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Licensed Thompson M1A1 "Tommy Gun" Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ Drum Mag

11 Customer Reviews

by James D. on 10/02/2013
"I have the metal gear box version. This gun is nostalgic and a lot of fun. Reliable, accurate and a ton of fun. Always wanted to own a Tommy gun. I my grandpa was still alive he would of got a kick out of it.
by Ethan W. on 07/19/2013
"Alright i have had this gun for a couple months now and i love it.

weight (fairly light)
Mag holds good amount of bb's

Low ROF (reccomend new battery
mag misfeeds occaisionally(Simply take it out and put it back)
thats it

overall great gun for the price

Buy it up!
by kyle s. on 12/01/2011
"i got this about a year ago and it hasn't failed me yet

large mag
good price
cool box


That's all!
by chris w. on 06/12/2011
"I have this gun and really there arent any drawbacks. Its acurate, affordable, incredibly lightweight. The only thing i would change would be maybe make it a little more ergonomic, the safety, fire selector, and mag release are sort of akward to use at irst if you want to use them quickly. I give it a five.
by Gary W. on 01/25/2011
"So me and 11 of my buds decided to get together and have a full day of airsoft like we do every few months,I got this the day before the war.So I was a prisoner being held in my barn.They were sitting there waiting.They forgot I had this Thompson strapped to my back.So I whipped it down and sprayed 6 of them leaving them all laying there in pain.I got out and took my team back to the base.So we waited..and waited...and waited...finally they came back...while we were digging in(hate when this happens)I was able to keep there whole team at bay with this gun and it's 1,000 bb clip.

I Love this gun and it's high power.Five out of Five.Damn good gun!
by Nanette L. on 01/15/2011
"(My mother bought this for me for Christmas, [this is her account])

All I can say is "WOW."

This gun is definitely a GREAT buy.
If you are thinking about buying this gun, BUY IT NOW!!!

VERY great accuracy (.20s) - I'm sure you don't need .25s for how great this gun is...

Very sturdy

Drum mag makes very little noise if full (obviously)

Fully adjustable rear sights

Adjustable hop-up

Super awesome mag capacity

Semi/Full auto!!!

Small orange tip (haha!)

GREAT RANGE!!! SUPER ACCURATE!!! (put it on normal hop, leave rear sights to middle and all the way down - if you own, you know what I mean)


If you don't wind the mag every-so often, it misfires (after every 7 seconds of holding trigger full auto, you have to wind it)

Battery is "ok"

I'd suggest an 8.4 1200 maH instead of 450 maH (for better ROF, just a suggestion)

crappy strap and battery shakes around (you can fix that with sticky foam tape)

I will probably end up getting a stick mag for it, if I can find one that'll work.

Overall great buy!!! Love it to pieces!!! I have an upcoming airsoft party, so this should be EXTREMELY EPIC!!!
by Ron H. on 10/01/2010
"I was very surprised when i opened the box of this gun it was not like other guns that i have gotten, it felt durable. It shot great out of the box, but one suggestion get a new battery the one it comes with gives it a bad rate of fire. The ROF and FPS are great its a very accurate gun. Its a little hard to shoulder but i adjusted to it quickly, the sling that it comes with is not something to take into a war so maybe something stronger. the guns is ABS plastic and the wood is imitation. The drum mag gives the gun a very unique look and is a great feeding mag. Overall this gun is a buy and for $90 you just cant beat it! 5 Stars!
by Austin M. on 06/20/2013
"pretty good for $100 pretty accurate

1000 rounds in drum mag

plastic gearbox
low ROF ( Rate of Fire )
by Jeremy F. on 01/13/2011
"awsome to shoot.
When i got it i was curious to find out if it had a hop-up. thankfully it does. Once i adjusted that it shot pretty far, its pretty good for backyard battles ect.

Drum mag holds a great amount of bb's..
Comes with Nimh battery. good price for good gun
by jacob s. on 10/03/2010
"This gun is a good gun


paint chips
logos fade

price for gun good
by keri l. on 09/06/2010
"i love airsoft this gun is the greatest deal and u save a ton of money it has good range it fuctions well and the battery has a ton of life. alll im saying is if ulove airsoft and classic collectors items buy this gun!