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Mad Bull 60 Degree Normal Shark Bucking x2.

6 Customer Reviews

by Anthony H. on 09/07/2016
"Improved my L96s range and accuracy substantially.
by Nick P. on 06/09/2011
"These bucking are GrEAT!! Gave me a better accuracy and grips bb really good,but i had to cut it to install because they are quite long and they are Thick so apply some silicon oil and install this baby.
Overall its Great BUY!!
by Prasith K. on 08/01/2008
"These bucking do NOT come with the Fishbone Spacers (those H-shaped silicone nubs) anymore, in case you were hoping to get them. I personally didn't see a difference to the normal nubs anyway.

These 60 degree buckings in combination with an Element white H-nub gave me very consistent and pretty accurate results. But even on their own (w/o H-nub), they are IMHO better than SystemA buckings.

Just be aware that this rubber is thick (thicker than G&P, SystemA, or ICS) and therefore need a little bit more force to get into the hop up. Also, they are a tad too long. I simply take a scalpel or sharp knife and reduce the end by 1-2 mm.

Bottom line: I recommend them. They already made a noticable difference in my shooting accuracy, and the price is right! You don't really need the Fishbone Spacer, although they have been (falsely) advertised here.
by Kelly C. on 12/22/2012
"Amazing bucking for mods like the flathop but only if you use a concave spacer, flat nub, or h nub. For normal applications it's fine, but I've found that when it's not broken in, it does not apply sufficient hop if you look down your inner barrel. But, like I said, for flathopping, this thing is wonderful, hop is evenly applied, etc. Also, it's very durable hence it being 60 degree.
by Brian L. on 05/26/2011
"This is an awesome bucking, Just installed on my upgraded ak47, good accuracy, and unlike my stock AEG bucking that required me to turn the hop up on alot, this barely requires me to put the hop-up on to get the same results.

Good bucking
harder plastic than a normal bucking
Decent pricing

The bucking is too long (simply use a sharp exacto knife to cut it down to fit in the hop up unit correctly)
The harder plastic makes this bucking a little bit bigger, meaning a tighter fit (It took me 15 times to get the bucking in correctly placed, I had to use extra silicon oil to get the bucking in because this bucking is larger than others

Overall, good bucking, just the fact that it is larger than the normal size hop up unit and that it is hard to install made it a bummer. Once its in though, its a perfect bucking.
by Josh S. on 05/02/2008
"Good bucking. Gives good grip on the bb, and the spacers work very well on improving the consistency of the hop-up. However, these buckings are thicker than both the stock bucking, and offerings from Systema and Guarder, so be warned that they are harder to install.