Reviews: Full Metal "Flash Mag" 500rd Hi-Cap Magazine for AK Series Airsoft AEG

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Model: FlashMag-AK-A

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by Michael C. on 2016-09-30 20:40:43
"String on mine broke. :( Would recommend looking at another flash mag.
by Kirill V. on 2016-07-28 21:57:26
"It was nice while it lasted, which wasn't long. Mine broke after maybe 6 full cycles of filling and shooting it. I opened mine up and tried to fix it, but it was built with really cheap parts and it wasnt worth my time, the plastic even cracked when I was screwing the screws back in. Im going to assume that mine isn't representative of all of these mags, so if you buy one it will probably last longer, but if you have a few more dollars to spare, I would definitely recommend buying somthing nicer.
Winds much faster than a regular hi cap
Confuses all of your friends when they try to wind it and it has no weel
Feeds nicely
Broke really quick
None of the pros matter after that
by Christy D. on 2016-06-07 18:40:46
"Very nice, sturdy mag. Very good metal and easily tops any other plastic mag, plus it's a flash mag.

Sturdy, and strong
Flash mag
Looks and feels nice

by Kyle G. on 2016-05-01 09:47:46
"This mag is amazing. I bought these with my cyma rpk and they work great. When you're the support gunner and having to cover your team, you can't go wrong with these mags in your gun.
by Jacob H. on 2015-07-29 11:20:25
"It's OK. Just OK.


The metal is mediocre at best.

The bottom hatch probably won't break on you for a while.


This is a pretty big one. The back of the magazine has a giant line running down it that interferes with the AK's mag release, making the release lever stick out.
by Nic S. on 2015-03-20 11:28:34
"This Mag is a Great Mag! I bought 1 as just to test it on my CYMA CMO28 and it feeds Amazing. The Durability is very strong because of the metal. I am Pretty Sure it will fit any CYMA AK-47.

Feeds good


by Benjamin T. on 2015-03-18 11:42:39
"great deal works great. only problem with mine was the spring broke on the little release swith at the top of the mag but it van be moved with my fingers
by Daniel R. on 2015-01-17 17:00:06
"My magazine broke on the third day I had it. If you over wind the magazine, the gears inside will break. While it worked, it did a superb job and I preferred it to regular high caps but that doesn't dismiss the fact that it only survived three days. I recommend getting the Lonex instead.
by Sim T. on 2014-07-26 14:51:56
"I like the easy fire superiority as I don't have to constantly wind or swap out my mags (I usually play more of a support role for my squad as we don't have a SAW). It is affordable ($12 as of 07/26/2014). Overall this was a nice addition to my JG AK47 C.P.W., but it has a few drawbacks. It will fit most AKs but will not properly fit into my Kalash KLS Series RK74C-Y (AK-47). It holds 80 rounds less than advertised, (520 VS 600), I don't know how much that matters to you but imo an extra 80 BBs can be significant. The package indicates that one must only pull the pull cord 5 times. However I have noticed that through out the game, especially with high ROF AKs, that it is necessary to pull the cord two or three more times to keep the mag feeding. It is also prone to unwinding itself while you are running or shaking the gun. So for a flash mag I give it 3 Stars, If you have the $$ you should go with a Lonex flash mag as they are a much better. For a Mag overall I give it 4 stars as it is definitely an upgrade from a standard high cap.
by Theodore R. on 2014-04-10 09:25:09
"Just got these!

They feel pretty sturdy, fit snugly into my AK and so far have worked well.

The cord can be a bit hard to grab when you have your gloves on, even with my fingerless gloves it can be hard to grab onto, so putting some tap or something on it like others said was pretty helpful.

I would for sure buy these again!

Best part of these, one of them came with a free BB! So you have a chance to get a preloaded one. Not sure if it was from a quality test or maybe a refurbished, but it works well enough!

The only issue I've had so far is one of them that came in had the metal plate on the bottom of the mag to tight. I had to bend the "pin" or whatever you want to call it backwards so it wouldn't be as hard to open.
by Christopher W. on 2013-11-25 18:24:05
"Love it absolutely. It feeds perfect although mine like probably many others doesnt continueously feed all the bb's i had to keep pulling the string after about 100bbs or so. However i can tell you for all the whiners out there... WHO CARES!!! i get to shoot about 100 bbs before i have to pull the string again... WIN!!! While others are sitting there having to wind the tedious normal high caps i pull a string fire more bb's than you before i have to do anything. I use it in my Echo 1 Covert ak47 absolutely no wobble at all. Nice and snug full metal design. My bottom latch doesnt move like other people say theirs do... however if you have that issue you can remedy it with a little electrical tape and a rubber band that covers the latch. For 12 bucks ill be buying more of them.

Full metal with little to no wobble
Feeds perfect
Large capacity

Cord like most say( I attached a piece of tape made it flat now i have something easier to grab as well as tuck into the mag)
Mine doesnt work as well as others say meaning i have to pull more than others say... still better than a normal high cap.
by Patrick H. on 2013-07-09 18:05:05
"First off the mags are Lancer Tactical. Slightly surprised me but I still kept an open mind! First impressions on build quality were awesome. Nice metal construction and quite solid too. The only plastic parts are top feeding assembly and the guts of the mags.

Pros: Nearly Full Metal Construction
Large Capacity/ Easy Fill
Couple pulls and ready to shoot
Price Friendly
Feed Flawlessly

Cons: Tiny pull string head. Difficult to pull w/ gloves
Bottom latch rattles/creates extra noise

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