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A&K Full Metal M249 Airsoft Machine Gun (Version: MK II / Black / AEG)

281 Customer Reviews

by Jacob K. on 07/24/2016
"I love my 249. This thing has very consistent FPS out of the box, with no modification I'm getting +/-2, which is the kind of variance snipers get. Word of warning, like the other Jacob below says your stock can fall off. I fixed this with welding my stock on, however other options include buying a new stock entirely. This gun has a few external issues, but its internals are worth the minor inconvenience. I've put 17,500 rounds through mine with no issues outside of user error. Great buy, 10/10 would buy again, but with retractable or polymer stock.
by Jake A. on 06/22/2016
"I've had this gun for over 5 years now. It probably has 2 years of trigger time, no joke. This thing is an absolute workhorse, it is the exact definition of reliability and dependability. I've never had to upgrade or take it apart for maintenance, shot straight on and kept shooting the same since day one. I had an accident where I couldn't play airsoft and did not operate it for over a year and a half. I ordered new batteries and mags, charged them, stuck them in the gun and the SAW acted like it never took a 16 month break. I've dropped this thing sideways, upside down and pretty much every which way you can imagine. Other than the grip and trigger getting slightly wobbly, it has never failed once. Here are the pros and cons.

- Great FPS
- Great Accuracy
- Durable and reliable (Seriously, could pass as a tank cannon)
- Easy to learn how to operate



Anybody who does not get this gun because of the con, does not know what LMG's/SAW's are for. If you don't like the weight, purchase an assault rifle.
by Jacob K. on 06/14/2016
"Great gun, very happy with it, outstanding performance. However I would advise buying a new stock as the screw in my stock has come loose multiple times due to the rotation and you end up with a wobbly stock and then it falls off on ya. Other than that, I love my 249
by Roy Charles f. on 03/26/2016
"Purchased M249 for Milsim hoping to get some firepower where riflemen are limited to Semi-Automatic only. It is heavy and not meant for a small person. I am a large adult and did not find it to be too heavy. Even while playing in a local game (where everyone fires on full auto) the rate of fire, fps and range were impressive. With the 2500 self winding magazine you can put down some serious fire on they typical m4 and ak carrying crowd. I used an 11.1 1200 MAH battery and the rof was excellent. I ran through 5k bbs which I never do with my normal aegs. I checked the fps and I was getting 430 fps with .20 Elite Force bbs. I removed the spring in about 5 mins. took keep it from becoming compressed and weak. I normally do this by firing my aegs in semi before I store them. This M249 is SAFE or AUTO only so removing the spring was the best option. It is well built but does seem to have a lot of small parts that make it look very realistic. If anything changes I will post another review of this M249. So far "Very Good"!
by Dan C. on 03/17/2016
"This thing is awesome. I didn't want the standard 'Murican M249 look so I went for this (this is actually the FN Minimi for those not in the know) and I don't regret it. Mine chronos at 448 FPS (legal at D14 Airsoft in Denton TX) and can tag some one easily at 200 feet. The groups arent super tight but its an LMG, so accuracy is not a priority. The drum mag works well andI havent had a sticky trigger or any of the other issues common to this platform. I use a 2000 mah PEQ Box battery in the handguard that fits perfectly and will last all day so long as you don't be stupid. I even took the bipod off due to my field's setup (lack of good places to set up a bipod). Overall impressed and would reccommend this heavily! I'm a leaner, smaller guy and I can tote this thing around ith little difficulty. Only issue is that you MUST use a military grade sling. Don't trust an airsoft grade spring with this. it WILL break and you WILL look like an idiot. I use a Mosin Nagant sling with carabiners and it works flawlessly!
by Kenneth D. on 03/17/2016
"@ nico, its most likely the trigger switch in the gearbox, a 10 dollar part thats simple to replace

love my SAW btw good solid support gun
by Nico M. on 03/17/2016
"This was an AMAZING gun but it after a few shots, it broke so I got it fixed but then when I shot it again it kept shooting and i didnt have my hand on the trigger and even when i turned on the safety it kept shooting so I took out the battery. How can I fix this problem?
by Matt V. on 03/17/2016
"DAM!!. It's a beast at 15 pounds. I love that i'm not gonna complain at that it feels more realistic.

Here's what a i bought-
1- A&k M249 Mk1
1-gemtech silencer
1-guarder black sling
1-m249 fake bullets ( like the one on evike both steel and realistic)
1- red dot scope with mount
1-box of bb's (50,000) almost done with those.
1- A&k Black Drum mag (winding much easier don't need batteries)

That's it it's awesome.


Con's:nothing couldn't find 1 thing to bitch about.
by Connor D. on 03/17/2016
"THIS IS THE BEST GUN EVER. It is FULL metal, pumps out 9 RPS with the battery it came with, gives you 360-370 at the chrono, and is perfect for cover fire. This gun will improve your body strength by a crap-load. Its so heavy. You just needa stay behind your squad, and fire at all of dem otha biches. Youl be raping with this mofo. The mag is SICK-NASTY good, and the regular m4 mag it comes with is good too (50rd, non winding.) The package comes with the gun, box mag, m4 mag, trickle charger, 8.4v battery and a 100 rd speedloader.
by Johnny L. on 03/17/2016
"The other sites that sells this rifle is the old version. And they most likely don't have a the nice gun case that you can't buy anywhere else. If you are thinking about a A&K M249, make sure you get the new version here!
by Zane P. on 03/17/2016
"very nice gun to own but the fps seems off to me but still nice gun to own
by David N. on 03/16/2016
"The A&K M249 SAW blows the expensive CA out of the water. I have put mine through hours and hours of hard use and it still performs like the day I first got it. Very, very reliable and worth every penny. Keep it clean and it will last forever!
by Yanni R. on 03/16/2016
"First, off this is an amazing gun. I've just recently bought the 9.6v nun-chuck battery and it increases the rate of fire by a boatload. Definitely buy it. The first point I want to make is how this gun is only meant for certain people. If you are the person that likes to sit in the back and lay down massive support fire, then this gun is for you. On the other hand if you are the person that likes to move up the field then think twice about this gun. This gun comes with the 2500 round auto-winding box magazine. With this you can basically SH$%T on your opponents. My over all statement is that you really need to think about how you are going to play before you by this gun or any other gun for that matter.

by Davis B. on 03/16/2016
"Why would anyone use a standard 30 or 68 round magazine on a SAW anyways....never tested, but even if thats true, it shouldn't effect rating on this gun simply because even a real SAW holds more rounds than that!

If you are seriously thinking about carrying one hundred 30 round standard magazine for this monster, I recommend not getting it at all.

The box magazine works great on this gun and I carry two A&K M4 hicap as back up or pouch filler (which I never ended up using because 2400 round generally last me all day and its very easy to refill the box magazine).

The sound control box magazine is crazy! It is simply amazing! Use it!
by Junro C. on 03/16/2016
"The new version by A&K have reinforced drum magazine, I believe that drum magazine issue was resolved a few months ago...