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SIG Sauer Full Metal P226 Airsoft Gas Blowback Pistol by KJW

13 Customer Reviews

by Melanie M. on 02/22/2016
"I've had this gun for a year now, hasn't failed me once. Obviously, it doesn't work well in the cold since it is green gas, but in 50-100 degree weather this thing shoots like a champ. I'm running this with a sniper setup, it's great for those times when the enemy gets a bit too close. Very efficient on gas, I get about 2.5 mags out of it in 50 degree weather.

Efficient on gas
Good for sniper setup (or any setup, for that matter)
Decent fps
Good weight
Not too expensive

Doesn't perform well in the cold (being green gas, there's nothing to do about it)
It has jammed only once on me.

Great gun overall!
by Nathan G. on 02/17/2015
"The P226 has been my sidearm for more then two years and has saved me on numerous occasions. I have become pretty attached to this gun and if you take care of it, it will take care of you. I clean my sig on a pretty regular basis and it is easy to disassemble and reassemble. My Blackhawk serpa holster fits the gun perfectly and comfortably at my hip. Some other things I really like about the gun are how clean the recoil is, the large magazine, how consistent it is, and the sound it makes. I shoot .25s with green gas though it and get a very accurate 75ft and just shy of 300fps. I don't do much precision shooting with this and use it mostly to blast away at close targets. Like the other reviews mention, it's a pain to find good mags for it. At one point I had four and before I knew it I only had one good one. I was able to fix two of the broken ones though. This gun is not the most comfortable for left handed shooters either. Nothing about this gun is ambidextrous. This makes my magazine changes a little slow.

Loud and intimidating

Not the best for left handed shooters

I highly recommend this gun! It's awesome.
by Zachary C. on 04/12/2014
"Great gun all the reviews pretty much sum it up.

Cons:(mags leak) check youtube easy fix.
by Josh K. on 08/29/2012
"This is a neat little pistol. great for smaller hands or if you simply want a compact pistol.
Bought from a local shop and am very satisfied!

-Compact! Excellent for CQB
-Very crisp blowback
-Nice FPS (bout 340ish)
-good accuracy with .25 bbs
-Trigger reset latch resets the trigger without you taking the mag out and pulling the trigger
-Mags have a unique shape and look cool

-Compact (If you see it that way)
-Due to small size, max range is about 125 feet, max usable range is about 100, but youre not gonna use this thing as a sniper so you should be fine.

Overall this was a great pistol for the money. Would recommend as a good sidearm. Its obviously not going to be a sniper rifle.
by Bill W. on 07/18/2012
"I bought my SIG-226 from a brick & mortas shop but wanted to provide my input here. I have considerable real-world combat experience with a real SIG, mine being a SIG 220, and this airsoft pistol feels just like the real deal in the hand and in the holster.

This SIG pistol is comfortable to hold and an accurate point-shooter. Function and break-down is virtually identical to the actual hand gun. The blow-back feature is a nice touch and provides some degree of shooter feed-back. When I used it in the field, the gas ran out more quickly than I anticipated but it was probably the result of me not giving the magazine a complete green gas fill beforehand.

* Rugget metal construction
* Comfortable black plastic grips
* Good heft and feel
* Accurate an normal pistol ranges
* Respectable muzzle velocity

* None noted
by Denny B. on 09/04/2009
"I have lots and lots of real world experience with real sig

As far as i'm concerned the only difference between this KJ Works and the real deal, is the ammunition and propellant.

Operates, functions, and disassembles just like a real one.

Accuracy - hit rate at 50 feet is 100%, at 100 feet is 75%, at 150 feet is less than 15%.

gas pressure drops with each shot, as it does with every gas gun, hence the large drops in accuracy as range increases. If you have had some form of training on how to shoot with a pistol, you should have no problem hitting a torso sized target at 50 feet whether its the first round or last. All distances mentioned above were measured out, target was upper torso, ammunition used was "matrix .20 bb's".

I know for a fact I've put more than 2000 rounds through it, I have never had a problem with it.

I love this gun and would recommend it to anyone who likes sigs or would could use it as a training supplement to the real sig.
by teresa n. on 04/16/2009
"I got this gun from a friend,and its pistol shoots around 344 fps.its full metal.

full metal
25rd mag

the only thing is the valvle on my mag leaks

buy this gun!!!!!!!!!!
by Michael J. on 10/10/2008
"I got mine at Evike's super store. This gun is completely full metal and the finish is soooo nice its looks just like my real sig! The slide has very nice laser engraving on it making it stand out among all the other gas guns.

The threaded barrel need to be aligned at some angle to install but its not too hard. An evike staff showed me how in 2 minutes. The pistol looks ultra cool with a stubby mock silencer on it!
by dudley t. on 10/03/2008
"ok this gun is awesome it kicks hard and its really accurate it hits fairly hard for a handgun to and if anyone knows the trick 2 getting the inner barrel out of the outer barrel please tell me cause i got a threaded barrel nd i cant get the internal barrel out nd put the threaded one in so if anyone can help then thanks
by Paul H. on 09/26/2008
"The P226 is one of the best GBB's I think you can get. It has good weight, shoots straight and very well. Any somewhat adjustable holster will make this gun fit snugly and retain during sprints and jumping around. The rail mount has allowed me to install my laser from a real gun, as well as an inexpensive tactical light without any issue at all. I recommend you buy this gun if your hands are not large enough to be comfortable with a Glock or other large handled gun. And, you can't argue with the fact that this type of gun is used by the Navy Seals in real life.
by michael r. on 03/31/2014
"This is a good pistol and I have had mine for a few years now. I have a few problems with the gun. The mags are hard to find and not that good if you are looking for a good mag buy TM ones. Yes they are a little bit more but they work a lot better. Also, this gun is ok as far as range but is not the best I am able to hit targets out to 50 feet with a high chance of a hit and out to 100 feet this pistol is ok anything more than 100 feet is pushing this gun. It is also not that gas efficient. Overall this is a good gun for a backup gun but not my first choice.

good weight
ok kick
sights are good

mags hard to find
mags leak
not accurate
by Gloria b. on 10/08/2013
"This gun is amazing and looks awesome magizines are okay
by Brendan R. on 12/30/2012
"This gun has beautiful performance. Its accurate, has a good deal of power, and reaches out to a respectable range for a sidearm. Its also very ergonomic and functional in its design. The slide release is one of the easiest to reach on any pistol I've seen, and the de-cocking lever is convenient. The mag release is also easily within thumbs reach. This pistol is also extremely easy to field strip, quite literally with the flick of a switch (er... lever).
The only issue I have run into with this gun is unrelated to the gun itself. Its the magazines that I have taken issue with. I have three KJ Works magazines for this gun, and all three began leaking around the same time. Initially soaking the O-Rings in silicone oil helped, but after some time that only provided a 5 minute solution, even replacing the O-Rings has inevitably led me right back to the same issue. Eventually I discovered that 1 of Tokyo Marui's 226 magazines fits this gun and is much more reliable and gas efficient.
I have to leave the verdict simply as, "great gun, terrible mags."

-Upper-average range
-Ergonomic and functional
-Very true to the "real steel" counterpart

-MAGS BLOW (in somewhat of a literal sense).