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APS (New Generation) Full Metal Mini Patriot M4 Electric Blowback Airsoft AEG Rifle

10 Customer Reviews

by jaCK M. on 10/15/2015
"I got this gun in early July....And wow. It's a beast....For CQB. I got this gun thinking it would be fine when playing in long range fields. The range of this gun is very good considering the size. I can easily hits targets at 100 meters. The FPS is around 330 with .20s. Which is perfect for my local CQB arena. The gun is all metal except for the hand guard. i believe its a hand polymer. The iron sights that come with the gun are decent. They were good when they lasted. YOU HAVE TO BE CAREFULL. they will break if u hit them against a tree. I dont suggest putting a foregrip on it. I bought one thinking it would work very well. Its actually quite annoying on the gun. MIDCAPS. run mid caps with this gun

Weight(6 pounds)
Full Metal

Range(Long distance)
iron sights

Overall this is a very good CQB gun, I highly suggest it. Overall i rate it a 9/10
by Adam B. on 07/13/2015
"This gun is now my favorite CQB AEG!

-Very accurate for mid distances
-Good FPS for CQB- 340
-Great Build quality- I will definitely by more APS products not one thing is loose and I have put this gun through alot
-It looks hilarious with the tube stock and my mp5 mags ( I use a converter)

- Included sights are cool to look at but come apart quickly.
-Rate of fire is meh on full auto- not really a problem because it gets the job done but something any buyer should know. If you're looking for a bullet hose, this is not one.

5/5 on Yelp
by Erik M. on 03/28/2011
"Right from the beginning I have to say that this gun is just amazing!!! The body is all metal so is the battery compartment at the end. The gun is heavy and feels great. Out of the box the gun shoots at 355 fps with the hop up set to the middle level but at the lowest end for the hop up it shoots 315 fps, just perfect for the cqb airsoft that I play. With the recomended 8.4v battery, it has an amazing rate of fire between 12-17 rps, so its really good. The blowback system is very realistic and is very loud (can be good or bad depending on how you look at it) and I like that. The gun is very sturdy and will not break easily. The only problem that I found is that the magwell for the gun is a little bit big so the mags rattle around when in the gun but it still feeds perfectly and functions just like normal. This gun is an epic cqb weapon which is very versitile with its weight being the only drawback and the fact that it can only hold a 8.4v battery. Overall, this gun is an amazing buy for only $190 and is great for all types of players looking for a compact and high functioning cqb M4. This gun deserves a rating of 4.75/5 for its build and functioning except for its weight and mag rattling.
by Terence L. on 03/03/2011
"I didnt like the blow back at all but as i work on guns all the time i took it apart and ripped the blowback off and whats left is a nice rifle with good internals.

good internals
nice build quality

blowback is loud and useless

good rifle for the price but the blowback isnt as cool as it sounds
by Robert C. on 09/24/2010
"Great gun! Enoguh said!
by Sarah C. on 01/28/2010
"Wow this gun is amazing, got it in the mail 2 days ago and my 9.6V battery today.
The rate of fire with the 9.6V battery is unfreakinbeleiveable.
It shoots so fast. I love this gun. It comes with a high cap mag and the "holy cow" 1 cent mag deal was amazing.
I thought i would just get 2 crappy 30 rnd mags but instead i got 2 300 round high cap mags. It is light in weight but a bungee sling feels really nice on it. For looks i put on a JBU 14mm negative mock suppressor and i have to say it looks bad ass. Anyways, i love it i highly reccommend this gun.
by Andy W. on 05/03/2009
"these is a great gun love the blowback action
a nice rate a fire
great fps
and really durable
mine doesnt wobble at all
not pricy at all
by Audstin D. on 03/03/2009
"Wow totally impressed with this m4 it is one of the most accurate guns i own!
also it shoots very far compared to my ca m14 and m4.I skirmish in the mountains, and this gun performed excellent when you shoot it makes a real cool metallic sound that resonates indoors.

The blowback is a very nice touch but there really is no recoil the rate of fire with a 9.6v is great and there is no trigger delay in semi, that really impressed me this gun shoots way better then my ca guns in semi and has far has build quality goes because g&g uses nylon fiber this gun looks better then most sport-line models i have seen and does not look out of place next to my metal guns.100% recommend this gun.
by Derek L. on 02/21/2009
"I like this gun, .me and my friend got it just a few weeks ago its it worked well every since. OVer all 5 star!
by Christian M. on 04/02/2017
"I've had this AEG for the better part of a year now, and I have to say for what it's made for, I couldn't ask for anything better. I normally play in an outdoor, longer range environment, so I can't exploit the full advantage of how small this gun is, except for in one instance. I've been able to run both a sniper rifle and this gun effectively, though it can get a bit odd to swap between. Stand alone however, this gun is fantastic in short to medium range. The iron sights broke for me almost instantly out of the box, but I've been running a red dot on it from the start, so I wasn't too worried. The only two issues I've really felt are the weight and, to a degree, the small size. As for the weight, since it's a solid metal construction, can feel a bit heavy if you're used to plastic guns, but not an issue if you're used to full metal. The size is only a disadvantage in the sense that, as a larger guy, a non-raised sight can be kind of odd to look down, especially if you're trying to shoulder it. That being said, the back tube is just long enough to keep the gun extremely mobile, and allow you to shoulder for the occasional longer range shot.

All in all, this gun has been in my airsoft bag for every game since I bought it, and I don't intend to replace it anytime soon.

good FPS for CQB
Adorable (Just look at how tiny it is!)

Very little rail space (If you want to add light/laser, I've been having a hard time figuring out where to put my pressure switches)
Small battery space (If it's not a small type, probably isn't going to fit.)

All in all, excellent gun for a wide variety of uses, but try to keep the enemies close.