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Moondog Airsoft / Paintball 60ml Goggle DeFog Anti fog Spray

17 Customer Reviews

by logan r. on 09/25/2016
"I bought this a while ago the first time at the cqb arena it would last about 40 min until it would start fogging. After about 4 months of not being able to play airsoft I used this spray again at the same place and it would only last about 20 min. It works perfectly if you have decent goggles but if you have a 8 dollar pair from amazon the will start fogging after about 1-2 min of standing still then if you move around it will clear up. I had a friend who made his own defog spray and this worked better. I am going to buy this again mainly because I dont like mesh
by Patrick G. on 10/14/2014
"Works very well! The first time you apply it, you can spray however much you want essentially, as to cover the entirety of your vision. Every other time though, less tends to be better. Try to use as little as possible, because it will form a very thin film that may counteract its effects of defogging if you use it too much.

Also, this is totally fine for spraying on glasses, just use a very small amount! If you defog your goggles and not your glasses, it is useless! Play smarter, not harder.

Also, your buddies are going to want to use it. Good luck with that!
by Jonathan G. on 06/14/2014
"For those wondering if this product works, your answer is: YES. I tested them on my Revisions goggles and Save Phace mask and they both didn't fog at all. Now although i was disappointed with one thing and that was that it didn't work well with my prescription glasses. They seemed to work for about 2 minutes and by the time i start putting on my goggles and helmet they started to blur and fog. Other then that this product is great.

- Actually works!
- Doesn't smell like other defog solutions do (it actually doesn't really have a scent)
- lasts long
- Only $6 (definitely worth it)

- Didn't work on my glasses (maybe my experience?)
- Players will ask for a few sprays (guaranteed)

Overall Great Product 9/10
SIDENOTE: It takes about 15 minutes to air dry and takes about 2-4 sprays to work. Also do not wipe the spray off otherwise it wont work.
by Nathan Q. on 04/06/2014
"This thing was prime; quite Gucci if I say so myself. 10/10 would buy again.
by Karen S. on 08/17/2013
"Best buy of my life! Even when it rains in the summer and your goggles fog up to the point where your blind this spray will allow you to have 20/20 vision with your goggles on! Its truly a miracle guy's.A+!
by Rip M. on 07/25/2013
"I have not tried any other brand of antifog spray to compare, but this is the cheapest one I could find. And below and behold, after applying one spray to my goggles and letting dry for only 30 seconds, the spray kept by goggles from fogging up for a good couple hours. Only then did it seem like my vision was starting to get somewhat blurry, so I reapplied.
It works flawlessly
holds a lot of sprays
dries quickly
easy to use

People asking for a spray is 90% Gaurenteed. Buyer be warned.
by Forest B. on 04/29/2013
"Awesome stuff! Use it and never have a problem with fogging without having to buy super expensive goggles that are the style I want.

Highly Recommend

Everything- It works flawlessly

Should be disguised as a inhaler or something more boring so people don't ask to use it. (besides the fact that spraying your goggles with a inhaler bottle may look a bit odd.)
by Jana B. on 01/30/2012
"Great stuff works perfect. I always hated my goggles fogging up when i was resting then all the sudden we'd be taking fire and i couldnt c were i was gettin shot from.

But the only downside is people always ask to use it........but i used i to my advantage. I bought 2 bottles one for me and one for others and id charge them a dollar per spray so i cud just keep buying more.;)

by janice P. on 06/01/2011
"Great stuff, Ive almost gone through my first bottle of it now, I live up in western washington, and if you don't like wet areas your not gonna get out much... I genneraly spray 2-3 coats of htis stuff on my mask before a game, on wet days that will get me about half way through the day till it wares off, then I have to spray some more on...
makes mask Fog resistent.
lasts awhile

everyone wants to use it.
and it does ware off after about a half a day...
by Ethan B. on 05/06/2011
"This product is a must have. I can't even think of having a battle without applying a squirt of this on my goggles. I put it to the test in shade sun and fog, my goggles never fogged. My teammates all try to bum this off me.


people try to use my defog
by David N. on 09/26/2010
"Hands down the best anit-fog I've ever used. I applied it to my goggles and prescription inserts the night before and used a blow dryer to dry the lenses. The next day they worked perfect, a very amazing product that ACTUALLY works as advertised.

I used the Moondog spray on Revison Deset Locust goggles with the RX insert, again applied to both sides of othe goggles and the inserts.
by Patrick S. on 09/26/2010
"This has got to be the best anti-spray I have ever used! I use it for airsoft, paintball, and at work! I used this in a game where the temperature was 105f with 90% humidity, and my goggles DID NOT FOG ONE BIT. Highly recommended product, 5/5 rating.
by William L. on 09/11/2008
"This defog is highly recommended. Works really well. Has never failed me yet.
by matt r. on 08/21/2008
"this is THE BEST defog i have used... i got a bottle at operation:golden 9 at LAAC... moondog was there and passed out a bottle to everyone... i recommend this stuff HIGHLY
by Andrew G. on 11/10/2016
"This product didn't work that well for me. I tried it out on my full face mask for an indoor arena I went to. First time I used it, I applied a single layer of spray to mask, let it air dry. And it worked for about 5 minutes of game play. With our games being about 45 minutes long it was not working the rest of the game so I had to stick my hand up my mask with a rag and try and remove some of the fog that was building up. Next 45 minute game, I applied 3 layers of spray to mask and mask managed to stay about 60% clear for about 20 minutes. Certain areas were fogged up bad forcing me to look out of the mask at an odd angle to see the field. All in all this product was not what I was hoping for it to be. My best advice for this product is save your money and buy a Dye mask! They are supremely known for their anti fogging in airsoft and paintball. Better to spend your money on a product that will work then on a cheaper product that had a less chance of working correctly!!!