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KJW M1911-A1 Full Metal Blowback Pistol (Model: Green Gas)

34 Customer Reviews

by Kevin G. on 09/24/2009
"Fantastic Gun. Fast firing, full metal, hard kick, and flies straight. the only disadvantage is that it uses a lot of CO2. You can get around 2 magazines per cartridge.
by Shane K. on 09/18/2009
"All i can say is perfection! Everything about this gun is great. Iv had mine for about a year and let me say this i always find a excuse to use it. In fact this guns so great i think im gonna get another one! Its durable, powerful, and well designed just as a 1911 should be. Best part about this gun is the mags are inexpensive, its easy to maintain, and its simple. If you want a good simple, authentic, reliable side arm the KJW M1911 Full Metal GBB is the only way to go.
by Julie l. on 09/04/2009
"beautifull gun.. i love it and hope to buy it soon
by John G. on 04/14/2009
"This gun is the single most combat effective airsoft pistol i have seen. Iv never been a fan of green gas so I got the CO2 mags for this and it works like a charm. The kick is very solid and its a very dependable weapon.
by Laura A. on 02/26/2009
"This is an awesome gun!!! When I first fot it the first shot broke the gas valve so I had to buy another one. Also mine was kinda doing this weird rapid fire thing, where I would pull the trigger once and it would start shooting all 24 bbs as fast as possible... I thought it was cool at first :) Then I took it apart and my gun didn't have a Hammer Spring so I'm still waiting until I can order it with my WE MEU and A&K full metal G300 :) when it was woeking fine it was incredible and was a real experience! no stars down for getting a defective gun. I just fixed and it's awesome!!!!!!!!!
by Austin H. on 01/13/2009
"Some problems at 1st, but after tweaking the hop up and getting used to the mags it is an amazing gun, chronos at about 310 fps, can get off about 23 shots on a full magazine. Very good weight and kick. Accuracy is amazing. Range about 50-60 ft. accurately. Only downside is that the magazines are a little touchy. don't know if it is just mine. The magazines are gas hogs, but since propane is so cheap, it doesn't even matter. Do not try to remove the orange tip because it will just scratch off the orange and black paint and turn it silver. Better than orange though. dissassembly is very easy and hop up is relativly easy to get to. All in all, for $100 bucks you can't go wrong, way better than the WE tech, accurate, heavy, and a great kkick. Don't rapid fire (thats for m9s) or you will run out of propane before you run out of rounds.

cant fire rapidly
magazines sometimes don't feed properly
gas hog
by aaron j. on 01/02/2009
"Here is a link to the co2 mag, hope this helps.
by ethan m. on 09/13/2008
"this gun is worth the price for 100 dollars. the accuracy is pretty good but with a few adjustments of the hop-up it should be dead on. it's pretty heavy considering its full metal. its got a nice kick to it also. if you are looking for a good 1911 with a decent price, go for this one!
by Brendan M. on 08/29/2008
"When i first decided i needed a new sidearm-i was choosing between something with a high ROF to replace my M9 or something that had a good rate of fire and a design i really liked. I was going to purchase either the KWA M11A1, KWA G18c, or this. I decided to buy this for my love of 1911's and that for under 100 bucks i could get a reliable pistol that was full metal that i will have for years. Out of the box, this gun has absolutely no flaws with it whatsoever. The paint is pefect (mine didnt come in gunmetal gray, more of a bitchen black, might turn gray later) and mine came lubed up liberaly (mag included) so i had no worries about a dry hopup or trigger assembly. Since i use a propane adaptor and control how much silicon i put in, i can get a higher FPS, with propane i am easily getting 330+ FPS and a great rate of fire. Since the gun is full metal it has an extremely nice weight and feel when you fire and hold it, and the recoil is great as well. The slide comes back quickly with a crisp sound and the accuracty is spot on, i had to only adjust the hopup slightly to get it dead accurate, i have yet to test it out in a game against my friends WE Tech 1911, but i can say that from what i have seen in WE 1911s, the KJW is better (even Evike recommended this over the WE), and its not always obvious, i have compared the internals and KJW is better, with WE the guide rail/spring jiggles around, and seems like it would be extrmely annoying. The mag it comes with is simply great, holds 24 rounds and is double stacked, you really only need 2, 1 in your gun and 1 spare (i plan on having 1 in gun, 1 in holster, 1 in vest for pistol rounds). Overall the best 1911 for the price, i wouldnt want any other brand, i love this gun.
by Michael L. on 08/25/2008
"Woot.. just received it... shot it immediately out of the box and loved it!! Makes a hard kick and *clinks* like a real one.
Pretty heavy too!

Get more mags, guzzles gas like a Humvee...
by sam r. on 08/21/2008
"this gun is amazing for a pistol!!!! the first time i fired it i though it blew up becuase it was so strong and load ,but it gets quiter after u use it more. i think this is one of the best co2 pistols u could get for 109$. its full metal marui system and it looks as realy as airsoft gun get. the only downfall is it uses a lot of co2 so if u want to play for a long time buy like 40 co2 tanks
Great gun!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Dave L. on 08/16/2008
"This is KJW's newest release with the same internal as the previous green gas model (thus, same internal as marui)

It is reinforced to use Co2 (with stronger reinforcement parts) and a drilled out mag well for the larger Co2 magazine.

However, it can still take the green gas magazine. On a personal level, I still like to use the green gas mag because you can use propane adapter and it is much easier than buying co2 cartridge, inserting co2 cartridge, taking out co2 cartridge...(you get the point).

Use green gas or propane adapter is what I recommend. This gun is a great gun and green gas magazines are widely available for great price here at!
by seth d. on 06/29/2008
"i absolutley love this gun i have used it for a good 2 years now and this is the most derible gun in the world. i use it in every war and it shoots very far about as a sniper not kidding. this gun shoots about 380 420 fps with green gas right out of the box but with red gas it shoots about 450 to 500 fps i absolutly love this gun its so life like too. i would recomend using .2s or .23s for this gun. if you get this gun you probly need 3 clips but other that that this gun with aniolate anything in its way this gun gets 10 out of 10 stars 100%
by Josh S. on 05/02/2008
"I received this product today after looking for weeks for a good 1911 replica. The finish on this gun is superb. Everything is clean and crisp, the grips look good, and the weight is about the same as the real steel. Performance is good, and I get about 2 magazines worth of rounds per fill. It can punch through one side of a coke can with 0.20g bbs, which puts the power around 310fps. The blowback is fantastic, although soon I'll be getting the upgraded recoil spring, to help save on gas. I would recommend this gun to anyone looking for a great, full-metal, 1911 replica, without wanting to pay a lot of money. It's based on the TM system, so most upgrade parts will fit. It is an absolute beauty, and if you're thinking of buying it, go for it. You can't go wrong.
by tanner b. on 12/21/2012
"Great gun,i would recommend it for anybody who wants a traditional looking 1911.

Looks awesome
Very accurate
Has a nice kick for a gbb
Great pistol

Gas hog
My barrel wobbles a little

Over allit is a great gbb.