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Elite Force Premium Biodegradable 6mm Airsoft BBs (Weight: .20g / 5000 Rounds)

40 Customer Reviews

by Abel T. on 03/08/2021
"Great feeding bbs, with superb accuracy
by Greg O. on 02/17/2021
"These are great airsoft bb's.
by Shane K. on 10/02/2020
"They're good bbs, probably won't break in your gun. They're bio so you can use them at any field. They shoot gewd.
by Paul S. on 08/07/2020
"very high quality bbs. bought about 30,000 of them and have never had a problem with jamming or breaking in my electric m4 that shoots about 330 FPS or my green gas HI-CAPA that shoots about 350 FPS. great value and quality. 10/10 would recommend. can't vouch for the biodegradable side of them as I play in my backyard and haven't noticed as its covered in tall grass and haven't tested the biodegradable in water or anything like that.
by John D. on 05/10/2020
"Great quality BBs and a pretty good price. Would recommend and would buy again.
by Paul D. on 05/05/2020
"Started using these BB’s when I first got into airsoft, and I haven’t looked back. They always work - no jams! Bio is best! If it’s relevant, I use the 0.25g BB’s.
by Oren M. on 05/02/2020
"These are the best 6mm bbs I have ever shot, they fly super well with hop up and are extremely accurate. The only thing is questionable biodegradability.
by Ian M. on 03/06/2020
"These are the best BBs out there, never had a single problem with them. The bottle is very convenient and the price is very good.

I use .28 for prettymuch everything but go with .3 or .32 sometimes
by Isaac F. on 08/26/2019
"Great bbs, high quality and never a mis-shaped or non-smooth one. What else is there to say? 10/10 would recommend!
by Daniel S. on 06/22/2019
"Great product! I honestly cannot tell the difference between these and non-Bio Airsoft's, they're perfect for my needs.
by Benjamin P. on 03/31/2019
"These are DELICIOUS! I always keep a bottle on the field with me in case I get hungry. For shooting they work great, no complaints here. 5000 is more than enough to last a while.

Be warned: While they are bio, they're not gonna break down in your back yard. I'm pretty sure they only break down in compost conditions/after a super long time, so just because they're bio doesn't mean they're not bad for the environment and won't make a mess.
by Lucas V. on 04/12/2018
"Well, these EliteForces do their job.
If your gun can hop this weight consistently this is one of the finest brands you can get.
No jams so far, no ammo break inside the gun, no problems so far.
My only gripe is the price but you get what you pay for.
by Corey A. on 03/08/2018
"BEST biodegradeable BBs on the market. These are very accurate and are environmentally friendly. Highly recommend.

by Will S. on 07/21/2017
"Love them. Well made, great accuracy.
by Kayden F. on 05/23/2017
"I've use thousands of these BBs already and they're some of the best I have ever shot. My friend didn't like them till he shot my gun and fell in love with the BBs.