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Matrix Golden Eagle AR LMG Airsoft AEG Light Machine Gun (Length: 18.75" / Black)

8 Customer Reviews

by Dan C. on 04/06/2020
"In a quick summary, this is a great lmg that will not break your bank. For this price you get a full metal lmg besides the pistol grip and stock. It shoots around 410 fps with .20s. its fairly light even tho it is full metal. Everything is pretty great about this besides the stock since the battery space is very limited and the stock does not allow you to aim down your sights. The mag feeds well and i had no issues with it. Great replica bullets nd it accepts midcaps/m4 mags aswell.
by Josh T. on 03/21/2021
"Box mag was not working when I got it. I was always going to replace it but, it should at least work.

Gun is very nice, though. I do recommend it.
by Dennis I. on 05/21/2020
"Love this gun. I can win every time against my friends. The stock does not take the recommended battery so I recommend getting a smaller battery. This a more advanced gun and so don't get it as your first Airsoft gun. I would recommend it for any advanced player that want an LMG.

Shoots far
Shoots fast
Comes with automatic magazine
Full Metal (Except for stock)

Heavy (Because of full metal)
Stock is bad
by Matthew G. on 05/10/2020
"Bought this gun awhile back and finally got a chance to take it to the field. It is a great gun I did run into a issue of it jamming if pulling the trigger to fast but it was easy to fix by switching to full auto and firing a burst. Overall a great buy my local field let me run it as a lmg on full auto and switch to semi in close quarter combat. Drum mag worked as a charm filled it up once and lasted all day about 6 hours. Only downside is that the rear butt stock is trash and will not accept a 9.6 V 1600 mah battery that is recommended by the shop. I had to cut some of the stock so that I could run one of the batteries down the tube and the other on top to use it. also don't expect to be able to see down the iron sights with the stock rear stock even without any gear. So as everyone else has pointed out it is a great idea to replace it when you buy the gun.
by David H. on 11/01/2019
"over all this is an amazing gun with great material quality. but the reason for the 4 stars is the stock is absolute trash. I would suggest buying another stock with the gun and new motor the one in it is loud as crap
by Roger H. on 08/10/2019
"To be honest you need to replace the the super loud motor. I dropped in a classic army one. Also replace the piston, going to need a stronger one if you plan to suppress for your team. On mine I had to jery rig something to hold the the top dust cover on straight. Also had to dremel the latch for the dust cover due to the system not having enough space to actually properly latch. And dropped in a classic army rotory hop up because the one it had was trash. Other than that it us rock solid.
by LeRoss S. on 08/04/2019
"I originally wanted to get a CM16 lmg, believe it or not. The reason I switched to this was because it was metal bodied and was 80$ less. Boy am I glad I got it. Now, stock, the gun has some quirks. It was shooting about 450 fps, which is legal in my field but maybe not in yours. The Stock is the main drawback of this gun. Frankly, you will never be able to change a battery mid game with this stock. The thing needs to be unscrewed with a phillips screwdriver then you need to jam your battery and wiring into the pad on top and somehow miracle the thing back on and screw it in. I would recommend purchasing a full A2 style stock because let's be real, are you really going to need a collapsing stock on a LMG? The button on top which is supposed to be a spring loaded buffer for the top hatch is actually now a functional barrel detach, you press it and out your outer barrel will pop out. So far the gun has had no issues. I have shot several thousand rounds through it, and have yet to jam. Just remember, it is still running a M4 style gear box so don't put down a giant burst of bb's or you may end up stripping something.
Overall Pros:
-a good way to get into LMG roles (it can take standard m4 mags)
-the box mag included is decent and spare ones are only 40$
-cheaper than a G&G or a krytac and full metal
-the battery space on the stock is terrible(there is also an excess of wiring so you will have trouble jamming a battery inside, I was trying with nunchucks)
-The battery pad on the stock puts your line of sight over the rear iron sights, making them useless
-the included dummy rounds are a nice touch but super flimsy and the chain links come off easily, so be careful with reloads
All in all, this is a good gun for the price and if you don't like the internals its still a m4 on the inside so you can always upgrade to something better.
by LeRoss S. on 07/30/2019
"Not the greatest LMG on the market, Definitely a steal if you're wanting a CM16 LMG or Krytac.
Problems I have are: The magazine is tricky to figure out
The batteries are a pain to get in (You wont be able to swap them out mid game)
The extra bump on the stock for the batteries raises you above the rear sights so if you want to use them either get a rise or get a new stock.
It isn't terrible for 300$, and its metal, unlike G&G