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6mmProShop Iron Face Mesh "Striker V1" Lower Half Mask for Use with Bump Helmets (Color: Tan)

32 Customer Reviews

by Anamonous T. on 04/26/2022
"Buy it. Good cheek weld, good structure, good quality, cheap, looks sick, good with glasses, worst case with goggles there is a tiny gap on nose but barely visible. Great product.
by Kyle L. on 12/04/2020
"I own 2 of these and also gifted one of these to my brother. Although the mask is a tight fit (right up to your face) and some people complain about that, I like the tight fit. I like that it hooks into my helmet instead of forcing me to have more straps around my head underneath my helmet. It does rub a bit on the ridge of my nose but that could likely be modified one way or another. it’s light, small, tight so no giggling around constantly and these things always seem to be on sale for Just over $10 in one color-way or another. I suggest this to anyone who has a smaller face and wants to run a streamline mask that hooks directly into their bump-style helmet. If you have a larger head/face or you have a larger nose, I would possibly thing against this specific mask.
by David D. on 07/23/2018
"Nice mask, nothing more can be said.
9.5 out of 10
by Michael L. on 04/02/2018
"Works amazing! My nose is a little on the large side and it runs against the mask. But everything thing else is perfect!
by Margret M. on 12/16/2017
"Very nice high quality no complaints (works well with the Emerson Bumb Helmet paired with the GX-1000 goggles)
by Ethan M. on 10/29/2017
"I love it, I forget I'm wearing the whole time because I have it strapped to my helmet. The only reason people complain it doesn't fit them Is because they are to lazy to bend the metal mesh to form your face. Look up a video it's easy and simple to do takes maximum 2 hours and really helps out.
by Breyden T. on 09/26/2017
"Good mask comfortable to play for long hours.
by Benjamin F. on 08/04/2017
"Great fit! Easily moldable to conform to your face. Attaches easily to my bump helmet and is comfortable to wear for extended periods of play. Recommended.
by Leticia B. on 01/10/2017
"I just purchased this item and it is working very well. I told all my friends to get this because they do not have lower face protection. At first they were not convinced that it was a good buy but i let them use it for a round and they were sold on it.
by dgth r. on 12/15/2016

by John F. on 08/17/2016
"Very comfortable. Works well with helmet.
by Jeremy C. on 08/09/2016
"I have been airsoft in for the past year, and I have always wanted a half-mask. The main reason I wanted one was because I was sick of getting shot in the face (luckily no injuries yet, just lots of pain) and because I have watched Jet the Desertfox on YouTube for a couple of years now and he's the one that really got me into airsoft and into half-masks. So when I finally decided to get one I decided that I didn't want to pay tons of money for one, so I settled for this one, and boy I was not disapointed. This mask is just awesome! And for the price feels really well made. I love wearing it, even when I'm not airsofting haha! It is one of the best purchases I have made for $15 dollars ever.
1. Feels well made.
2. Awesome painted skull on the front!
3. Easier to breathe than you would think!
4. Good air circulation!
5. Comfortable!

1. If you have facial hair, it can get super itchy. I only have a little bit of a beard and it itches!
2. Metal can get cold and might shock you when it touches your skin. Especially if you live in a cold state such as I do (Washington).
3. Only got it yesterday, so I will update in the future if I have any problems with it!
4. You don't have it!

Overall if you want a well made mask that looks awesome, don't spend fifty bucks on one! GET THIS!!!!
by Henry D. on 05/06/2016
"So this is the follow up review that I was going to do after I initially got it. I tested it out during 4/18/16 which was the time when Jet and Novritsch were doing their AI Grenade only Challenge and for such a low price, it outperformed all of my expectations. Even though it didn't really count as "Hard Ear" pro apparently the Refs let it slide.... yeah....(Careless Refs or Updated Rules?) We went out to China Beach and it was blazing hot so I got thirsty really quick and I just left the mask at my side while I drank some water and when we were ready to play the game I just reattached the mask and I was ready to go. The only Con I can really say is that the bungee straps for the Head-Loc system are bit of a pain the heiny to adjust. That and the mask came in Matrix Tactical packaging... Odd.
by Henry D. on 04/04/2016
"So I just tested thing out today as I received it today (I will field test it this Saturday) and in practice it works very well. My purpose to purchase this mask was due to the fact that I used a lower face mask that went around my glasses and when I got thirsty after a game, I would have to push the entire mask and goggle system up and that would strain the frame of the glasses. After I tested it today, in theory it works out very well and solves all of my problems. However(Yes, there is a however...) I have not field tested these and will probably write another review explaining how well it did.
Pros: Simple, easy to use system
Does a pretty good job of face protection

Cons: Can be a pain at first when resetting up your helmet design (Took me at least 20 minutes deciding where to put everything)

P.S. GET THESE if you have glasses because this will ease your life by a lot (Mine at least...)
by Heath D. on 03/11/2016
"I love the looks of this helmet I'm just a backyard player but I want to get out on the fields so I'm getting my stuff ready and shopping this is on my list of things to buy thx evike