Reviews: JG T3-K3 Full Size Airsoft AEG Sniper Rifle - OD Green

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Model: AEG-JG-100

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by Joseph J. on 2015-09-08 18:01:40
"As for the gun its great havent had much time to use it but seems constructed well.
Was suprised to find that the gun didn't come with a battery. Evike you need to change the description. In one section it says does not come with a battery and in another section states that it come with a battery and charger. So in the end the gun is a good buy but for the same price in other places you can get a battery with the gun....disappointed.
by Ross S. on 2014-08-10 13:16:44
"After some tuning acceptably accurate with a good rate of fire, I'm actually mildly impressed how it turned out after some TLC.

Came with an abysmal shim job and the battery was completely dead. Dead as in 0.0v which will damage any battery. After a few discharge & charge cycles A shimming & Relubing I get about 600 shots out of it.(1100Mah Battery). Before this the sad state of its internals didn't manage to cycle the mechanism ONCE.

The fuse that came with Was of such poor quality that it fell apart as I was replacing it with A new one, Before it was even fired.

The Cylinder And Piston along with its head all seem of rather Middling quality It does manage To get acceptable compression, Cylinder has A vent in it Where I feel there shouldn't be one considering the Barrel length.

The Rifle itself has a good heft to it very satisfying to hold and the construction is very solid Overall With some care Its actually really nice with a few parts I feel like it would Excel and last a long time, A rifle for the mechanically inclined.

Who knows maybe A lemon found a home where It can get all it needs, This is just my experience so far. I'll Write another After I get a few parts.
by Alex G. on 2014-06-06 19:59:05
"I have a Galaxy Mp5, an Echo 1 MTC 3, and this G3A3, as well as a few rifles and pistols. By far the G3 is my favorite! It just feels and looks great.

Awesome look
Neat mags
Good range
Good power
Functional and sexy charging handle
Long inner barrel
Hopup actually works
Long lasting battery
Nice rof

Battery is a NI-CAD
Reaaaallly tight fit for battery in the stock. I'm switching to a small type battery.
Doesn't have the tactile appeal my MTC does
Midcaps are tough to find and expensive
I don't have two.
by dillan m. on 2014-06-03 00:11:01
one of two full sized g3s on the market(both jg)
high quality for price
high fps
three days of games on one charge
no O.D. full sized forgrip
air nozzle shattered on game day five(cus full auto)
by JAMES C. on 2014-03-03 09:14:48
"Got this last Friday. Out of the box with .20's I was shooting around high 380's. Added a tightbore 6.01 and it went to 397 consistantly. I put a scope mount and scope on it and played at the field. I used far less ammo than with my M4 and racked up far more eleminations. I use a 9.6v 5000 MAH battery with it and the only problem I had with the gun was the high cap doesn't lock closed so you end up spilling BB's if you tip the mag over after filling it. For a little over a hundred dollars you out reach most of the M4 users on the field with accuracy as a bonus. I tried an 11.1v 1000 MAH battery for a little while on the field but thought I might be pushing the gearbox a little too hard.
by Hogan G. on 2014-01-15 18:22:21
"This gun is amazing. I recommend this gun to generically large people because this gun is big.
Shoots Good
Good FPS
Good RPS
Pretty light

Big Battery
Fusebox in Stock
Mostly Plastic

other than that its amazing
by GEORGE T. on 2013-07-06 15:26:09
"This is a very good AEG rifle for its price. I love its performance and construction. Construction-wise it's as close to the classic G3 rifle especially in its OD green color without tactical attachments added to it. I carry a set of ICS AEGs with me on games but when it comes time to do the real punch I always turn to my JG T3-K3 rifle due to its:

a) Sustained rate of fire which does not choke up BBs in the barrel.
b) Better accuracy over a longer range.
c) Longer range (which I attribute to longer barrel and better compression)
d) Realistic feel of a longer rifle (I'm old school trained in longer rifles)

It's a good rifle for suppressive fire. Batteries won't die quick if you maintain 3-6 bursts clusters and don't spray like you're using a garden hose. Even with the plastic parts it has held well after months of usage with me running around trees, buildings, going prone, etc. Unless your shorter than 4'-8" length shouldn't be a problem. I have used it in CQB too. I've known of women in Asia who are shorter than 5 feet using longer rifles. It boils down to how you play.

I would highly recommend this rifle to your collection. If I broke mine I know that I have gotten my money's worth and would definitely buy another one. In fact, I love it such that I'm upgrading it.
by Jennie C. on 2012-09-08 10:47:58
"The T3K3 (g3) is a very nice gun which I recommend buying.
-very accurate, could be used a a sniper
-nice rate of fire
-large mag
-high fps
-good weight and feel to the gun
-plenty of extra parts and common interior design so easy to find replacement parts
-battery area is a little crampt and hard to get the connector in to
-the barrel was a tad tiny bit wobbly (half a mm ish or less) no biggie
-you must charge the battery the full 5 hours
by Dylan D. on 2012-01-09 16:39:42
"This gun is awesome Ive had mine for almost 2 years and the only thing to tear up is the selector switch. Every time i go to a match it burns people up and theyre amazed by it.
by max a. on 2010-12-28 15:48:02
"THIS GUN IS BEASTIE. its a replica of the SMG called the G3 it holds alot of ammo and it is realistic

good FPS
fake cocking mechanism reveals hop-up
lot of ammo

really really LOUD
cheap gearbox
dies if you use fully-auto to long
magizine holding thing could break

other than that it was my best gun ever
by Dave H. on 2010-08-20 18:31:59

this gun is pretty sound for 140$, externally ive had no problem with it. i would suggest getting a full metal lower receiver for the gun though because ive heard of them breaking over time, but mine is pretty standard and i dont do much modification to it, so it doesnt really matter to me.

Internal Review:

The internals on this gun werent THAT bad, but it had some low points.


It has a standard V2 metal gearbox so after market upgrades are easy to find.

ive had the stock internals on it for about a year now (excluding the bushings) and they havent really disappointed me. until recently when i upgraded it to a 9.6v and the stock piston stripped =/

Shoots just under 400 FPS and ROF is abouts 8 - 11 RPM on the included battery. its about 20 - 23 RPS with a 9.6v


The gearbox is cheap cheap cheap metal. pot metal through and through, and is poorly reinforced. i replaced it with a guarder full metal 6mm gearbox for 38$. ive never looked back.

The pistol grip houses the motor, and the pistol grip is only attached by 2 screws, ive had the stock GB holes for these screws stripped because the GB is so cheap. therefore the motor has backed out of the GB when firing chipping my gear's teeth in a couple places. again, REPLACE THE GB.

Came with plastic bushing (blahhhhh) bought 6mm full metal bushings for it, re shimmed it (didnt really need a re shim, but i did it anyway) re greased it (do that regulary anyway) and it was fine.

the inner barrel when i got this, i cleaned it before i shot it, the rag i used with the cleaning rod came out black....


if ur willing to spend around 100$ on internal upgrades for it (gearbox, TBB, bushings) then you have yourself a nice gun. i personally have not gotten a TBB for it, i will eventually but it shoots fine without one. in a shooting test i recently did, i shot 10 shots with the stock barrel and battery (after upgrade) at about 35 - 40 yards at a glass soda bottle. 9/10 hit.
Personally im happy with the gun overall

Out of 50:
Internals: 6/10
Externals: 7/10
Accuracy: 9/10
Look: 8/10
Price: 10/10

40/50 or 80/100
so an 80% its not a bad starter gun, it was my 1st gun, and overall im happy with it after i dropped in my upgrades.
I would recommend it for beginners due to the cheap price, and plastic externals.
It's a sturdy gun for the price, easily turned into a sniper, or just used as an assault (though the length can be a bit overwhelming.)

thumbs up to JG for this nice gun at the nice price.
by Travis R. on 2010-04-26 19:07:09
"This is such an awesome gun! It shoots very hard and is extreamly accurate.I've had this gun for about a year now and is still in perfect condition. I recommend this gun to people who want a reliable, strong, and accurate gun.

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