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Matrix Pro-Goggle Airsoft Full Face Mask w/ Integrated Fan - OD Green

9 Customer Reviews

by Anthony L. on 01/10/2018
"You get what you pay for with this mask but the fact it has a fan real value i live in upstate ny and its always humid so for an all in one its a great by as well as it fits over even the biggest fraim glasses
by Jason W. on 05/03/2010
"Great mask. So worth the money it's not even funny.

1. Almost no fogging even with the fan off. This is most likely due the fact that the goggles are very wide and don't seal.
2. Any fog that did form was quickly gone when the fan was turned on low. Never had to use the high setting even though I was sweating quite a bit.
3. The flexible mask allows me to look through iron sights or sniper scope with no problem.

1. As mentioned before, the goggles are very wide. Unless you have a very wide face, they will not seal on the sides and bottom. Thankfully this does not prove to be a safety issue since the mask blocks incomming BBs.
2. Trying to listen for people sneaking up on you with the fan on high is damn near impossible. They can't hear it, but you will with the fan right on your head.
by Chris S. on 12/28/2008
"this mask is awesome, i saw it and wore it in person, you can look through a 6x scope without having to have raised sight rings, works just as well as a set of goggles without face mask yet you still get face protection. its AWESOME, also the fan isnt needed this mask doesnt have fog issues.
by kyle b. on 11/13/2008
"this is same thing i did with my paintball mask .... only it cost me $10 for the crappy jt mask and 2.50 ish for the parts at radio shack. i say buy this if u want it pro looking or just do what i did. buy a pc fan and a little battery housing and some wire and boom ur done. my mask never fogs and im sure that this doesn't fog either. its a good design.
by Andrew L. on 11/23/2010
"This mask will fit over even very wide framed eyeglasses which is why I bought it. It shipped on the 16th and arrived the 24th so no complaints there (8 days from CA to NY). The mask fits well, looks good and was packaged securely. My Only complaints are the battery compartments and the fan itself. The battery covers seem cheaply made and the batteries dont like to seat right but still work. when powered on (the fan will run on one battery, not sure for how long) the fan seems kinda week so I plan on using defog spray as well as the fan.

good for CQB.
will fit anyone
built in fan
it feels solid and I'm willing to trust my teeth and eyes behind it.

battery are seems cheap
weak fan
way overpriced but I'd rather order from evike than an overseas dealer
by Chris S. on 04/21/2010
"The inside Foam on the mask will come off after a few times of wearing the mask. Also i played with the mask for a few hours and didnt even need to turn on the fan, works fine without it but its also nice to no you can turn it on when needed. Finnaly the mask does run a little small i suggest a neckgaurd or another alternative im a pretty big guy 6'3" and well have a big head and it comes down just past my chin barly.
by Ethan E. on 01/20/2010
"My friend bought the Tan version of this mask a few months ago and he loves it. It has saved him from some potentially bad face shots. We play in a mostly CQB AO regularly where close up, aggressive shot take place. He and I are about to order the green versions because of headgear regulation at a local OP with a 250+ attendance.

My question is will this mask work correctly with a replica PASGT helmet or will it impeed the mask from seating correctly?

PROS: Fan is really quiet, even on high setting
stops painful face wounds
conforms for aiming down sights
Goggles never have fogged, I live in AR used them in peak HOT and COLD weather

CONS: kinda ugly, unrealistic appearance (only an irritation for MILSIM)
don't cover eads from side
people with long faces, MAY expose your chin slightly
by reid h. on 09/29/2009
"this mask is great but the goggles are a little small but im sure it won't make a big difference
by Jay a. on 09/13/2010
"Now i may sound like a bit of a nay sayer here, but i took this mask to Codename THUNDER:VII and it did not preform well.

The mask itself is of good quality, its flexible plastic allows you to aim down your optics or iron sights unlike other paintball masks. The Fan and the goggles however not so much. I put the mask on and IMMEDIATELY it started fogging, i turned the fan on and it helped a little but i had to put it on high which sounds like a blender on your face.

Easy to ADS
Relativley easy to breathe in.

Fogs easily and thick.
Uncomfortable for periods of time like an hour or more.
Fan gives position away very easily.