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by Allison c. on 2013-09-18 16:58:37
"Oh god where do I start,
This gun is Beautiful, I would use this for any day of support, If you are a Support gunner, This is the Gun for you! I Would get an extra box mag for it though. There is so much battery space you could house a 11.V Lipo. Large type batteries. The Iron sights are beautiful, 15 Pounds of Deadly force! It even has a place to store dummy rounds (Aka It can fit belts of bullets) The BB's Go right on the Iron sights. If you where to get this or the Paratrooper, Get this. It has a longer barrel the Sights are beautiful You don't need the RIS Rail on the Praratrooper, These sights are the best, And this gun has more battery storage.

All metal goodness
These things sell faster than a Marathon runner can run.
Long accuracy
Iron sights a Freaking perfect!
Can Put dummy Belts in.
It can use Lipo's

The stock is a little long,
And the ABS Plastic Drum Mag, Its strong, But I would be careful.
by zack s. on 2013-07-31 08:08:25
"This is the best suppression weapon i have ever owned. I use .25's and i upgraded the inner barrel. The hop up is kind of a pain to get to but still worth the time it takes. Out of the box i pretty much had to tighten everything and replace a couple of screws. That could have been just mine but still worth mentioning. The box mag is made of abs which is easily cracked or broken. This is easy to fix, just dont drop your gun. I solved the box mag issue by welding a metal housing for it. If you aren't that industrious then you can heed the "don't drop it" advice. Accuracy is good when inner barrel is upgraded. Distance isnt that fantastic, reccomended for close quarters only (this is to save you a lot of aggravation because anyone with an m4 can tag you long before you get in decent range). Now, Pros and Cons

-Giant box mag included.
-Excellent rpm
-Nice FPS at 370 consistently when using .25's
-full metal

-ABS box mag

I would recommend the butterfly type battery, smart charger, and the bandolier sling listed at the bottom of the page simply because while i listed full metal as a pro it still gets damn heavy at 18 lbs fully loaded.
by zane a. on 2013-06-12 19:14:36
"5 stars, the date is 6/12/2013, and I've had this gun since 1/6/2011, this is a fantastic gun, buy it, you will not regret it. the only problems i have had with the internals were that after about 50,000 rounds through it, the spring broke and the trigger plate was bent, but both were easy fixes, and other than that, there have been lots of cosmetic issues with the gun (It's battle worn), but all in all, it was completely worth every penny.
by yushi s. on 2013-06-09 20:47:28
"The A&K M249 SAW is one of the best airsoft LMG's out in the market, i personally own one and i absolutely LOVE IT!
I have the full stock version, but i would reccomend the para version if you are a smaller guy.
Its a bit on the heavier side when the box mag is completely full, so a sling is HIGHLY reccomended.
There is only 1 part that i would reccomend replacing and that is the trigger switch, it tends to get stuck and you will have to unplug your battery to get it to stop shooting. ($10)
The box mag isa bit wobbly and the "sound control" option wont keep up to your rate of fire once you run a 9.6 so a pressure switch is reccomended

solid metal construction (stock is very sturdy for how long it is)
Great performance (~14 RPS with 8.4)
everything else!

Trigger tends to get stuck
by Derrick C. on 2013-05-26 17:01:31
"I love this gun.

Pros: beautiful intimidating gun, gets a lot of compliments.
Hit just about everything, point and shoot.
No jamming problems
Cons: Bipod broke off in first game ( It looks like pot metal)
Heavy which is to be accepted
Hop up isn't all that great might want to replace it.

Even with the cons this gun is amazing and I highly recommend it.
by Keo V. on 2013-05-01 23:40:03
"This gun is A BEAST! i've used it in a few games and it shot about 360-365 out of the box. The trigger switch on the gun was a little extended and jams in the gears, so you can take the grip off and move the switch a bit and it will work again. when this happened i was so scared and thought i broke it. The trigger does stick and continue firing if you hold the trigger down too much. to fix this, just keep pulling the trigger. Overall, one of the best guns i got. I'm planning to put a tightbore on it and that will make it deadly. Also my hop up was jammed and i couldnt adjust it without taking the whole barrel out, and my bipod broke off. With a little love and care, this gun will treat you right.

Shoots hard and fast
Looks awesome
Gets me A LOT of compliments

Bides thebipod breaking off, None.
by Kathy T. on 2013-04-27 06:31:56
"Today it is exactly 1 year since I’ve gotten this gun. I’ve already written a review on the gun before but that was when it wasn’t as good as it is now. By that I mean the hop-up. When I got the gun my hop up didn’t work at all so I had my friend fix it a month or so back. Now that the hop-up works, the gun is a total beast! On my first review on this I gave it a 6/5 even with the hop-up not working. Now that I got the hop-up working I give the gun a 7/5! The fps is really high and the bullet spread is a plus in my opinion. The box mag is a whopping 2500 rounds and auto winds. People say it jams all the time but it really doesn’t. If you wind it too much then yes it will jam. I got a nice 10.8v battery in it and it shoots ungodly fast.
• High fps
• Nice bullet spread
• Amazing range
• Iron sights are nice
• 2500 round auto wind box mag
• Very sturdy build
• Full metal
• Huge battery compartment (stock)
• Adjustable hop-up
• Adjustable bipod
• Amazing carrying handle

• The metal points wear pretty easy
• Heavy (con for some people but not me)

That’s pretty much it, this gun’s a beast and I love it!
by teresa c. on 2013-01-22 00:05:24
"This is a very good gun if you like to be a gunner. When I got this i was going for the Battlefield 3 support loadout. The fps is realy good i hit my friend in the throat with it during a war and it left him bleeding a bit. the only thing bad is I wish the range would be longer because its hard to get up and move with this thing unless you are use to it and it would be good if you could drop people from about 150-200ft but you cant unless you upgrade it. The weight isnt realy a big issue it will tear up in CQB if doing that , but if you get in a field event watch out because a M4 or a assault rifel will hit you before you come close to it.

-good fps.
-full metel probley wont break.
-never have to reload.
-scary to other people.
-good for suppression.
-good for helping out your team.

-drum mag jammed on me twice.
-screws come lose.
-bipod will start to wear down.
by hunter b. on 2012-11-10 16:19:13
"Just got it along with my box of awesomeness and about $300 in upgrade parts for this gun. havent upgraded anything yet but stock its pretty good. mine came with a broken box mag, but im not gonna deduct a star for that because it doesnt affect the gun. i have an RMA for the box mag, and using m4 mags in the meantime. ROF is decent, range is decent. worth getting over the echo1 saw. just buy this and upgrade yourself. nice weight to it too. about 15.4lbs unloaded. its a support weapon and meant to be heavy, so i never understood why people listed the weight of this weapon as a con. all in all its a great gun, recommended if you like the support gunner role. still waiting to skirmish it, hoping it will outperform my AR's.
by Joshua L. on 2012-05-17 20:13:06
"I bought this about 4 years ago so here's a good review for this who want to know its durability.
When I got it it came with its own gun case, I don't think it does anymore though, but same model and specs and brand. It's served very well with an occasional tune up. When it first came in I was a little worried cause in a few very small unnoticeable places there were tiny corners that had a lil rust in them. But over the years it hasn't grown or got worse so no worries there, it hasn't gotten loose anywhere, stayed stable and decent hopup and it's internals have lasted this long, except did need a new main spring cause it got weak Over time. I lost my bipod cause I took it off. They sell them here for 100$ :/ a little over priced for what t is and made of. The bipod rattles when running but thats to be expected.

I do recommend you get a smart charger for it, and clean Out the gear box and put better grease in it. It's stock piston and head could be reinforced better but the stock have lasted me this long so to each his own on that part lol. The magazine has only needed one small fix in 4 years cause one wire wasn't sodered well enough. The mag also has a port in the bottom they don't tell you about, where u can plug in your own button module via headphone jack style plug. For those who'd rather auto wind it by button rather than rely on its auto sound sensing winding.

Over all for the durability and rare problems I've had with it I give it a 5/5 cause 5 years later it's still shooting true. Give it a little TLC and it will last u a loong time.
by Kathy T. on 2012-05-14 17:16:18
"I’ve had this gun for about 4 or so weeks and I love it! I’ve used it in only one war so far (unless you count one where it was just me and one other friend) and it worked amazingly. At one point in one of the battles it was me versus 3 or 4 guys (2 of which had guns just as good if not maybe a tad better) and won. The website says 2400 Rds in the mag but it’s actually 2500. Also to people who have been having trouble with their mag, I may have a solution to your jamming problems. Either 1, you’re feeding the BBs into the mag from the lid that you take off to get to the inside of the mag or 2, the gears inside the mag are jammed. The solution to these is 1, only load BBs through little sliding door (use a funnel it’ll load a lot faster) or 2, unscrew the 2 screws on the bottom of the mag (unload BBs first) then take the side hatch off the mag and then there’ll be a another set of two screws on the top of the mag holding the outside feed holes that the tubes go through. You only have to unscrew one of these and then the whole black thing on the inside can be taken out. The there’ll be a semi-circle gear, push this in a certain direction until the gear spins really fast then put the mag back together.
• Good internals
• Good FPS
• The accuracy is a little wide but that’s a good thing because then YOU don’t have to be accurate
• Mag capacity (2500)
• Full metal
• Bipod included
• Mag doesn’t jam if used right
• Auto winding
• Battery compartment is huge
• Good sights
• The range could be a little farther (I’m just kind of picky like that)
• Can be a hassle hauling around at long distances or through tight places
• The adjustable hop up isn’t all that adjustable or it might be something I’m doing wrong

I give this gun a 6/5 I like it that much
by Josh K. on 2012-05-14 12:44:31
"I loved this gun as stock, but wanted a better headturner at the field...

Here was my setup for my M249:
SHS 13:1
SHS High Speed Motor
Matrix 8mm Bearing Bushings
Matrix shims
Matrix Cylinder
Matrix Polycarb piston
CA Piston head

This thing was shooting 40-45 bb/s on a 11.1v 25c LiPo!

No need to waste money on the Echo1 Version of this gun! Buy this one, spend $120 in upgrades, and MAKE AN INSANE SUPPORT WEAPON

Only thing about this gun i didnt like was the box mag. It cant keep up with my ROF as well as i would like. So i use Flashmags. works great.

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