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EMG Falkor AR-15 Blitz SBR Training Weapon M4 Airsoft AEG Rifle (Color: Black Out / eSE)

42 Customer Reviews

by Lawrence W. on 05/08/2020
"I highly recommend this gun. I've had it for almost a year, and my son and I play almost every weekend. I treat this thing like garbage and it still keeps on ticking. Never had any problems with it. I threw in a Gate Titan, and it easily competes with $1,200 weapons on the field.
by Sara S. on 04/11/2020
"I purchased the blitz in the limited edition gold color almost a year ago and I've used it many many times. I haven't even cleaned it once and it runs great. It looks sick, but it is a lil bulky, so it might not be ideal for cqb or indoor play. I play primarily indoors so I just kinda deal with it. I have had some problems with the magazine it came with, but ive also basically beat the crap out of the mag... so that could just be me. other than that its a great rifle, but i would suggest getting some dif mags. also you'll need some type of red dot or reflex.
by Emanuel J. on 03/21/2020
"This thing is a beast I have ran nearly 10000 rounds through it and I compete almost every weekend. I own almost a dozen weapons and this is deafly my most reliable and go to weapon.
by Conner F. on 12/26/2019
"Very Reliable, got this gun with a gate titan installed

Light Trigger
Comfortable Stock
Mag release is well placed
Great battery efficiency
Very lightweight(for a full metal rifle)
Overall very nice to hold

Kinda awkward battery storage
loose magazine comes with gun
charging handle can break(cheap to fix or replace)
The stock motor heats up VERY fast
stock inner barrel tops off around 50ft to 75ft

Very good rifle for the price and with a few upgrades this gun can become a beast, 5 star and cant wait to try on firld
by Reginald M. on 12/22/2019
"Alright figured it was time I did a review on this beast of a gun after owning it for over a year now and let me tell ya right out the gate if you want a gun that is a solid build externally and great internals look no further than this gun.


1. Solid external full metal build with an awesome beefy M-LOCK handguard and the polymer stock is solid also even having it been made by APS lol.
2. The gear box internals are great never had one issue with them. I had the stock internals for the gear box for about 7 months and then finally changed them out for Lonex ones, but for those 7 months I never had an issue with them.
3. Trigger response is pretty good for only just having a high torque motor.
4. Gun feeds like a dream, never had a jam or anything with it.
5. The high torque motor is amazing, still have never changed it after these 15 months.
6. It’s a version 2 gearbox so everything is very easy to upgrade


1. The hop up until that comes with it is average at best so honestly I would change it out for a Prometheus or Prowin
2. The mag that comes with the gun isn’t very good so honestly I would look into buying better mags

Overall the gun is an quality build and for some reason has some pixie dust sprinkled inside the internals because I’ve never had one issue with this gun. Recommend this gun for anyone wanting to start airsoft or even for veterans of airsoft.
by Charles C. on 08/20/2019
"From a new or experienced Airsoft player prospective, this gun is absolutely beautiful and nice. It is very well made and can easily reach over 100 feet range right out of the box. The furniture, look, and feel is very nice and accuracy is great. Everything you would want on an nice Airsoft replica is here and nothing less. Would recommend this to anyone.
by Raymond m. on 07/29/2019
"just received the gun and the first thing i did was go out and shoot it. minimal hopup adjustment needed.
was shooting at 100-150 ft. hitting targets no problem. the gun has a nice firm trigger. really satisfying.
only thing im changing on the gun is the stock. ill be using butterfly battery. upgrading to lipos later .will update after full day of use.
by Michael S. on 06/22/2019
"Even though it's all APS internals, it's still a great airsoft gun.
by Bryce K. on 08/01/2018
"What a beast!! This savage weapon is unrivaled! For those of you wanting a short review, here it is: This gun is well worth $300+ and I very highly recommend it.

For those of you who want the long detailed review, here it is: This gun weighs 9 pounds. It is HEAVY. The gearbox is metal, the hop-up adjuster is metal, I think everything but the stock is metal. It has great balance, and fits well in the hand, no matter what hold you prefer. The grips on the front for the people like me who like to hold the front of the mag well, make it comfortable and easy to do so. The Fatty, the handguard, is just as it sounds: Fat. But also really comfortable. I prefer the mag hold, but I now I can't decide which is better and more fun to hold. It has great rails, lots of length on them, and even without any add-ons, makes it look great. The Falkor Grey is basically just normal grey, which was a small disappointment. The color and etched in logos look great together. The gun is loud and fast, but shoots out bbs in no time. If you want a fast-paced gun, this will definitely satisfy your needs. The stock is great, and has a lot of different lengths. It is easy to get the pin out to insert the battery. With the battery in, it makes the balance absolutely perfect. The only issue I have with it is that the slip of paper it comes with to the website with the instructions is dead. Also, the blue tip is not installed with it. I cannot figure out how to get it on, by getting the orange tip off. There are no instructions and no Youtube videos to show you how to do it. Other than that, this gun is perfect! 100/10!
by Rosalino M. on 06/28/2018
"I have had this gun for around 11 months now and after using it almost every weekend I'll say this AEG is a monster. The build quality of this gun is unbelievably good it feels identical to most of the real steel guns I use. Tip to tip the best external build I have ever used on an AEG. The stock is a little wobbly but that is to be expected and the mags wobble slightly however they never fall out and that's the important part. This gun hits hard at around 390-400 consistently. The accuracy is a little off at range but that's bc of a short inner barrel ( get yourself a slightly longer one). With the longer inner barrel the gun is great for long range action. The rps is nothing to brag about but it's definitely faster then most stock guns. If your getting this gun your getting it for the sheer quality of this AEG, the internals are amazing with a stainless steel inner barrel STOCK with the gun along with full metal internals STOCK with the gun. With minor upgrades this AEG easily out preforms most AEG's on the field. This gun is a tank, I have put this gun through lots of abuse and take my word for it this gun is a monster I definitely recommend this for anyone looking for a durable and hard hitting.
by Ace L. on 05/05/2018
"This gun is just sick!!! Just tried mine today and its awesome. Fast rate of fire and accurate as a full size riffle. It shoots straight and far, what more could you ask for. Mine chronoed at 371 fps with .20 bbs. I could not be happier with this gun and evikes great customer service.
by Michael H. on 01/24/2018
"Let me first say this EMG Blitz is sexy! its the hottest chick in town and its different. The weight is good, lighter than VFC VR16.

* sound -_ its give a nice thud noise to it. I enjoy it a lot but some people that want a quieter gun then its not for you. I want to be loud and I want you to come to look for me so I can pew, pew, pew your face
* Trigger response -_ It has a very nice pull, kinda reminds me of my KWA Magpul PTS.
* external -_ rock solid and very well made.
* cosmetics -_ amazing love all the trade marks.
* the charging handle is very nice.
* Internals -_ I have not opened the gearbox because I really didn't had any problems. The trigger response is good and feels took. I am an aggressive player, running, gunning and mag dumping (semi-mode). Its performs will and don't need to use the full auto.

* Not a fan of the hop up, the dial felt kinda loose, not stiff enough
* took a while to get use to placing the battery but I love the stock, so I won't change it.
* Charging handle -_ when splitting the upper and lower receiver. the charging handle is not secured or mounted to the upper receiver. it falls right out...I was hopping for some mounted screws or spring retraction when pulling the handle, nope.

* Lonex Hop up, Prometheus flap nub and Modify Baton Ryusoku Flat Hopup...I am satisfied.
by Christian T. on 01/10/2018
"This gun looks incredible. I just ordered it myself and will be doing a follow up review after field use. However, just to warn all of you looking to purchase this AEG, it will be shipped with a standard blaze orange flash hider. I sincerely hope that they do not forget the blast cap that should be included in the box. For multiple people they have conveniently "forgotten" to include it when its shipped. If this is the case however Evike has wonderful customer service and Im more than positive they will make this right. Expect a follow up review in about a week.
by Zane A. on 12/31/2017
"I got this gun recently and itís worked perfectly out of the box Iíve had no feeding issues with the mag thatís comes with the gun so I would recommend it.
by Dalton P. on 12/28/2017
"Iíve had my eye on this gun since it became available to preorder, and I finally decided to buy it. I got it in the mail today and I have to say it was even better in person. Itís an awesome gun, itís all metal except the pistol grip and the stock which are both high quality polymer. The gun feels nice in the hands and is comfortable to shoulder. It has a good weight to it (just as heavy as a g&g cm) and is very sturdy. The only trouble I ran into with this gun was when I was firing the fuse ended up burning out, luckily I had an extra fuse in another gun. After inspecting the fuse it seemed cheaply made. I also had to change the spring because itís too powerful for my field. The Ambi controls, functioning bolt, and m-lok rails are very nice features to have. The design of this gun is modern and a bit aggressive. The 13 trade marks and the included blast cap make the gun look and feel like a real gun. My only complaint is the small stock which only allows a small battery. Otherwise I love this gun and would recommend it for any intermediate airsoft enthusiasts.