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by greg w. on 2011-12-01 19:30:24
"the vest itself is great the only con is the MARPAT isn't the best. my only other complaint it the zipper dosent last that long.
by gilbert s. on 2011-05-19 19:03:55
"MAN do I love this! I got this a while ago and I've used it ever since even for about a 30 minute war, IT ROCKS!!!


- Looks cool

- Can fit MANY magazines EVEN AK47/74 magazines which is a plus for me!

- Good woodland camo

- Pistol pouch can fit many pistols

- Mine came with a shotgun shell holder. I'm not sure is yours will because it doesn't have one in the picture but if I didn't alter any order things on this item yours will too!


- The little grommet that holds the pistol pouch back-pack looking clip can fall/break off the pouch

- Can get heavy with most/all pouches filled
by Jacob G. on 2011-01-28 16:38:34
"This vest is good for beginners and hardcore players all alike. Its nice because if you don't like the M.O.L.L.E. systems them you don't have to mess with it. the vest fits big and tiny people very easily. Its especially good because you can either fit 12 m4 mags if you cram them in by double stacking them, or if you remove one of the magazine pockets you can have 6 m4 mags and a pistol. you can also have 4 pistol mags on this vest, and the shotgun shell holder can be used to hold shells or Co2 cartridges. the inner pocket can hold you little things like tools or maps. The walkie talkie holder can hold almost all basic size walkie talkies.

Inner pockets
Lot of magazine potential
Light weight
Nice Tactical belt
Sniper pad helps.... ALOT
Fully adjustable
Fits all sizes
good zipper (Not cruddy kind that breaks easily)
inner mesh to make vest breathable

Inner mesh easily rips
Pistil holster isn't big enough for KJW m911
by Richard M. on 2011-01-15 15:49:53
"LOVE IT holds 8 m16/m4 mags 6 pistol mags about 10 shot gun shells and has MOLLE attatchments in the back for a hydration pack or the shot gun scabbard evike sells... definatly recommend it to anyone who wants to carry alot of ammo and toys... worth every penny
by Jake K. on 2011-01-14 19:33:06
"this vest is great i have this same vest and im only 5'4" and with it tighent up all the way it fits perfectly might even go smaller great product
by Branden M. on 2010-09-29 10:12:04
"Hey for the guy that totally nocked down this vest. I was in The marines, and attacthed to a recon team. Everything that this vest is designed for has special purpose. Before you knock things you dont understand, instead check those large loops in the back, they are designed for your buddies to drag our ass out of a firefight in case you take a round. The pistol location is designed for ultra fast drawability because well REAL M4 weapon systems dont hold 400 bb's they are real rounds buddy. and are freakin heavy when your carrying 10 mags, food and water for 3 days, comm gear, and whatever medical supplies and any personal things you may want to bring.

That is why they have the MOLLE water system, or the cammel back i highly advice getting on because you just have like a giant water balloon on your back and a straw lol. it comes in handy so dont waste your time with b.s. like canteens' plus if the pocket is not designed to carry what your trying to shove and force into it, then take a wise stab in the dark. It's not meant or designed for that feature. this vest is designed for fast in and out strike teams, if your looking to take a whole damn camping pack with you to the battlefeild then enjoy dying. Swift, Tactical choices make the day and keep you and your fire team alive. other than that i enjoyed reading your review because i like pro and con reviews, and i bought it : ) lol
by Cody K. on 2010-09-13 19:26:00
"I haven't gotten the chance to use it yet, but so far my opinion is that it's pretty awesome. Fully adjustable. And I'm a big guy with broad shoulders. And oddly enough I got both versions in one and I got extra mag pouches, the "sniper pad", radio pouch, the shotgun shell holders it says it doesn't come with, and oddly enough they put the pistol holster on the back. Is that new or am I just lucky?
by Andrew V. on 2010-03-29 21:15:00
"I bought these for my whole team and we love them. The digital coloring is correct, it matches our digital woodland bdu pants. The front is NOT molle, but the back is. The (wearers) right side pockets and such are sewn in, but the left side are switchable via velcro and straps. Sounds weak but they stay on. The furthest pocket on the left is sewn on, so even when you take off the left side mag pouches you have 4. The pistol holster is sort of weird. Its pretty small, but it fits all of my pistols. No way it would hold a deagle or mk23 though. Its kind of backwards, you put the pistol into the narrow end and the barrel sticks out the wide end. I guess its so it works with tac lights? Not sure. It works well though, because the narrow end doesnt interfere with safety or mag releases. The belt is wide, but works with bdus. Wont work with jeans though. How the belt is attached to the vest is kind of overdone. Its very hard to connect a belt to the vest while it is through belt loops, but it is possible, and once done its going to stay that way. And yes, it fits AK mags, just not the best fit. P90 mags, no way. Bottom line? You might get called Tacticool while wearing this, but its a much better price than any molle vest, and unless you really want to customize where things are on the vest (which you can sort of do with this) this has enough pouches and enough styles for anything you need.
by Matt S. on 2010-01-26 18:10:04
"just read this whole review and you'll know whether or not you wanna buy this thing
This was my first tac-vest...and its best use probably is just someones first vest. Since people usually don't read a really long review, i'll make this short. Just read the whole thing before buying. I thought this was pretty awesome. I never wanted to take it off. But once I started using it in action and also personally taking a look at some military issue tac-vests/packs, I realized this thing is just for the average kid who doesn't want to spend much on a vest.

- comes with holster...not that I would use it

- comes with pistol belt with undersized pistol mag pouches (where i put the holster, canteen and M16 mag pouch that my dad got when he was mobilized)

- easy access radio pouch

- when you take off the pointless oversized holster, the also oversized square foot of velcro provides a good area for patches (I put my lone 2nd Marine Air Wing patch there)

-adjustable size (which you really need to adjust unless you weigh 300lbs)

- map pouch is rather convenient if you have any maps in mind that you'd like to pulverize

- pouches hold basically any mag that looks like it'll fit in there

- 4 big 'ole mag of which is almost impossible to reach without being shot and humiliated

- mesh looks retarded

- wtf are the HUGE a** loops in the back for? even the company that makes this just has a picture of a dude with a freaking ninja sword back there...

- "MARPAT" pattern looks absolutely nothing like actual issue marpat and looks like ACU compared to my MCCUU's

- velcro on the shoulders is weak and the entire shoulder started tearing after 6 months on a hanger

- does NOT come with the shell holders in the picture

- random clips on the shoulders just jingle and serve no purpose

- no place for hydration pouch and i look like an idiot if I try to wear my tac-pack (from Quantico MCX) with this

- no storage for anything at all whatsoever besides clips and anything you may have laying around the house that takes up 1'x6" of velcro

- the "fantastic" "sniper shoulder" just makes it completely impossible to aim a weapon with an actual stock, while also making you look like a cross dressing leather model

Basically, it looks alright and it is ALRIGHT for a starter vest that you use for maybe 8 months as a 13 year old, but I would suggest getting something more realistic like a MOLLE plate carrier or something else where you can play around with the layout so it fits you and not the 40 year old dumbass they use to model it...and for god sake dont use a vest that has its own holster, just get one with a pistol belt and get a real holster.
by Nick S. on 2009-05-02 14:16:44
"I bought this vest about a month ago and its totally awesome. I have a MP5 and it will hold about 12 standard magazines which is amazing to me. it fits snug with some adjusting and is only heavy with stuff in it. The holster is in a comfortable place for me but its for your preference to find that out. a couple times i have just taken the tactical belt off and fought in that and its nice because it has two pistol mag pouches in it. overall 5/5 great vest buy it.
by Nathan M. on 2009-04-15 14:20:04
"Great vest! Tons of pockets and pouches and fits great for virtually any size.
Careful with your sidearm though, keep it's magazine in your pocket or the holster will accidentally hit your mag release and you'll lose your magazine running through the woods or something.
by Chase S. on 2008-11-09 21:56:28
"This is a great vest! it will hold almost any mag. it can be adjusted to size. One down fall is it's kind of heavy but not extremely so its managable.

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