Reviews: MAG 100 Round Airsoft Mid-Cap Magazine for Sig / 551 / 552 Series (Box Set of 2)


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Model: MAG-MAG-Sx2

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by Daniel I. on 2015-11-25 14:43:11
"Ok guys, I have written a review on this product before. I am writing another for clarification on the miss-feeding issue in my JG S550.
I stated in my last review that they needed some spray silicone oil, which they do, but they also need to have about 500-1000 rounds run through them before they function properly. NOTE: When you use the spray silicone oil you need to let the mags wick (basically dry before use) for about a day on a towel.
You also DO NOT need to OVERLOAD them. Your average speedloader holds about 110 6mm bbs. The fake markers on the back of the mag that show how many rounds it holds, if it were a "real gun", will be your indicator on where to stop loading. You also have another indicator on your speedloader, if the markers go from 30-90 rds, to show you where to stop loading. If you put the mag up to the light, while loading, you can see the bbs being loaded in and you want to stop just at the 30 mark around the bend or a little past. If you use your speed loader, to gauge how many, you will stop just below the 50 mark. That should be around 65-75 bbs. DO NOT put more than that in the mag because it will start to separate at the top of the mag.
Just so you know I run these in my DMR so the mags are perfect for my setup.

Pros: Durable
No miss-feeding after break in
65-75rds is not bad
They come in a 2 Pack
They do not need modified in a JG S550
They link together nicely
They fit linked together in a dual M4 mag pouch (made by Phantom that I bought here on

Cons; They do not hold 100rds (at least not without damaging them)
They need breaking in (which I don't know if this is much of a con because I have not owned a mag yet that has not)

Overall I suggest you buy these mags if you own a JG S550 and are looking to run this in MILSIM events.
by Ryan J. on 2015-11-16 17:38:05
"Bought this mag to replace the cranky hi-cap that came with my JG 552. This mag fits great, feeds great, and is much, much tougher than my old hi-cap. I have only been able to get 60-70 BBs into it before my speedloader gives up, but I'm still very pleased with it.
by Daniel I. on 2015-07-31 18:25:14
"Fits JG SG550.
I had some mis-feeds in the beginning but they just needed some silicone oil. Then they work just fine.
by Carlos Jose S. on 2014-09-28 10:25:44
"I'm an avid user of Sig rifles, owning an ICS 551 & 552, also a G&G 550.

With modification, these will fit ICS and G&G rifles. The required modification does take some work so minus 1 star.

These magazines do tend to split at the seams near the top of the mag after long usage. You can fight against this by tightly wrapping tape near the top of the mag. Or if you are handy, there is a spot near the top of the mag where you can tap threads for a set/grub screw to lock down the top of the mag. Minus 1 star for splitting at the seams.

I used 10 of these mags for over 1 year. I wish there were more options for the Sig Platform, but these midcaps will be your best bet.
by Jonathan S. on 2013-11-27 19:48:25
"I bought these for my ICS Sig 552 and with a little filing and taping they fit very snugly, which is a little annoying but something I'll get used too. 4/5 stars for this one, I'll be field testing them Sunday so I'll update then
by John R. on 2012-02-10 17:56:06
"I had no problems with these mags whatsoever. The plastic they are made of feels really tough. I haven't had one single misfeed, and they have very little wobble in the gun. Would highly recommend these mags!!
by Tyler W. on 2011-02-04 17:34:46
quality construction and materials
double stacks the BBs
smooth feeding
great price for 2
Will hold 50-60 BBs easily

at ~50 BBs in it gets harder to load
at ~75 gets almost impossible to load any more BBs
Dont actually hold 100 rounds (they could but you would break your speed loader)
DO NOT fit in ICS brand SIGs (at least my ICS 551, got them to fit after a little work to the mag itself, there a little loose, but not much)

I did count the amount of BBs I was using, so the above numbers are not a guess.

Overall, I definitely think there worth getting if you don't like windup mags or the sound of shaking BBs.
by Richard S. on 2010-06-10 19:53:38
"These mags are very nice, but had a few problems with them and my gun. 1: i had to give a little extra push to get the mags to catch which isnt a biggie 2: i had to file down the bb stopper ( the thing that stops the bbs from coming out when the mag isn't in the gun) to make the mags feed properly. But other than that the mags are durable as anything, have a good weight for being plastic, have nice capacity, and feed well once i modded them.

Tough as Nails (probably one of the hardest plastics ive touched, i kid you not)
Nice Capacity IMO
Have a good weight for being plastic (and not weighted)
Feed well (once modded)
Clip to each other

A little extra force to get the mag to catch
had to mod the bb stopper for proper feeding
(those two could have just because of the brand i have)
dont clip to original mag
dark, so it's tough to see rounds left

All in all once i modded them, great mags, i feel theyll last me years of combat
Other brands may not need modification to the bb stopper, and may catch more easily (i have a plastic gearbox softair sig 552) and i recommend these mags to anyone looking for mid caps for their sig!

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