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WE WWII Full Metal "Hi-Power" Gas Blowback Airsoft Gun - Chrome Nickle Plated

4 Customer Reviews

by James M. on 12/19/2015
"Just received my pistol, the W.E. Tech WWII full metal gas blowback airsoft pistol and I must admit that this is one of the finest automatic airsoft weapons I have in my collection. Love the chrome "Bling" it has going for it, right down to it's magazine. It functioned flawlessly through all types of fire. I don't skirmish, but do shoot target style as much as weather permits, and in the east coast it's a little chilly and this gun did not act up one solid time. I'm also happy with Evikes price of this gun, I put off buying this gun for many months, now I'm happy I made the move and secured one. I owned an original 9mm Hi-Power and this is very reminiscent of the original.
by Aaron A. on 11/17/2011
"I received this pistol in the box of awesomeness for $65. Right out of the box, the pistol functioned perfectly. The nickel plating is done extremely well, no blemishes or rough edges. The wood grips leave a little to be desired but is close. The overall weight is less than I expected, which is a good thing. The rear sight travels and elevates, it seems to be pretty solid.

I took it to the field the same week that I got it and it didn't disappoint. It lacks an adjustable hop-up, which I thought was going to be the deal-breaker. However, this thing shoots so straight that it's hard to think it has no hop-up. The action of the slide reminds me of shooting a .22 pistol, the recoil is light but you can tell it's moving. About 15 people went nuts over this thing when they saw me using it. The Mag is also 'shiny'. FPS was low to mid 300's

Flashy, Attention Getter
Nice Action
Mag holds more gas than BB's
Accurate with no hop-up
Zero break in period

Orange tip is long enough to be threaded (isn't)
Wood could be more convincing
the "Made in" sticker leaves a smear that you have to polish off the finish
by Rosco H. on 11/16/2011
"i love this gun got it with box of awesomeness

im very pleased with this gun
by Alex G. on 08/26/2013
"I bought this gun a while ago and i was very happy when it arrived. The finish is a very plain metal but well done chrome with plastic grips. The gun has no markings unlike the Tanaka version. The weight is balanced when there is no mag in, but the it becomes back-heavy when inserted. I've had very good results when firing this and it DOES have an adjustable hop up. The only problem I have had with this gun is the design that enables it to shoot. The magazine plays a big role in the hi power's funtion like on the real steel. The magazine must be inserted to release the hammer. The next part isn't so much the gun, but the mags are poorly designed. A springy metal piece that is used to help the magzine safety (hammer not releasing without mag) is INCREDIBLY fragile. Without this piece, the gun can barely function. I noticed it one day when one of my mags was malfunctioning. Then the other mag started doing it. After remembering Evike has their 100% parts support for WE products, i decided to take a look and see if they had spares. No luck. Then I looked everywhere else. Not one mention of it. Now i could just blow another $30 on another mag for this gun and have the same results, or i could get parts for a fraction of the price. Sadly, they are non existant.

Nice weight
Chrome work
Cheaper than the Tanaka (comes at a price though)

Design of mags

This may be a little bit of a read, but i hope it was informative.