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Scar Type Vertical Support Tactical Bi-pod Grip (Color: Black)

45 Customer Reviews

by Colton M. on 06/04/2018
"I got the black variant, priced at $10 while Iím writing this, and Iím amazed with how high quality it is! Itís firm, holds in place perfectly, and the bipod is very sturdy. The only thing Iím afraid of is how fast it comes out, I feel like it might break on me. Otherwise, great foregrip!
by Justin R. on 03/11/2018
"Surprisingly good quality for the price!
by anthony l. on 12/26/2016
"for 10 dollars you get a bipod and a fore-grip. so basically its a 50 dollar value for 10. when i bought i figured it would be made of cheap plastic and it was crappy. but it was only 10 bucks so i bought it. ive had it for 6 mouths and it has worked great i use it on my full metal m16 and it takes the weight great. 10/10 would recommend!
by kyle E. on 11/20/2016
"bottom line best bipod can't go wrong with it it is fast and simple.
by Andrew G. on 11/10/2016
"A very good 2-in-1 tool to add to you gun. I highly recommend it, just be gentle with the button and spring and make sure it stays tightened from time to time. I had bought one before and the thing came loose with the spring popping out. That one never word as good again. So I just bought a new one, and tighten it after every game we play on the field.
by Susanne B. on 06/11/2012
"I have had this for a whlie now. It is still functioning excellent.
The flat black color matches most blacks very well. The ability to save rail space is excellent. This is a much cheaper than buying a vertical forgrip and a bi-pod. Although it is plastic, it is extremely durable. The size of the forgrip for my hand is perfect. My hand size is probably medium to large and I find it very comfortable.
While have the bi-pod deployed, you can not "swivel" because the legs could brake on you if they were to get stuck. This is not a large issue at all because I simply have my hand there when I am prone and can easily slightly lift it to turn the gun. But with your hand there you can also put the legs back in extremely fast.
I love this forgrip for the durability (as long as you are careful to a point), price, color, and overall feel.
Great buy... GET THIS!
by Coulton H. on 10/07/2011
"This grip pod is the best style out there. Its perfect for a dmr or support weapon because you can switch from assault to sniper/support gunner with the push of a button. Its made of some very durable plastic so its not so heavy and everything works flawlessly. If your looking for a grip pod look no further!

tactical advantage
switches with the press of a button
not to big like the picture makes it look

nothing i can think of
by David M. on 08/10/2011
"This is amazing! It's great that I can swap from assault to support gunner in seconds!

Easy to use
Awesome looking

Slightly thicker and less comfortable than most other vertical foregrips
by george b. on 08/03/2011
"you dont have to use it with a Scar! its good for any gun, its all plastic so nothing too heavy!!! I took the spring out and i slide out the bi pod manually, i do this because the locking teeth insied are plastic and one side got striped so it wont go in now with the spring. get one, take the spring out, and put it on your gun its a good buy. good grip and bi pod! and a good price.
by Joseph D. on 06/28/2011
"This grip pod is awesome. this grip is really comfartable and the bipod in it is gonna be really helpful.
by Andrew M. on 04/24/2011
"I bought this grip (for an AK47) and it works great. It fits like a charm, doesn't loosen, and is all around one of the best tactical grips/bipods you could buy for 20 bucks.

Good fit
Good quality
Feels good in your hand

Bi-pod is a bit tough to fold back in (pops back out unless pushed in pretty hard) But it's nothing major at all.
by Dominic M. on 03/30/2011
"This grip is HEFTY! If you're looking for a durable bi-pod or a vertical grip that is tactical, comfortable and gets the job done, I recommend this grip-pod. It's made out of Polymer plastic with aluminum parts.

-Good Price.
-Bulky (good for people with big hands like myself)
-Built in spring loaded bi-pod!

-Takes up a bit more space on your RIS than the average vertical grip.
-That's it!
by Dianne D. on 03/08/2011
"This is an awesome grip! It is alittle large but it is still great and sturdy, the bipod comes out kinda fast and loud but if you press the button and pull it out it's not as loud
by Adam R. on 01/25/2011
"this grip is awesome! i put this on my g36c and it fits perfecty. it helps alot to control your gun and give you better accuracy. when you push the button it turns it into a bipod. its useful if you need to rest and put your gun on the ground. overall this is a great product! well worth the money
by mike g. on 12/15/2010
"This thing is awesome. My gun is pretty heavy, around 10-12 pounds (it's custom) and the bipod holds up really well to it. It's an actual Grip-Pod, not a "clone," so it's made for the military and "real steel" weaponry. It'll definitely hold up to any abuse you put it through. They come in all metal for over 100 bucks, but it's not worth it. This thing is cheap, and is incredibly sturdy without adding too much weight to the gun. It's an awesome idea to have a grip and a bipod all in one, and really convenient to switch from assault to support gunner or even sniper with the click of a button. Definitely a good buy and definitely reccomended.