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ASG Lonex AEG Gearbox CNC Aluminum Cylinder Head - Ver. 2 (M4 / M16 / SCAR / MP5)

11 Customer Reviews

by nathan t. on 02/04/2015
"Ok so most people above say it doesn't come with the rubber part on the front. This is not true mine came with it. I paired mine with a high quality cylinder and tested my air seal. Also paired with a vfc air nozzle the air seal was spectacular. It feels a bit light and almost like plastic but thats cnc for you. 5/5 i would reccomend it.
by Bryce B. on 01/25/2015
"this is not a bad cylinder head at all. its actually really good when it comes to keeping an air seal. the dual o-ring really does its job. Other reviews have said that the rubber seal on the front of the cylinder head never came on theirs. Mine came with it and it does help to preserve the front of the gearbox. while installing other parts i did notice that the buffer pad on the back is very loosely glued on. It did fall off. so beware of that. Overall this product is not bad and i would recommend it to all, just re-glue the buffer pad and no doubt will you be shooting at least 35+ fps.
by James M. on 02/03/2014
"This is a great cylinder head! I put this in my gun and with a m110 its shooting from 395-403. The double o-ring is great and paired with a thick o-ring on your piston head there's going to be almost no leakage
by Justin S. on 10/17/2013
After putting on some teflon grease on the o-rings, I installed this into my friends A&K M249 Para.
Man... that air seal... combine this with the JBU piston with full steel teeth and the air seal is just perfect. NO AIR ESCAPES.

-double o rings (prevent any air from escaping)
-rubber like sobropadish thing on the back of the head (less stress on the gearbox)
-aluminum (pretty thick so it wont break and is very durable)
-CNCed (means that its made from a solid block of metal if you didn't know which means there are no/almost no imprefections)

-hard to get into the cylinder at first, but with some muscles, you can get it in
-not having this

Last thoughts:
Buy this for that max air seal and if you want a colorful gearbox
by Leif E. on 08/15/2011
"Just installed this the other day in my echo1 MP5 ris-1 along with an ASG piston head. They both look flashy and provide a near 100% airseal. I recommend!
by Cynthia R. on 09/07/2014
"So far this thing is great, however one thing to be noted, mine did not come with the shown rubber buffer around the front, which is ok I guess. On the bright side though, this thing loses NO air at all. All in all it is a great product
by Levi C. on 05/31/2018
"Just ordered this to drop in my G&G CM16 Mod 0. Overall seems to have a good build quality, tight fit in the cylinder for a good air seal. The rubber seems very hard so I was concerned about it being to loud and not absorbing enough of the shock. I have only fired a few dozen shots so far but seems fine. I paired it with a Lonex ball bearing mount piston head. 3 stars because I had to modify it to fit my V3 gear box. The holes do not line up with the holes on my gear box, I had to grind some rubber off the front and in the holes to get it to fit. Not too hard with my dreamer but definitely was not right.
by kyle s. on 12/17/2016

Would not work in g&g m4s
Would not work in any ares style gearboxes (elite force m4s) Installation felt great but it was sliyghtly to long and will cause you gearbox to lockup. I installed these on stock guns as well and the gearbox shell flexs a hair and Puts the gears on a slight angle causing them to grind to a halt. Adds a great sound to your gun though. Sounds like a paintball gun really.
by Cody F. on 08/24/2013
"I bought one of these ASG cylinder heads for my CA M4. Great quality product but not perfect.

Good-- Provides great airseal due to the dual Oring base
The cylinder side of this unit has a nice rubber bushing to soften impact from the piston.
The Aluminum build is great for durability and remains fairly lightweight.

Bad--Some people may notice a really tight fitting Nozzle. I called a local shop and had them test fit several other nozzles and everything was really tight fitting.
The pins where the gearbox clamshells had to be widened a bit to fit properly.

All in all, this is a decent product but once again not perfect.
by Jamespaul L. on 03/01/2017
"This is a really nice piece of equipment. It's just as it looks so you don't need to worry about not getting a double o-ring on the head. Now the reason for a two star rating. Only get this if your exact model/brand that it specifies. None of the "similar brands" will work so do not fall prey to that. I did and it is quite annoying.
by Lucas C. on 11/06/2014
"Even thou i emailed Evike to make sure they send me one that was exactly as the picture, pointing out the fact that one review said it came without the front rubber part... mine still came without the front rubber part.
The rubber wasn't missing, there was simply no room for the rubber to ever have been there. Just a flat aluminium surface.