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by Uriel O. on 2010-02-01 23:14:21
"I bought these magazines about six months ago and they are still working great. I used them mainly in my UTG M4 carbine and When I bought My G&P M4 CQB-r, I had to modify them a little by sanding down the top of the magazine because they where about a centimeter too tall for the mag release to catch it. They feed pretty well but one or two of them sometimes jam. I just take it out and slap it against my leg and then the spring shoots up again then I just spray some silicon oil to fix that problem. These magazines sometimes get annoying because the plastic internal part stays in the magwell and the metal frame comes out. This is due to the annoying little plastic tabs that secure the plastic internals to the shell. Overall these magazines are great and $60 for ten is pretty good, but 98 rounds is kind of low for some people.

If you want a decent mag set for cheap, buy these.
by taylor c. on 2009-10-24 16:50:43
"Matrix Metal M4 / M16 68rd No Winding Mid-cap Magazine. (Box Set of 10)

First Impressions: Upon opening my package, I was surprised to find that all ten magazines were individually packaged. When I opened the packages I examined the finish on the magazines. No blemishes, no paint that can be scratched with a fingernail, nothing out of the ordinary. Nothing but a flat black finish, and a nice one I might add.

Testing: After examining the externals, it was time to load them up and try them out. Before loading them, i sprayed silicon oil into the feeding port of all of the magazines (recommended) to ensure proper feeding. I filled all of the magazines with MATRIX .25 gram BBs. The first time I inserted a magazine into my gun (G&G M4) I noticed that the color of the mags matched the finish of my gun, which is a deep flat black. They looked nice, but how did they feed? Well, it was time to find out. I Took my gun into my backyard and immediately started firing, first semi-auto, then full-auto. I did not notice any double feeding or dry firing. No, just precision feeding, just like the description says.

Feed flawlessly in a G&G M4
Nice finish.

Only 68 rounds.

Conclusion: These magazines are the absolute best you can get for the money. they're $10 a piece, but when you buy a ten pack for $60, your only paying six dollars each, what a great deal! That's even cheaper then MAG midcaps, which are plastic. They feed great, look great, and the price is great! Even the shipping was great too, it took less than a week to come from california to virginia. Overall, i highly recommend these magazines to anyone who has an M4 or M16, beginner or professional!
by JULIE P. on 2009-10-09 08:21:55
"if you want to play airsoft realisticly these are the mags for you. they don't rattle around like hi-caps but you dont want to go full auto with these. they fit snugly in a chest rig and will fit in you gun well.

joe petsinger
by Kimberly L. on 2009-05-10 20:40:54
"These magazines are great for realistic game play. They tended not to load well, a couple of drops of lube and they are flawless. They work great in my d/boyi scar, and there's nothing like knowing you have all the ammo you need to make your shots count.
by Hunter M. on 2009-04-13 23:09:10
"Great mags for the price. Had them for about a week and have used them a lot and have had no mis-feeds or jams with them. Each of them come in their own little package so don't freak out when you see them not all in one box. full metal except the top part where it is inserted into the mag well. The only bad thing i found is they do scratch pretty easy, no big deal for me, but then again i don't know you. great learning ammo conservation and are strong too for when you need to change mags quickly and they fall onto the ground. Great buy, would recommend to everyone!
by Robinson A. on 2009-02-17 13:49:33
"i got the kwa m4 cqb n these mags work great all of them fit and they feed really well. if u like holdin the trigger these aint the ones u wana get they go pretty fast especially when u use a lipo, but overall great mags.
by fam s. on 2008-11-10 14:13:30
"yes, these are compatable with Tokyo Marui, ICS, Classic Army, G&G, G&P, Echo 1, Matrix, BoyI and other compatible M4 / M16 / FN2000 / L85 / SCAR. it says right in the description ;)
by gfd g. on 2008-10-29 18:44:26
"do these mags fit the Army L85A1? if not which mags are best that fit the Army L85A1?
by jas s. on 2008-10-28 10:53:54
"will these mags work or the d-boys scar really like to know plz like asap fast
by Sean S. on 2008-08-19 00:09:23
"I ordered these for the ICS M4. I have no trouble with compatibility, they all fit like a glove with very little wiggling. I alleviated the small bit anyway with electrical tape (I'm very anal about the solidity of my rifle). They feed flawlessly, and feel right because they're made of metal. I only had one problem with one mag "breaking": the little tab broke on the inside, unleashing the plastic innards (all intact, the metal is just a shell). I fixed this easily, as I was taping all of the mags the same way anyway, now I cant tell which one it was. Great value for a great set of magazines, I would definitely recommend them over most, especially at this price!
by Christian D. on 2008-07-15 18:51:35
"umm i got the kwa m4 cqb and i got 10 of these only 6/10 fit without me exerting a bunch of force trying to get the mag in there in there.

don't get me wrong they do work on kwa. or atleast on my m4 cqb.
by S. D. on 2008-05-25 22:44:41
"I had the MAG before I tried a few of these and fall in love with them! For those looking for no winding mid-cap magazines, these are full metal unlike the plastic ones by MAG or KA. Also they are just like the Tokyo Marui as I can't tell them apart from my Marui standards. They feed better than the MAG and they are so cheap! Only draw back is that they only hold 68 rounds instead of 100. But thats more realistic anyways.

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