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KWA Full Size Lipoly Ready H&K G36C Airsoft AEG (2GX Version, Licensed by Umarex)

50 Customer Reviews

by Ayan H. on 12/20/2015
"The gun is amazing, it was everything i expected and more. I have a 9.6v nunchuck and it fits perfectly, all of the apre magazines fit flawlessly but seem to be of a bit cheaper quality than the one included with the gun. the only reason I rate this 4 out of 5 stars is bc there are some notacable seams on the gun and one of them cut me, so i has to file them down. This gun is amazing and the deal was great.
by leslie A. on 03/07/2009
"I couldnt even think of one word to describe this gun. It is all around a great preformer chornoing around 405- 410, light weight, feels good, and sounds like a beast! I also use echo 1/jg g36c mags. Now to the cons well I only found two things to bug me 1 is that the screws that held the rails came off very easily. 2 now this is a major killer for me, when you are closing the foregrip be careful because you may pinch a wire or the metal by the fuse will get bent so much it will snap(this is what happend to me)
by Maria c. on 09/29/2008
"I bought this gun and love it. I had a couple of balls gets stuck but full auto spits them out.
by Shane D. on 05/13/2014
"I've used this gun for two full days of airsoft so far. Here is what I think of it initially.

First off, it's heavy. Don't be fooled and think that because it's polymer it's going to be a light gun, it's not. Even with a vertical grip and the stock folded I can't whip this gun around, and I'm a big guy.

Secondly, I would have liked to have seen a KWA trademark on it. I'd love to show that I bought a high quality G36 airsoft gun, but this gun just blends in with all the others, without anything setting it apart.

Also, I don't think the full auto grouping is very tight. I have other guns which I can hold the trigger and all my shots stay in a stream, all very close to each other. When I full auto burst with this the BBs tend to spread out in about a 4-5 inch diameter.

That said, it's clearly a well made gun. And if the KWA reputation for reliable internals holds true I will be happy with this gun. However, because of the cons mentioned above I can't give it more than 3 stars.
by Michael M. on 01/27/2012
"I got this gun today and here is what I have found out about it after i got home.
1. The ROF is great.
2. It will shoot at about 390-396 no problem.
3. It is all plastic good and bad how ever you look at it. It is really light.
4. It is a KWA.

No the part that I would be worried about.
1. It is plastic.
2. 9.6 small battery fits but I did break the tab where the battery is first time I put it in.
It is way to tight of a fit and ripped the plastic cover on the battery every time I put it in. KWA should have give just a hair more room.
3. Pulled the red wire of the connecter, be very carfull.
The pin that holds the front cover it really hard to put in, I would say if you loose the pin you done for the day.

Now KWA is just over the hillI may call them on Monday to see if they will do anything about this?