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Cybergun Licensed Thompson "Chicago Typewriter " Airsoft AEG Rifle w/ Drum Mag - (Package: Gun Only)

34 Customer Reviews

by Joshua S. on 12/01/2010
"This gun is a BEAST!!!
I used it in one major-ish type battle so far and totally dominated. The range is awesome, and accuracy is consistant once you play with the hop up. Plus 450 rounds at your disposal is nothing to turn your nose up at.

In answer to some questions

yes you do need to wind every 50 shots or so, but its MUCH easier with the large winding mechanism on the front rather than a little wheel on the bottom.

Yes the gun is heavy and noisier than a baby rattle

Yes it comes in the mail with a smaller battery and lower rate of fire than is normally desired, but this is easily fixed for a relatively small price

Yes this gun leaves welts

Yes i did dress up like a '20s gangster on the guns maiden run (which was not fun since it was near the middle of summer, but i did make promises...)

yes this is an overpowered gun to take to backyard skirmishes (I use a cheaper wal mart substitute for these)

And yes, your friends will come up with specific tactics and gear (mostly gear) with nothing else but countering the tommy gun in mind, such as riot shields, snipers, and c02 pistols with a rediculously high fps... trust me

Catch my drift yet? this gun rocks your targets world lol. its an incredible buy, and when the gun does die, it will make a nice decoration to hang on the wall.
by Erika A. on 10/03/2010
"GREAT gun! Extremely reliable, shoots great and hard. Fake wood looks very real but I bought an m1a1 wood kit for it anyway(had to be modified a bit and needed different screws to fit but it's possible).
Perfect gun if you want something that works well straight from the box.
by Azriel R. on 09/22/2010
"Just wondering about the mag. I doesn't say anywhere, is it like a mid-cap or do you have to wind every 50 or so shots? Wanna buy it but i dont want a high-cap mag, those are a pain and make a lot of noise when running.
by Cole C. on 09/14/2010
"This gun is a beast! I seriously recommend this to anybody looking for a Tommy Gun. Mine cronoed at about 438 fps. I am a huge fan of gangster movies and and stuff in that general time period and this gun is amazing. The only thing that i did not like is the "wood" that is not actually wood but you can pick up a replacement kit for that.
by Paul G. on 09/05/2010
"Very nice gun, picked up from the boneyard for $65 at the evike super sale '10. When I got home I hooked it up to power and heard nothing but grinding gears. I took the grip off, made a minor adjustment to the positioning of the motor and made sure it was meshed with the gears. Tried it out again and works perfectly!
by Chris G. on 04/18/2010
"Its a very good gun i've had mine for a very long time now and it's always served me well. The only bad things i've encountered are that the screws come out, make sure to tighten them up and never ever wind the mag the wrong way cuz it will break it and then only shoot like 5 rounds before you have to spin it instead of like 20-30. also there isn't any place to really attach a sling on the front. but otherwise it is really heavy, the mag holds 450 rounds which is nice, its all metal and the ABS plastic really looks and feels like wood. i'd reccommend this if you like old style guns. although i have no idea what you would use to upgrade anything in it. if anyone knows that would be helpful.
by Johnathon D. on 03/15/2010
"I got this AEG for a birthday present, and I couldn't be happier with the performance. The only drawbacks I could find was that it is a bit too large for smaller players, and not quite historically accurate.

On the real M1928, the charging handle was situated on the top of the main receiver, whereas this model uses the side mounted charging handle found only on the later (and much simplified) M1A1 model adopted by Allied forces during WWII. The M1A1 was unable to acommodate drum magazines, due mostly to the stick type magazines being much more affordable and less prone to rattling or jamming than the drum versions. The trademark forward grip was also removed to cut down on costs, as well as the cooling fins along the barrel.

But enough of my gun-nut rambling. If you want a hardhitting, dependable and intimidating as all h*ll AEG, there is none better at this price. You won't regret it.
by Zach M. on 03/09/2010
"This thing is a BEAST!!!I clocked mine goin at 450 FPS with .20 gr!!!I shot my freind in the leg from like 75 feet and he was BLEEDING!!!!
by Nick H. on 03/04/2010
"i got the thompson m1a1 and it amazing! havent had a problem with it yet. the only bad thing about the m1a1 is that i only hold 47 rounds but you can upgrade to high cap mag. i have a friend that has this and its awsome! it is a long reach to the grip but you can also hold it by the mag! over all, this gun is a beast!
by kyle C. on 01/19/2010
"WHAT A BEAST!!! Me and my friend were doing a CQB (Close Quaters Battle) and he was using an MP40
he bought that had about the same fps. I aimed at his legs and and shot about eighty rounds and he gave up. I was only hit four times and he had big knots on his legs. If you want a gun that kicks butt then here it is!!!

Also if you havent seen the movie "Public Enemies" or "Dillenger" then you may not like the way it looks but if you have then you know what I mean!
by maximilien g. on 09/09/2009
"This gun is amazing...mine cronoed at 440 fps. it's perfect if you're a bigger person with long arms but some of my smaller friends have a hard time wielding this beast. over all a great gun I have had no problems with mine yet!
by mike s. on 09/07/2009
"This gun IS the best thompson on the market i clocked it in around 423 fps it looks very immtimidating with a drum mag i recamend for woods play its preformence is outstanding
by Nathan C. on 02/05/2016
"I highly recommend this gun. I've had it for many years now although all it does it collect dust for me now. But anyways, when i used to use it as my primary weapon i loved every second. The only complaint i can say i have for this gun is the mag. I didn't tell my friend when i lend it to him that you have to crank it a certain way. If you don't follow the arrows on the mag to wind it, it just about breaks instantly and they are around 45 bucks to replace which is a downer. Also i am a smaller guy so the stock is somewhat large for me but I've found that if you just tuck the end of the stock under your armpit instead of holding it like you should, its a perfect shot down the sights. Overall I highly recommend this gun and it has lasted me many fun years and maybe even more to come. If you are debating between getting this or not, id say get it. You"re not wasting a penny.
by Adam W. on 11/15/2015
"This is a gorgeous gun, heavy metal frame, and quite good for the price. I've had this gun a little over 3 years, the only thing that you need to do, is get a better battery, probably about a 9.6v small type, the stock battery mine came with was bad and gave me a lot of trouble, it would jam, and things like that. And I recommend getting a stick mag for this, the drum is very nice and showy, but the winding mechanization isn't all that great.

Durable metal frame
Good FPS around 400
Beautiful Sub machine gun

The heavy plastic handle, stock, and grip can be a bit flimsy at times
Stock battery
Drum mag has flaws

Overall, it's pretty good.
by Zack F. on 08/03/2015
"This is a very nice gun, but I have a few dislikes about it.


Hits hard
Has an okay range
Hold a lot of bbs
Nice full auto
Pretty quiet


Heavy (can be a pro for some)
Handle (or grip) hurt my fingers a little becouse it has a sharp corner.