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Model: AEG-CM032A-W

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by Che-Wei H. on 2009-03-24 02:31:58
"This is a good rifle. I use it to snipe and mine is upgraded to m140. I use .25s because m140 with .20s will not have the great accurate.
by Alex Z. on 2009-02-24 19:23:05
"For the price this is the most amazing airsoft gun on the market. What it lacks in some power it makes up in it's ridiculously high rate of fire and it supurb accuracy. My m14 was shooting farther and straiter then my friends KWA and coming close in the amount of bbs fired per second. I do recomend getting a new battery (I got a 7.2 3300 mah because it was cheaper even though it reduced the rof) and getting a replacement spring. This is also one of the most durable guns I have ever seen because my friend was angry at me, picked up the gun and hit a tree with it, and survived with only some scratches to the body. For only 100 something dollars this is a great buy.
by bob l. on 2009-02-07 17:54:15
"ok this will be a very usefull review since i own one of these...
the FPS is almost 346 everytime.
it shoots approximatly 11 a second
it has awsome range
it is very heavy and long
the battery has long life
does not come have bottom rail
and finaly there is not a working bolt lock
by Garrett V. on 2009-02-04 21:39:59
"this gun is great. has great ROF and is totaly worth the price. id recomend getting low cap clips for it cause the clip that comes with it loads horribly after a while. you can get a box of ten king arms clips for like 60 bucks but ya have to slice a little off the clips ta fit them to this m14. overall great gun
by Adam K. on 2008-11-18 12:15:57
"id go with the m120 spring upgrade. the m130 sucks for this gun it will break in a short period of time. id also reccomend getting the black m14 because my friend has this gun and the immitation wood feels really cheap. but the performance is great with or without an upgrade.
by Adam K. on 2008-10-02 18:34:31
"if you go over 400 fps on an upgrade i recommend .23 or .25 bbs instead of .20 because you will lose accuracy with .20 and 400 fps so this gun is perfect for .20
by Burk M. on 2008-09-24 22:52:56
"This is a great A.E.G. Just Be Careful With Mag It Breaks Easily! Yet It Has Great Range And Its R.O.F. is insane!
by Adam K. on 2008-09-23 14:05:09
"the most this thing could do with an upgrade is MAYBE 410. overall a great m14
by Heidi M. on 2008-07-18 10:17:57
"Hi I was wondering if you could upgrade this gun to 450fps with just putting a new spring in and getting a higher volt battery?
by Jerry D. on 2008-07-11 03:19:07
"This is the same M14 socom as the Echo1 M14, exactly the same. A very good M14 for the price. Easy to upgrade and the imitation wood finish is really good. Other than that, it is a flawless m14 AEG for a crazy low price! If you bought a Marui for $400, you will really appreciate the chinese clones.
by Stephen S. on 2008-06-04 16:36:29
"Excellent aiming and sight adjustment capabilities. The biggest problem with this gun is the fact that it gives you an 8.4-NICAD battery and they are not as good as the 8.4 volt ni-mih The picture on the box looks just like the one I got, it even has the wear spots. The wear spots make it look cheep though. The overall finishing is down right horrible, but it still feels smooth, if they put a layer of polyurethane on it it would look real!! Anyway the fps is a solid 300 and sometimes a little higher, and the hop up is very adjustable, with this hop up you could possibly use .28 or .3 gram bb's. Surprisingly, this gun is very, very accurate. I put a scope on mine and I can hit a man sized object at about 132 feet!! It has the best range that I have ever seen on an air-soft gun, ever! I recommend getting a different. color if you get one, but in functionality the gun shoots great, great speed great accuracy and consistent power. (upgrade to a different battery and buy a scope, it will make you unbeatable).

Displaying 13 to 23 (of 23 reviews)

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