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Pre-Order ETA June 2017 AK47 Advanced Full Metal Real Wood Airsoft AEG w/ Lipo Ready Gearbox by CYMA / Matrix (Package: Gun Only)

62 Customer Reviews

by bob j. on 11/28/2008
"ok is the battery a large style or a small?

by austin h. on 11/21/2008
"is this gun good like the BBt doent go to the left when u shoot or somthin plz tell me i want to get it
by Zachary l. on 11/16/2008
"zachary got to get new gun before a torment and it dost say what type batry it uses so could some one pleas tell me.
by DAVID B. on 11/09/2008
"anthothy, my friend has this gun, and id say it has a good 380-400fps

but anyway, this gun it worth the money, durable, nice look, and good fps
i would buy this gun
by Josh M. on 10/29/2008
"Is this gun fully automatic?????????????????????????????????????
by Anthony B. on 10/25/2008
"Oh, does anyone know if the motor is interchangeable?
I heard that CYMA sodders the motor, and my friend has a CM036 and his motor is soddered to the wiring.
by Anthony B. on 10/25/2008
"This looks like a great gun, planning on getting it soon.

I was just wondering though...
Since the description is just a copy of the 036, is it's FPS correctly labeled? If not, what is a good FPS estimate of this gun?

Also, I was just wondering if a turbo motor upgrade would be a good idea. Or does the stock motor pull the spring just fine?
by Daniel D. on 10/22/2008
"Don't get a stick type battery for this gun. It has a full stock.

The best battery now is the 9.6V 2300mah. (its a nunchuck that fits easily into the stock, you'll need a small tamiya battery to large tamiya device wire adapter that they sell here for $4)

Otherwise, most 9.6 large type are too big to fit into AK stock. 8.4V works but this gun shoots hard and so will work better with a 9.6V
by Jacob e. on 10/21/2008
"Very good gun. Good FPS, decent accuracy, good range, and good ROF. I love the full metal and real wood.

I would recommend this gun to anyone who wants a great relistic AK47, but dosnt want to spend $400 on it.
by Chris K. on 10/20/2008
"you should always buy a new battery, the ones given to you i believe are crap. get an intillect, they're great batteries. im using a 1400mah stick type one for my CYMA .035 right now
by Brad V. on 10/19/2008
"Awesome gun. However I would suggest the CYMA AK-47 Ris version. it is cheaper(155 instead of 180) and it is the same exact thing except diffrent colors, folding type stock, and it has rails. Great gun but RIS version better.
by dillon b. on 10/19/2008
"what battery does this come with? should i get a different when i order it?
by David N. on 10/19/2008
"This gun is an early model of the AK47 and has no provision for mounting any rail unit like the later model.You may need to do a lot of modification like drilling holes in order to mount any scope and it may not look right on an early model of the AK 47.I prefer to use the original iron sight to preserve the genuine look of the gun.
by Caleb W. on 10/19/2008
"it uses a small connector and it goes into the stock
by Caleb W. on 10/19/2008
"i personally dont have this gun but i know a guy that has it. this gun is amazing. every shot is perfectly accurate. if you buy this gun by all means get a scope and mount.