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Model: MAG-GP213x1

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by patrick m. on 2016-03-18 16:35:24
"Fan of g&p mid caps I am but the way these things came is unacceptable. One of them the bottom screw was already stripped and the internals were falling out so trying to fix it. The second one the top of the mag is falling apart upon arrival haven't had them for a minute and both are already trashed out. Unacceptable if I could add a picture from my phone I would I don't know if it is g&p that has this crap happen or if evike sent them out and the shipping screwed them up!!!! I don't normally write reviews but this one has to be written.
by William M. on 2015-10-19 17:18:53
"I bought these mags for my G&G Top Tech TRR-18 Light AEG to convert to a nice mid-cap M4 low profile style magazine. First off, they are all metal which is a nice touch for those looking for a hardy M4 mag that won't easily break apart. This adds a very nice look and feel to my already full-metal G&G Top Tech giving it a really good realism to the system. However, when it came to magazine performance, G&P fell way short of my expectations. I put these mags through a test run to see how they performed compared to the high caps I used to run. Sadly, I was pretty disappointed when I found that not all the BB's fed through any of the 5 mags I purchased. After shooting the mags, I emptied the remaining BB's in each of the mags and found an average of at least 6 BB's left in each mag. All and all, I have to say I'm pretty disappointed with the "performance" of the G&P brand.
by Elizabeth C. on 2015-02-26 07:36:15
"The spring will not even come up all the way, and this is right after I bought it. I expect better from G&P.
by John P. on 2014-07-18 03:44:16
"I bought two of these magazines for my Ignite Black Ops M4 Viper. These magazines fit perfectly and work perfectly (almost!) in the gun. The magazines have a metal shell with the interior parts are plastic. The metal outer shell is sturdy, feels just like the real rifle's magazine. The inner part is really a complete magazine meaning that the spring and follower are fully enclosed. Really quality build. Loaded or unloaded the magazine is extremely quiet, excellent for stealth operations. The magazines feed flawlessly except for the last three BBs. There appears to be a ramp on both sides of the feed tube up to the opening, this prevents the follower from pushing up the last few BBs. These are a snug fit in my gun's magazine well and would not drop free. Maybe after they have been used for a while. Overall I am impressed with the quality and functioning of these magazines. I do not hesitate at all in telling you that if you are considering these magazines, go for it! I am very happy with mine.
by Samuel O. on 2014-03-07 11:57:09
"Flawless feeding! Love them. 110 rounds, metal, quiet operation, half the size of high-caps in terms of physical size so you can can carry quite a few at a time. Highly recommended!
by dylan c. on 2014-03-03 18:14:39
"Absolutely superb magazines!
I will be buying more when they are in stock.
Currently I run two of these, and they are the first in my line of mags to be used when I run my rig.
Absolutely no feeding problems, feed at very high speed, and never jam/double feed. These mags are actually so precise, if you try to hold them in the mag well, they won't fire, which I love for that added reliability to not have to hold my mags in.

Great feeding
Amazing quality

They're out of stock
I didn't get them sooner

Recommended across the board with all other G&P products!
G&P makes great weapons and accessories, why not great magazines?
by Jarred G. on 2013-09-10 00:47:17
"I bought two of these for my Barrett M82 (Snow Wolf) I switched out the hi-cap internals of the Barrett mag with the internals of this magazine and it works awesome feeds great (just don't jam the mag full of bbs) and made my Barrett quiet and nice and it hold about 100+ round all-in-all very pleased
by Jeremy E. on 2009-01-11 22:24:41
"Does this magazine work for JG M4/M16's as well? I'm planning on purchasing the JG M16 and I want several of the mid caps instead of high caps to avoid the sound of bbs moving around.

Webmaster: Yes. JG M4 / M16 are Marui compatible. So are 99% of the AEG we carry (unless we otherwise specified or its NOT an AEG). sets a standard for Airsoft industry to make everyone's life easier.
by TYLER M. on 2008-11-26 05:25:11
"IF you want a good mag buy this one I've never had a problem out of it.If you are a sniper this is a great mag to get it has no bb's rattiling around to give you away its made for stealth 1 of the most important things taught in sniper school.This is also good for people that like low- mid cap mags great buy for any occasion.
by TYLER M. on 2008-11-26 05:19:45
"This mag is awseme! If your a sniper this mag is great no bb's shaking around made for stealth this mag is worth it for the price.This is also a great christmas or birthday gift.
by Nicholas B. on 2008-10-03 20:36:11
"Definatly a great buy. I bought mine for sniper use. it's nice and compact. Metal is a must, I can't stand the ultra light weight plastic mags that you have to pull out of the receiver. this mag fits tight, but has just enough weight that it mostly falls out of the receiver when you hit the release button. another great thing about a no wind mid to low cap mag is stealth. if your a sniper you know that stealth of the 5 S's that is tought in sniper training. when you run you don't have a bunch of BB's shaking around giving your possition away. DEFINATLY A GREAT BUY!!! never had a single problem with mine and feeds perfect even on single shot the mag fed awesome.
by Ad K. on 2008-09-20 19:34:33
"I recently purchased this mag and it is amazing. Almost no wobble and very good feeding. I am pretty sure that it is full metal, but no gaurantees. However it does have a decent weight to it and it is very durable. Don't waste your time looking at any other midcaps for your M4, get this one. Definite 5 out of 5, along with all other G&P midcaps.

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