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Mad Bull Airsoft Black Python 6.03mm Tight Bore Inner Barrel for AEG (Length: 407mm)

56 Customer Reviews

by Peter M. on 11/08/2017
"I installed this onto my G&G Combat Machine CM16 Raider and it is incredibly accurate! I highly recommend this inner barrel as it's definitely worth the money!
by Cody H. on 07/01/2017
"I pretty much only run Madbull tightbores because they are so awesome and low priced. I've seen other barrels that are supposed to be so much better, but at $80+ I'll just stick with Madbull for $30. They work great, and depending on your build, can definitely up you range.
by valentine t. on 05/24/2016
"I have had this barrel for about 2 years maybe 2 and a half now. it has always been a great barrel! but now I think the Teflon coating towards the front of the barrel is flaking off. oh well. for a $35 barrel, amazing performance
by Eli O. on 05/21/2016
"The barrel is great, really helps range but and accuracy for aegs but it will slaughter your accuracy of you run it in a hpa gun
by Eli O. on 05/21/2016
"I got this for my p* jack and it ramped up the fps really well which obviously increased the range by a lot, however I do not listen to experienced techs who told me it would kill the accuracy of my p*. It did, severely, I got the best accuracy with a madbull hopup and an angel custom h-hop nub with a jg stock barrel, the build quality is really nice and the barrel looks and feels good, I'm sure it's great for aegs but don't get this for a p*, now that I have experience, I recommend the wide bore orga barrels like the techs told me in the first place
by Ann G. on 05/02/2016
I put it in my G&G Cm18, and it made my accuracy and range increase dramatically
Be weary though, you might have to remove the stock flashhider and fit on a suppressor depending on your original barrel's length
by Jordan M. on 04/04/2016
"Ok so for the price i dont think you can beat this, i have matched this barrel with the modify flat hop bucking and i have had outstanding results. I have had no jamming issues, and you barely have to clean your barrel since it is a 6.03, the debate between 6.01 and .03 is real, it all just depends on how clean you can keep your barrel/bbs/mags otherwise i would go with .03 since jamming blows in the middle of a match!
by Matthias R. on 03/02/2016
"WOW! great barrel! So light yet so strong! Great price considering how much it improve my KA Thompson M1A1. This plus a guarder piston head, and asg cylinder head made my gun push just barely short of 200ft with accuracy rivaling most snipers out there. I use .25 bbs now that my gun is shooting so far, and let me say the Prometheus purple bucking is a beast!
by Michael L. on 09/21/2014
"Good product, Improved the accuracy of my G&P M16 by a lot. if combined with a maple leaf bucking, you will notice a huge difference in range and accuracy compared to the stock barrel and bucking.
by Brett T. on 07/14/2014
"Several HopUp Units later... I finally get to see the barrel put through it's paces along-side my M4 Magazine Well Conversion and new MAG M4 Mags. I'm rocking a JG G36(NOT to be confused with a G36C or G36K), and I just put this 509mm inner barrel in, and so far no catches or snags. Even on Full-Auto(not sure how many rps, but A LOT) it just pumps them out easy. Not to mention my groupings are looking a lot better.

Fantastic buy for anyone who needs this barrel length! You won't regret it.
by Logan b. on 06/03/2014
"great barrel, lighter than other barrels. also the 6.03 bore is perfect for gas rifels.
by Matt K. on 03/01/2014
"Got this inner barrel just in time before Operation End State 2 for my VFC HK416C. All I can say is wow. Extending my inner barrel from the stock 255mm to this 363mm, plus the 6.03, I saw a huge improvement in my accuracy at the 100-120ft range. My FPS went up as well, from 350 to around 355/356. Needless to say I am very impressed by this inner barrel from Mad Bull, and am definitely thinking about purchasing more of them for my other guns.
by john l. on 01/17/2014
"This barrel is perfect for any dmr built, used it in my m4 dmr and gave me consistent groupings, it is also very light weight.
by Zachary C. on 09/13/2013
"Good barrel! Putting one on my svd soon! Gives a good 20-30 fps boost. But as for the kid who rated it lower cause of the double feeding problem that's his fault. Chances are he messed up the bucking putting it back on the barrel....
by Dustin S. on 07/24/2013
"I write EXTREMELY honest reviews, you can believe me.

I bought this barrel for my Echo 1 XCR. This barrel was a good upgrade from my gun, but not needed. BUT, that was in my gun, which has a decent quality stock 6.08. It increased my accuracy about 15%. Pretty awesome for just 30$. Bottom line comes to this. If you want to buy a better barrel for your 247mm gun and Don't want to pay for a Prometheus, get this barrel. It has very very good quality. This barrel is better than a Matrix. It will increase the accuracy on your gun and won't bust your wallet.

-Its good quality. I know my barrels, I know what to look for in barrels, this barrel passed my tests. I give it a thumbs up.
-It will increase your accuracy. I can't tell you how much, because that depends on what barrel your gun currently has in it.
-the best pro, Its price is unbeatable.

-It's not as good as a Prometheus. Idk if that's considered a con.