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CQB Master CNC Selective Rails System for M4 series Airsoft Rifles - Black

10 Customer Reviews

by Matthew H. on 01/14/2015
"I got this ris system for my m4a1 made by dboys. I was simply looking for a system that not only looked good but was also durable and all I have to say for it is wow. The full metal construction allows for a durable ris system that is able to take a beating although I do have to say that there are some parts you have to look out for that bend fairly easily such as the front where the underside of the handgrip locks to the topside. As far as stability goes, it is SOLID. You won't be sorry if you buy this product. Alothough you would have to get a peq box just to hold thte battery since the system doesn't allow for you to store you're battery.

Pros: .SOLID
. nice weight
. very durable
. black oxidized coating allows for rust prevention

Cons: . some part may bend but easily fixed and once bent back, I haven't seen it bend again
by Songkham M. on 01/14/2015
"I got this and it's great, really sturdy. Works great on ny cqb, although
doesn't have the battery compartment like the kings arms version. It's stll great!
by Alex N. on 08/27/2013
"To start off, This rail system is amazing I bought it several months ago and it is holding up amazing, very few scratches from ruff play!
Good weight
Paint job
Fits up to 9.6 butterfly
Less than 3 minutes to install

Can't fit my magpul flip up, not enough room with the rail
A little pricey
All in all
If you are looking for a amazing looking rail system with great durability and weight and have the money look no further
by Brandon N. on 01/03/2013
"Bought this for my SRC Dragon M4 and it fits perfectly!

Fits on most guns

Raises optics rail (my personal dislike)

Overall great buy, worth the money.
by wesley c. on 05/01/2012
"I love these rails! These are nice rails for cheap.

Good paint job (No paint chiping)
Full metal
Only $75!!

I couldnt understand the instructions
I had to trim the clip to work

Overall great rails for cheap. BUY THESE!!
by Michael O. on 04/11/2012
"Just got this rail system on my new AEG custom. ITS GREAT!! looks badace with its style, makes me feel like i got something that is lethal.

-Looks REALLY cool
-Full metal
-Good weight (Pro or con depending on how you look at it)
-Good rail to put over your ABS plastic bodied guns.
-Attaches only to your rail system so you dont have to do any modifications or make room for the rail

-The part that opens up is pretty loose, but can be easily fixed by tightening the rails when it is closed (NOTE: You have to loosen the rails to open it up by doing this)
by Tony L. on 01/21/2009
"Bought this last week and it arrived 4 days later...not bad, considering it was MLK weekend.

To answer an earlier review, Yes. This system does fit a 2000mah 9.4 intellect nunchuck battery, fuse or no fuse. The rails itself are pretty light for what they are, and they feel like a comfortable enough handguard. Also, the option of picking and choosing where you want the rails to go makes life a lot easier, with no need to go out and get rail covers.

Installation is pretty quick. It fits my KWA M4 perfectly fine. took about 3 minutes for me to figure it out and get it on the gun. The bottom half is detachable, so installation and removal of forward batteries is a simple matter. While there is no sling mount on the front, I have a 1 point sling, so it's better for me anyway. For others that require one, it would be easy to mount one on the rails, or simply screw one in somewhere along the hand guard.

The rail on top of the M4 upper is used as the attachment point for this system, so anyone with a high rise scope may need to consider getting low profile scope rings, as the system does raise the top rail about a cm.

The finish scratches off a bit easily though, and the over all weight of the gun does increase, especially forward, causing a slight balance problem.


Easy to install.
Selective rail handguard allow comfortable grip.
Large, easy access handguard battery compartment.
Looks sexy....really, its a pro.


Finish scratches off way easily...nothing a bit of touch up or a paint marker won't fix.
Makes the gun front heavy, but you shoulda realized it would when you plan on adding a bunch of metal to the front of the gun, if this is a problem, consider rerouting your battery to the rear and getting a crane stock or a full stock.
by Matthew W. on 05/19/2008
"A completely awesome rail system. It's light and has space for a small 9.6v battery or LiPoly. So long to your old PEQ2 or crane stock. I've been using mine for several years now and I absolutely love it.
by Mark L. on 01/14/2015
"I got this and i love it. I think its a pretty sick looking rail and its easy to put on your gun, nothing technical, you just remove the handguards and put it on. Only thing you can't tell from looking at it is it actually does not attach in the front so it doesn't exactly stabilize your gun if thats what you're going for. All in all I like it.
Oh it was a CA I put it on but how it goes on I think it should fit any gun.
by Darlene W. on 08/07/2013
"Great CASV rail

Easy to put on
Can fit a 9.6 volt butterfly battery
fits on most m4s

If you're looking forward to put on a MBUS back sight, you're gonna have to have a hacksaw
Not a lot of room for flip up sights
Needed to make some rail slots bigger for my G&G GR16