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Matrix Full Body 3-Piece Concealment Ghillie Suit Set - Woodland/Green

45 Customer Reviews

by josh h. on 08/18/2008
"i would recommend a large or an exytra large as ur 14 and within a year ur gunnu be 8 inches taller so.... great ghillie suit none the less
by Sniper A. on 07/17/2008
"This is a very nice Ghillie suit. Great air ventalization and surprisingly light. It actually make sense to use it under normal sun light. Almost bought one at a surplus store that is heavy and smelly. This one is brand new, cheaper and perfect for airsofting. You can wear your bdu under it and still survive the heat as the ghillie suit is not heavy or stuffy at all.
by Scott F. on 04/09/2014
"This ghillie suit is nicer than anything else i have seen. It is a good woodland camo and is a nice lightweight tiny holed mesh. :) I would say 4//5 because the pieces can come off and some areas were not covered all the way. I would buy it again though.
by shawn h. on 12/09/2010
"i just got my ghillie suit it is awesome when i first opened it all the string were tangle but they straiten out an look awesome made out of a thin mesh but strong not hot at all it does pick up stuff from your surrounding but it just helps u blend in more

not hot
blends in well
comes with gun rap

i'm 5 8" 160bl pants little long M/L but not to bad
other than price is a little much
by Lyle B. on 09/19/2010
"Hey im looking to buy this but i dont know if it would fit. Im 6"1 and 146 lbs so what size would be right for me ?
by Max C. on 05/07/2010
"This is a nice Ghillie, i just got it recently and has served as great camouflage my friends took quite a while to find me in a minor hiding spot.


-Great camo
-Nice OD, serves well with most foliage
-Hide almost every body part


-Sticks to ALL leaves and sticks (pro or con?)
-Not multi-colored (Just OD but very nice either way)
-The website said it didn't come with a gun wrap but the package did and many reviews said it did too...
by Jake H. on 09/20/2009
"I have been looking at this for a year now and i think im going to buy it but i have one qustion do you have to make this suit or does it come pre made please answer my qustion so i can buy it.

Webmaster: This suit is ready to be worn right out of the package!
I would suggest getting some foliage form your area and add it to the suit by tying it on with fishing line or something similar.
by Chase V. on 03/18/2009
"i love it!!! The only problem is when the little spiky balls fall from trees to the ground they stick the the suit every where!!!!! usualy only feet.
by brandon r. on 11/22/2008
"Rana i would consider u getting an XL/XXL because im 5 foot 6 inches, 110 lbs and im getting the M/L
by Louise S. on 10/01/2008
"haha i just got shoe size 11 and i measured wrong last time, im 5'5'' also i bought the TSD m14(not the one on this sight, it has 390 to 440 fps) in wood so should i buy this? also i know this sounds crazy but i am trying to buy this a NCStar / AIM 3-9x40 Rubber Scope / Ruby / Ring., and a Limited Edition Licensed Wilson Combat Full Metal 1911 Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol.
so i am spending almost $270
by Quintin M. on 08/09/2008
"Wow this ghillie suit is a must need for snipers i just recieved mine in the mail yesterday and used it today and i had people literally walk 10 feet in front of me and not even see me. But there is one downside to it, and that is that it is pretty hot inside of it but i also live in central florida so that probably adds a variable to the heat factor, i recommend a tactical camelback vest for hydration. Overall this suit has worked out pretty well for me during my airsoft skirmishes i give it a 4 out of 5 stars.
by Lanzer M. on 08/09/2008
"I live in Alaska and my friend bought one of these, and I could HARDLY see him. The only way I saw was when his orange tip was showing on his rifle, and his hands. These are handy when you play in in woods with lots of grass and/or fields. Recommend getting a camel backpack with one of these, you can get REAL thirsty while wearing it.
by Devin P. on 07/11/2016
"It's alright. It keeps you cool and it looks fine but if you're going to buy a ghillie suit, i would invest in a higher quality one instead of this. The actual strings on the suit come out very easily causing you to constantly lose lumps of the ghillie material. Do not let this suit be anywhere near velcro because it will just rip out large strands of string.

Keeps you cool
Does it's job

Strings come out easily
Cant use any of my velcro gear because it will just rip all the strands out
Not worth $55
by Don K. on 04/01/2009
"eh this is ok but there is too much yellow brown jute. i just spray painted the patches of it. the only other bad thing is that its dificult to see through the netting in the hood, so i just cut out a rectangle for my eyes. but after i fixed it up its pretty good. people have walked inches away from me
by Erik D. on 09/07/2008
"I purchased one of these, because It just happened to blend in well with the foliage where I play. It is really hot so I only use it for winter, but then if you get it wet or buddy it gets all caked together and is near impossible to clean. And you collect so many twigs, leaves, and grass from lying down that it looks like all natural camouflage lol. If I were to buy another ghillie suit it would be the ones with fake leaves all over, and no strings. Also the mesh that covers your face was driving me nuts so I cut it out and tucked the bottom of the head cover under my goggles instead covering my mouth and nose, and it breaths just fine. I figured I'd rather have my goggles visible than not be able to breath or see down my scope...