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6mmProShop Barrett Licensed M82A1 Bolt Action Powered Airsoft Sniper Rifle (Color: Tan)

15 Customer Reviews

by Duy T. on 10/30/2020
"Got this puppy for $165 when it was on sales for a day. For me, it's a solid 9/10.
by fred w. on 10/23/2020
"I'm giving 5 stars because I really like the gun. It shoots well out of the box and is fairly easy to maintain.
6.03mm brass barrel.
Outer barrel OD at break is 26mm, with an ID of 14mm.
Inner barrel is 8.5 inches short of outer barrel length.
Without the barrel, the rifle is 35.25 inches long.
Mine clocked 1.86 joules with high grade .32g bbs out of the box, and at 75 foot I can hit a 2 inch target every shot.
With a few tweaks it is very durable and stable.
It has Barrett branding.
Takes some strength to cock it smoothly. Not a problem for adults, but children may end up double feeding trying to pull the bolt all the way back.
Upper body is a little loose when moving around, but easy to fix with foam strips.
It's obvious Barrett is not involved in QC oversight. One of the screws for the top plate that holds the inside bushing for the outer barrel was over torqued to the point the screw head was missing.
The screws for the outer barrel hand guard support need locktite.
The body and bi-pod pins are not aligned well, making the pin rings easy to distort.
Inner barrel is a little loose and off center a bit.
Bolt carriage guild is plastic.
Hopup adjustment ring is a little loose.
Bolt slide cover is thin plastic for it's size and can warp (should be metal).
Rear sling mount is too wide for the supplied sling hooks.
Apply PTFE grease to the bolt return spring to get rid of toy spring noise.
Apply PTFE grease or silicon oil to piston and main spring.
Apply PTFE grease or silicon oil to carriage guild.
Remove the pin rings and use a 3mm allen wrench to remove the pins.
Reverse the screws on the bi-pod mounting plate (screw heads down).
Enlarge bi-pod mounting plate pin holes to 1/4 inch.
Shim butt body pin plate 1.5mm.
Shim bi-pod leg screws 0.25mm thread side, 0.5mm screw head side.
Add some teflon tape under hopup adjustment ring.
Add some teflon tape arrond inner barrel loose spots and to inner barrel spacer, and move barrel spacer closer to exit end of inner barrel.

I do think the rifle is worth it enough to take it to a machine shop and have some of the deficiencies refactored. Bore 10 inches of outer barrel to accept m4 barrel extensions (for 14mm CCW treads), fabricate metal bolt slide cover, fabricate metal bolt carriage guide.
by Eddie T. on 09/06/2020
"Purchased the M82A1 September 2020 and it looks and feels absolutely amazing. (Really heavy Aluminum Construction) Assembly is very easy as it only takes a few minutes to put together. Very accurate and hits targets hard with a 90 round Midcap. For the price I got it at ($175) it is an awesome buy! Overall 10/10 because of Easy Assembly, Authenticity and details from Barrett and shoots hard and accurate! I will purchase the BOX of AWESOMENESS so I can try to get a full Airsoft setup! All for insane prices.
by Nico S. on 07/23/2020
"Out of the box, you had to put the barrel on, bi-pod on and had to deal with little screws. 9.5/10

Only con
One side of the bipod is loose
by Ashley M. on 06/27/2020
"The gun is great! It has a really nice all metal feel. The only thing that is polymer is the Mag and the muzzle brake. It is a very large gun but is relatively light (13 pounds). I would recommend this gun to any person looking for a cheap but realistic airsoft.
by Emerald M. on 04/23/2020
"This is my first gun of any kind, airsoft or not. It does not disappoint. Granted, I'm not exactly super strong and this gun is heavy as hell, but that's what this lady wanted. Will go great with my upcoming Metal Gear cosplay for photoshoots. Plus, it looks absolutely amazing! LOVE IT!! I felt stupid after finding out how to use the BB loader after 30 minutes, but besides that, I recommend getting the black birdcage muzzle and the scope. The scope I can see the top of an island five miles out easily. I feel like Sarah Connor from T2, and that's quite a feeling. Can't wait to take it to a range!
by Max S. on 02/23/2020
"This is a very nice gun if you are looking for a Barrett that feels real and looks the part too. as described the construction is Aluminum which gives it the real feel of steel, the barrel itself is the main contributor to the weight. I am looking into finding a similar hopup so I can make a shorter lightweight barrel so it is easier to maneuver and use as a very large AR.

The top cover comes off by removing the rear pin and removing it like a P90 mag, inside there is a lot of room for upgrades or snack storage (whatever you are into)

The two complaints I would have about this gun would be sometimes it shoots really far up, down, left, or right (id say 1 in every 5 shots) however it could have been the ammo I was using. Second would be its size, I put a standard .50 bmg next to the mag and ejection port and it seemed just a little small in length.

other than that this is a really cool gun for the price, build, and performance
by Bryan D. on 12/22/2019
"Very cool gun and shoots well and is quiet and it is very impressive I'm glad I bought this If you're gonna spend money on a Spring sniper rifle this that the one to do it I shot myself my friend 250' away
by Bryan D. on 12/22/2019
"This good is pretty powerful and is a awesome gun I have one I'm glad I bought it and has a really impressive magazine nold 95 babies and it shoots really far I shot my friend today 200 Feet away and it's very cool very nice and I'm adding this to my collection along with my other snow wolf I have and my M16 great gun If you want Ace Barrett M82 strap or Apple this the one to go it is very quiet and works
by Hudson H. on 04/03/2021
"Very fun gun, but not field practical. It is insanely heavy and has the same accuracy as my neighbors 80 dollar sniper. If you get a different brand Barrett you can convert it to an aeg but this one doesn’t work
by Cole B. on 06/02/2020
"Gun works great. Only issue so far and the only reason I’m not rating 5 stars is the fact that it showed up missing parts.
by christopher h. on 05/18/2020
"Got it in the mail and was so excited for it i tore the box apart just to get to the rifle XD. Was slightly disappointed however after removing the top cover to find the rod that guides the "bolt" forword to camber a bb was bent without any use done to the rifle done. I highly recommend changing out the piston asap or get a better o-ring in it as the stock one slides around in its grove then staying in place. Also largest thing I saw was immediate the rifle in the photo compared to what is recived was not the same "no im not talking about the scope not with it" the prints and markings are not the same. The sides for the magwell are not in white text only carved into and above the trigger group the only thing thats really there is just safe and semi "also safety wiggles a decent amount as well as well as going to a hidden full auto?" Overall its still a great weapon but expect to have to change a few stock internals.
by Reese L. on 03/10/2020
"It’s a good gun the instruction manual was pretty hard to follow and the barrel is not the easiest to put in or the correct way but when it’s all settled and done it’s definitely a good fun
by Airsoft A. on 02/01/2021
"I bought this gun in good faith, thinking, you know, it's a Barrett, so it's got to be the best. Well, my mistake. I bought it without doing my research and thinking it through. I guess now I've learned my $225 lesson. Don't buy a sniper that hasn't proven itself for about a decade. Should've got a VSR or Bar 10, something that can actually be upgraded.
Anyway, so the hopup is proprietary, and worked really, really badly for a while. And the barrel it came with was bent, and not properly stabilized. With a new barrel and a new bucking(L96) it is smoothed out, going from hitting anywhere in a ten foot circle at 140 feet, to getting about a one foot grouping, maybe.
It takes an AEG barrel, probably could take a VSR barrel, too, and an L96 hopup bucking. Also, an AEG spring, but I don't know what the piston or cylinder are. Trigger sears are proprietary, but it probably wouldn't be too hard to make one's own.
I don't know what the initial problem with the hopup was, but I guess it fixed itself, although it might be that the aligning system is insufficient. I really don't know. It would always hook off to the side. Now it still does, but rarely, and it's probably the wind. Someone needs to come up with an upgraded hopup unit for this thing, though, 'cause that one little unit is everything in a sniper.
Right now I have an m130 spring in it, and it stings pretty good, using .28s. I mean, it's a pretty gun, and not a deer rifle lookalike, you know? And if you had the money and know-how to really refine the gun with, it would be a dream. But, you know. The thing is heavy, though, and you'd really be better off with some sort of VSR if you want a serious sniper.
by Airsoft A. on 02/16/2021
"It's not worth it. Trust me, I bought the thing. It does nothing that a VSR10 can't do better. It's more of a heavy toy than a serious sniper rifle. I mean it's ok, but if it weighs that much it better be a looong-range tackdriver. And it isn't.