought)
by Chandler M. on 11/29/2015
"It's a good gun... When it actually works. I love the gun I have when I'm playing with it it's reasonably accurate and has an amazing rate of fire but this gun has broken on me 4 times over the course of three months do not buy this piece of junk it's just going to break on you and cost you more and more money