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Win Gun High Power M9 Co2 Powered Airsoft Gas Pistol - Black

59 Customer Reviews

by Arlena S. on 08/16/2008
"This is a very decient side arm for the price. Nice and heavy pretty close to the real thing, and although the range is not the greatest it still packs a bit of a punch. The mags don't hold much so look into gettin a few of those. Also it is pretty loud which is somewhat of a double edge blade depending on your view of things. One thing that is nice though is that it uses CO2 realy slow, so it will last several games without haveing to change it out. The included case is kinda crappy but you cant expect gold for 40 bucks.
by Gayane H. on 07/30/2008
"This Gun is very durable, Iv worked with the silver and the black one, Both amazing speeds and Very high power, Pierces through both sides of the can and still has enough power to go through a piece of cardboard and damage the home wall. For the review left below mine, The spring does not get stuck you must push the little pointer at the bottom it little up towards the surface of the magazine. Amazing gun, Highly recommended.
by isaac z. on 06/30/2008
"wow great gun i have the L96 and this gun is great to have just incase 1 of the things is buy another magazine for it and get something 2 hold it on ur belt
by Willene W. on 06/29/2008
"No you dont have to cock it after you shoot it cause its a gas pistol
by Trevor p. on 05/23/2008
"I bought this gun off of the Evike ebay store around August 2007. To this day 5/23/08 it has been working as if it was brand new. It shoots very hard and it is easy to put in the CO2 and take it out. I go through 150+ rounds before I need to change the cartrige. The mag is very well built and holds 15 rounds. It was a great gun.
by wade T. on 02/21/2012
"It has a good FPS and the m9 is bigger than it looks in the pic and it has a nice weight to it so time for pros and cons

good fps
nice weight
thick plastic
and it co2 which you can get any where
and the co2 is in the grip .

its still plastic
lil to big
hard to get co2 in
the slide dosent move
triger hard to move
by Edwin C. on 03/12/2011
"I bought this Gun from my Friend Yesterday and after A lot of inspections and test firing it is very nice for the price. This gun is said to hit 370-500 FPS witch is Not true. It goes 320-370. Its fairly simple to Insert the Co2 into the Grip. It has Plastic Externals and Metal internal.

- Good Power
- Good Quality for price
- 15 Round Mag.
- Easy to load Co2
- Nice bold sound
- Metal internals
- I Could go on and on

- Plastic Externals
- Dry fires Every now and then
- A bit bulky

If your looking to Get a good side arm or a cheap gas gun then get this. 4/5.
by Colin M. on 11/13/2010
"I bought this gun recently. Overall, its a good gun.

The body is entirely plastic. Not weak, and with a decent color tone, so it doesn't look fake and is probably sturdy enough to last if taken care of.

There is a rail to accept a laser/flashlight on the bottom of the gun. its plastic, and probably not the most perfect fit (idk, havent tested it yet) but its good that is has one as after-market mounts are expensive.

The internals are entirely metal (except for three parts: the mag holder/release, the safety, and the part that provides resistance to the barrel reset spring, which i will discuss later).

It has a good weight to it, but that is due to two weights, a large one located underneath the barrel in front of the trigger assembly, and a smaller one found above and behind the grip, in the triangular guard which would prevent your hand sliding up and getting hit by the blowback on the real steel version. These appear and feel to be made of lead, so i would avoid handling them.

I cannot speak for the exact fps, but I can say that at 25 feet this gun is capable of penetrating and cleanly exiting a coke can. At a few inches, it can penetrate the bottom, which puts it at about 385 minimum muzzle velocity (.2 gram bbs- poor man's chrono). Basically, very powerful.

If you squeeze the trigger (the pull, by the way, is really long- i would estimate an inch to an inch and a half) halfway and then release it, a bb will roll out of the barrel, or two will fire next time. cool for shotgun effect but really bad for the gun to do so.

The grip is off-colored (it is dark grey and the gun is black) and really fat. Once you start using it, it won't feel fat, but initially it is a bit bothersome.

Accuracy is decent, and better than I expected (.2 gram bbs). Obviously, you cant expect superb accuracy out of a pistol, especially a $40 pistol, so its not bad for the size/price. After about 70 ft you will not hit the target you are aiming at, as the bb will curve away, and not in a general direction. Sometimes it curves right, sometimes left, sometimes up, and sometimes it just drops. But under 70 ft the gun is capable of hitting torso sized targets (although the shooter might not be good enough to do so).

I fired ten clips (150 bbs), and took it apart. put it back together, fired 10 co2 cartridges (about 1000 bbs), and then took it apart again to look for wear.

This is what I found.

First, do not trust the safety. If you have the safety on, do not assume that it will work. About 1mm of wear on a plastic part that is contacting metal already will cause it to fail. You shouldn't put 100% faith in the safety on any gun, of course, but this one in particular is iffy at best.

Second, this is where to expect part failures:
Safety (as previously mentioned).
Magazine holder/release- this part is held in place by about 2 mm of plastic, and the spring provides some pretty stiff tension, so I can definitely see the plastic rod that holds it in place breaking or the spring getting out of place and making the clip useless.
Hop-up (or what I am assuming is the hopup) and barrel contact- the barrel moves forward about 3/4 inch each shot, and is propelled backwards extremely quickly once the co2 is released and the bb is fired. The hopup drops down from above the barrel as it moves forward and is rapidly and powerfully forced out of the way (angular contact) as the barrel quickly slides back. eventually, this will wear down the hopup, or the top of the barrel, or both.
Screw threads- the screws are all metal, obviously, but the threads in the gun where they screw in are plastic. This could be especially problematic with the screw in the very front of the gun, which holds the plastic part in place that provides the spring tension which resets the barrel after each shot. The tension that is permanently on if from this rather large spring could eventually break the plastic around the screw, which is where the tension is focused as it is the only screw directly attached to this piece.

That sounds pretty negative, but flaws can be found in the designs of just about any airsoft gun, even the more expensive ones. Overall, i would recommend this gun for the price.

good power
accurate (no curve) to 70ft w/ .2's
almost entirely metal innards
mounting rail built into frame

Fat grip (not bad) and off colored grip
general unrealism-plastic and such
plastic safety internals
plastic magazine latch/release
barrel+bb holder/hopup will eventually damage each other
plastic screw threads

Overall, the pros outweigh the cons considering the price, so I give this gun a 4/5 and a high recommendation.
by Brian S. on 06/09/2010
"I've had this gun for like 3 months now, and I've had absolutly no trouble with it, and was thinking of getting a second and being a pistol player in battle. My friends were so impressed with it that they're getting one now. Wal-Mart clips for the C11 do fit in this gun, and are all metal. This gun has great accuracy at about 50 or so foot, and great power, is a little big in the handle if your moving to it from a spring pistol but overall worth the money easily
by Tom D. on 06/20/2008
"A very solid and reliable pistol. It has a metal lower receiver and a ABS plastic slide. I have this gun and have sold my GBB's because this is so much easier to use and the CO2 cartridges are cheap and last. I've never had to reload my cart even after a full day of CQB. I've read that it can go through 20-30 mags on one cart.

It's a NBB so you don't have to worry about your slide sticking or breaking but it doesn't have the cool blowback feel. Trigger pull is not bad but it does not have a working hammer for precession single shots.

The mags are inexpensive ~$12 each, but only hold 16BB's so you'll want to buy at least one spare. They are also non-realistically sized because the CO2 cartridge takes up most of the hand grip space. They are approximately the same size as the TM EBB mags but are not compatible.

Because it's CO2 powered, on a warm day it shoots around 360-380fps with a fresh cartridge. Unfortunately this power is wasted as it has no hop-up so the BB's start to drop after about 75ft. Range can be extended well beyond that by arcing the shot.
by John S. on 04/06/2011
great for the price; if u only want to spend $40, go for it! great for the occasional aluminum can target practice and backyard skirmishes

-feels heavy and sturdy (which it is)
-loud (might be a con to some ppl)
-ULTRA MEGA EXTREMELY--and quite unreasonably and unnecessarily!-- POWERFUL (450+ FPS)
***has made me bleed, i have a white scar on my man-boob NO JOKE!***

2 important CONS:

-VERY INACCURATE-- my friend has this gun too and he has the same problem-- the BB curves in all random directions about 3 ft out of the barrel (effective range: 40 feet max)

-TOO STRONG--the little kids go home crying (that is, if i managed to hit them cuz it is inaccurate)
__This amt. of power is nice for vaporizing soda cans and cereal boxes, but not so nice for playing with the neighbors due to the blood (including my own)


Ideal for :
a) those who want an insanely powerful yet affordable sidearm, and r playing with people willing to GET HURT then it is perfect
b) or for those who like utterly mutilating tin cans and paper targets (ME!!)

I hope u enjoy, and keep airsofting my fellow awesome people!
by Bryce C. on 10/22/2008
"you can buy extra mags at the store... if you dont see any on the website.. try e-mailing them. They can tell you where it is. My friend has this gun
by michael w. on 09/14/2008
"I bought this gun bout 3wks ago, it works GREAT, when it actually works.... : [ i've read and personally heard alot of reviews about this gun. YES, it does have a nice even balanced feel to it, it is slightly louder then my friends gas pistol, but no biggy. the over-all feel and presentation is very high. the CO2 last forever, and is cheap to replace and u dont have to hassle with filling ur clip with gas every skirmish. just reload clip and whala, back in business. tho, like mine, i get horid bb missfires.
*Lubricate the magazine with silicon oil and use only high grade 0.20g or heavier Matrix bbs.
by cameron b. on 06/29/2008
"Im thinking about buying this gun but i need to know do you have to cock it back after each shot or is it semi auto?