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Airsoft Season! SAVE 18% with coupon code: SUMMER2018 (Exclude MAP and SALE Items) R-Custom Fiberglass Wire Mesh "Templar" Mask - Gold

7 Customer Reviews

by Shannon w. on 08/22/2015
"Awesome helmet! distinction on the battle field and intimidation are only a few of the great things this helmet can do! awesome construction and great visibility! no cons!
by Joshua S. on 09/22/2012
"This mask is a beauty and a beast! It allows great vision coverage, you can easily wear goggles under it as long as they aren't the pop out kind. The mask is great as long as you aren't wasting your time looking thru a scope. The minor problem I encountered was when it gets hot and breathing heavy. I drilled a few holes in the front to allow better airflow.
by Gerard S. on 08/06/2012
Fits any head size ((I have a Pineapple))
Back plate and Straps are splendid
Mesh is made very well
Visibility is brilliant
Shot in the face multiple times due to scaring the enemy point blank ((100% Still alive))
Intimidating Design
Stands out very well considering the visor is gold colored

Other than my mask hitting my Masada's stock and making "TONK TONK TONK" sound when it grazes it or worse my Vest.
If you can tolerate the tonk sound then its fine
Everything you hear will sound slightly different

Mask is magnificent. Built to take a stock bash head on. For the price you pay and the style its worth the money. Personally feel safer wearing this than goggles or shooting glasses. Pineapple head no problem with fitting. Thank You!
by Lisa B. on 06/12/2012
"This mask is incredible!!! When it came it had a terrible smell. When I called evike and asked what it was and hot to get rid of it, he said it was the chemical that is used to keep the mask from breaking. The way to get rid of the smell is to leave it outside in fresh air for a while. It works wonders. I believe the man I talked to's name was Rob.
Thanks Rob, you helped me a lot!!!!!!!
by Lisa B. on 06/04/2012
"I love this mask!!!!!, came in last week. Haven't had a chance to play a match with it yet. Very strong smell, however, bu that may be because it was pre order so just made. Deff get it-looks like a boss. Conceals identity as well.
by Michael V. on 05/25/2012
"Got this a few months back, love this thing!
Pro's- Look's bad ash, covers your face and ears

Con's- Could use some more padding, my nose gets pushed in by the front of this mask, little bit unconformable, but i put some foam padding to fix that.
When its hot out it gets hard to breath in.

IDK how u can wear safety glasses under it
by sam k. on 03/28/2012
"Got this on Monday, been fooling around with it since. I love this mask so much. You might have to adjust the 5 straps, but thats pretty much it. Theres no padding where your nose is though, so it hurts if its pushed hard agaisnt your face. The indents in the mask for showing off the cuts and bullet holes on the mask are awesome. The gold plating is very nice and isnt so bright really. I had one problem with this mask though. I adjusted the straps, put it on, and looked down my gun barrel and had to adjust my scope to beable to even look into it. All i did was unloosen the screws on my Walther Point dot sight 2, and move it forward until i could see well. Now my scope sits really low to the rails due to the design, which i like, so it could easly just be my scope. The holes in the mask are smaller than the V1 masks, so its not that hard to get use to the holes being there in your vision. All in all, this mask is awesome.